The relationship between dogs and people – do dogs have feelings for people?

       As the dog grows up day by day, the relationship between him and his family will deepen day by day.

       You will know more and more about its temperament, and it will observe you all the time,

       I’m familiar with everyone in the family,

       It will get along well with people and deal with everyone skillfully.

       After a long time, the dog will be completely integrated into your life,

       There is no doubt that when the owner of a dog dies before it, the dog will gradually haggard until death, especially those who are very close to the owner, almost sleep together, and rarely leave the owner’s side.

       There is a saying: “dogs don’t bite the hands that feed them.” Cynics may say that dogs rely on people to live a comfortable life. Any emotional expression of dogs is for the sake of continuous meals. But many reliable facts have proved that selfless, emotional dogs are important to their owners. When the dog’s daily life is not disturbed, it will grow strong and happy. Like humans, dogs are used to sleeping in familiar beds or nests, eating and walking at regular times.

       Although dogs also appear in movies, television and on stage, their most important role is still as a member of the family, and the companion of the elderly and lonely people. These people may not have relatives or friends, but dogs are their most loyal friends.

       Speaking of pets, many people are familiar with dogs. After all, they are also the most loyal pets. It is true that, for the relationship between the owner and the dog, even if we have not experienced it, we have heard of it or seen it on TV. It happens in life. A woman was killed when she was hit. The dog was waiting for more than 80 days. Driver: how deep is the relationship between the man and the dog.

       A driver came over and gave food to the dog. Through the introduction of the driver’s master, it turned out that a car accident happened in the place where the dog was just staying on August 21. Unfortunately, the owner of the dog was killed. Since the day the mistress was hit and killed, the dog has been in place every day. Seems to have been waiting for their master.

       According to the driver, he went to the night and could see them every day. They would bring some food to the dog from time to time. But the dog kept them away. When they leave the food on the ground, the dog comes back again. This kind of emotion between people and dogs is really beyond the comprehension of many people who don’t own dogs. This is why so many people have dogs now. It is also the sustenance of feelings. As the old saying goes, dogs are the most loyal friends of mankind.

       The relationship between the dog and the owner is very deep. How deep is it? One or two sentences are still unclear. The old people often say that the son does not dislike the mother’s ugliness, and the dog does not dislike the poverty of the family. These two words represent the loyalty of the dog. If the owner gives the dog bad food or does not give him food for a few days, it will not leave the owner. He will accompany the owner and never give up. This is the feeling of the dog and the owner Love, you say how deep.

       The relationship between a dog and a child can be very close, but the child must first learn not to tease or hurt his dog in any way. Mutual trust is very important. By playing, dogs and their owners can build friendship and loyalty, which is no less important than strengthening training courses. Although dogs also appear in movies, television and on stage, its most important role is still as a companion to the elderly and lonely people. These people may not have relatives or friends, but dogs are their most loyal friends. There is a saying: “a dog does not bite the hands that feed it.” Cynics may say that dogs depend on people to live comfortably, and that any expression of their feelings is for the sake of continuous meals. But many reliable facts prove that selfless, emotional dogs are important to their owners. When the dog’s daily life is undisturbed, it grows strong and happy. Like humans, dogs are used to sleeping in their beds or nests, eating and walking at regular times. There is no doubt that when a dog’s owner dies before it, the dog will gradually haggard and die, especially those who are so close to their owners that they can hardly sleep! Strong woman Wei Xue and her star “baby” together, rarely leave the owner’s side of the dog. The true story is probably the best proof of a dog’s lasting love for its owner. Bobbie is a small, shaggy dog – probably a Scotch, the pet dog of a farmer in central Lothian named grey. Every Wednesday, Bobbie goes to Edinburgh’s market with his host, and at noon they always go to Gretel’s teahouse. Grey will have lunch there, and Bobbie will get a sweet bread. In 1858, gray died and was buried in Griffin’s churchyard. On the third day after the funeral, when gray went to the teahouse before he died, Bobbie appeared alone, dirty and sad. Treel, out of sympathy, gave Bobbie a sweet bread as usual. The next day Bobbie appeared in the teahouse, and every time Terrell gave him a sweet bread, the dog always left with him in his mouth. Treel’s curiosity was aroused, and he decided to follow Bobbie, only to find that Bobbie had gone to Griffin’s church. Bobbie lay on his master’s grave and ate his poor lunch. It soon came to light that, as gray was single, no one would feed Bobbie after his death. And the dog spent every day and night lying on his master’s grave, leaving his protector only when he could not resist hunger. Generally, dogs are not allowed to enter the cemetery. Under special circumstances, they can enter the cemetery. It was only on rainy days that Bobbie left his master’s grave to take shelter from the rain in a shelter built by those who sympathized with him. Bobbie refused any attempt to adopt him, and in 1872 he died. Bobbie had been with his master for fourteen years. It was buried in the graveyard of Grenville church. Later, the Edinburgh people even built a statue of the poodle to commemorate the dog, who had been inseparable from his owner after his death. Some dogs love home as much as their owners. In August 1976, an Irish Red blooded cedar Terrier named riddy got lost in Cornwall while on holiday with his owner, father Lois. Six months later, Betty showed up at her owner’s home in brittery, dragging her ulcerated feet and looking tired. She had traveled 480 kilometers (300 miles). The knall Club declared Betty the bravest dog of 1976. Betty won the award at the Kraft dog show on February 12, 1977.

       There is a long history of dog and human evolution. Human beings have a history of domesticated dogs in the wild ancient human period. Dog is a species without ancient ancestor fossils. It can be inferred that dog evolved from domesticated wolf and other species, so the symbiosis between dog and human is far greater than that of other species. Dogs, in particular, are domesticated species that help humans hunt and help them survive better. Therefore, the interdependence between humans and dogs is higher than that of other species. It is precisely because of the continuous evolution of this interdependence relationship that human beings are not evolving, and dogs are also constantly evolving, and this interdependence emotion is becoming deeper and deeper. Now the intelligence of dogs is almost equal to that of children aged 3-4. So it’s about human emotions, not just about food. Such examples are numerous. Some dogs, after their owners’ death, prefer to wait in the place where they last saw their owners until they die, rather than leave that place to live for food. Thank you for your adoption.

       Dogs and people, has been in the stage of symbiosis, it must rely on the care of people to survive.

       So, it’s no problem for you to understand that its feelings for people are based on £¢. However, the deeper needs and emotions do not contradict each other, or they also have deeper emotional needs.

       Some people have dogs. Dogs interact with their owners when they are satisfied with food and clothing. If you don’t pay attention to them, they will do their own things, and will not develop and build more emotional communication with their owners. And some dogs, he is not only food and clothing, he is looking forward to interacting with their owners, expecting you to have more and deeper contact with it. We’ve all seen eight loyal dogs, we’ve all seen dogs helping their families watch the door, we’ve all seen dogs picking up newspapers for their owners, all of which can prove that. It can be proved that after meeting their own needs, dogs are more willing to serve, contact human life, integrate into the life of their owners, and get more love from their owners.

       The intelligence quotient of dog is very high, some dogs can have the intelligence quotient of three or four years old, and these can satisfy the dog to think and maintain the feelings between the owner and it.

       I hope my answer can help you

       Dogs have feelings for people

       Dog: also known as “dog”, scientific name “family dog”. A common canine mammal, closely related to wolves. Domesticated from 40000 years ago to 15000 years ago, it is the earliest domesticated animal of mankind. It is called “the most faithful friend of mankind” by some people, and it is also the pet with the highest breeding rate. With horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and called “six livestock.”. If there is no accident, the average life span of small dogs is longer. In Chinese culture, dog is one of the twelve zodiac animals, ranking 11th among the ten Chinese zodiac animals.

       Dog characteristics:

       1. Dogs are omnivorous animals, mainly meat. When feeding, we need to prepare more animal protein and fat in the feed, supplemented by vegetarian ingredients, to ensure the normal development and healthy body of dogs.

       2. The digestive tract of dogs is shorter than that of herbivores, and the hydrochloric acid content in dog stomach is the first in domestic animals. In addition, the intestinal wall thickness has strong absorption capacity, so it is easy and suitable to digest meat food.

       3. Dogs belong to Canidae. They don’t chew when eating, which can be described as “wolfing down”. If you want to feed coarse fiber vegetables, you’d better chop them up or cook them.

       4. The dog’s defecation center is not developed enough to defecate on the move, so we should give it a certain amount of defecation time.

       5. Dogs like to bite bones. This is also the habit of biting prey in the original ecology. We should always give it some bones when feeding.

       6. Dogs have unique self-defense ability. After eating poisonous food, they can cause vomiting reaction and spit out poisonous food.

       7. In the hot summer, the dog has a wide mouth and a long tongue hanging. The water evaporates from the tongue to dissipate heat.

       8. When dogs live in groups, they also have a “hierarchy” and a master-slave relationship. The establishment of such an order can maintain the stability of the group and reduce the vicious struggle caused by the competition for food and living space.

       9. When the dog is lying down, he always turns around to see if there is any danger around him. Only when he is sure that there is no danger can he sleep peacefully.

       10. Dogs like to be caressed on their neck and back. Try not to touch the top of your head as it will make it feel depressed and dizzy. Besides, the butt and tail can’t be touched.

       11. The dog’s rule of conduct towards strangers is to judge the strength of its opponent according to the height of its sight. As soon as a stranger approaches, the oppressive feeling of coming down from above will make him uneasy. If he adopts a low posture, he will accept it. If it is lower than the height of its eyes to see, it will make it more at ease. The dog’s weakness is on the right, and it will act to protect the right. When it is chased to the wall, it will let its right side against the wall, the left side facing the enemy. This habit is inherent in dogs. The dog shows obedience and surrender to the other person by showing his stomach.

       12. There are certain rules in dog society that they will never attack an opponent who has fallen down and exposed his belly. When a dog lies on his stomach and sleeps, it means that he is at ease or trusting, so that people can see or touch his stomach. By the way, only humans and birds can violate the cruel conventions of their own kind. Dogs like people more than their own, not only because people can take care of them and feed them. The more important reason is that the dog has established a relationship with people. Dogs have a strong sense of protection for their owners.

       The dog’s memory is very good, you feed it a few more times, it will remember you

       You can go out and hang out with it when you have a chance

       The dog is very smart, although you do not always go home, but he can know that you are his family

       Of course, the dog will also be very loyal. He will stay with your parents all day long. Of course, he will think that your parents are his masters. He will be more kind to your parents than others. This can’t be forced

       The dog will rank the family first and second in my heart

       If you eat at home, you must eat first and then feed it. It will feel that your status at home is higher than it

       If you are good to him, he will be very warm to you when his owner is no longer around. In short, dogs have feelings

       Big dogs are dangerous, especially in the city, where there are a lot of people. If big dogs frighten people or attack children, their owners will have to lose money. Therefore, dogs are generally kept in the city. They eat less and are relatively safe. Big dogs are more dangerous to children because of their size. They need to be held by the leash before they can walk away. But no matter how big or small, most dogs are emotional.

       Hello, I’m Xiao Hu, a pet consultant. 5 years of pet doctor assistant and dog training experience, through your question, I will analyze my experience with you!

       Dogs can use a lifetime, all the year round, regardless of the heat and cold to guard their owners, they do not know how to express their feelings, just to see their owners every day.

       Next, I will tell you the stories around me and the stories I have seen

       1. First of all, let’s talk about a dog “Xiao Ba” that you know best. Seeing this problem, I remember the movie of “eight loyal dogs” I saw a few days ago. From the movie playing to the middle, Xiao BA’s wife died and cried with his roommate until the end of the movie. It’s not because I miss the master of Xiaoba, but also moved by the spirit of Xiaoba. Xiao BA was transported to the United States from * *. Only the male host liked this little eight best. The hostess saw that the man loved Xiao Ba very much, and she would smile when she was with Xiaoba every day. Xiaoba knew that the master would go to work every day, so he often waited in front of the station on time. Until one day, the master died of a sudden illness. Xiaoba would not accept this reality. He thought that the master would come back, but he was late in school. This is nine years. Later, Xiaoba was exposed by a reporter, and many people came to take care of Xiaoba. Finally, in order to commemorate this lovely and loyal dog, people built a statue of Xiaoba in front of the station to miss his loyalty and emotion to people.

       2. Some time ago, the owner exposed on the Internet had an accident, and the dog waited in front of the car for more than half a month. I believe that as long as the heart is flesh long and has flowing blood, it must have feelings. Some time ago, an old couple went to visit relatives. Unfortunately, they had a car accident at a sharp turn. Although the matter was not so serious, the electric tricycle could not be ridden. After calling the police, the car was directly left on the roadside, and the old couple was hospitalized. During that time, the dog couldn’t find the two owners to accompany him. He only knew that the car at home was still on the side of the road. Listen to the old couple’s son said: every morning after eating dinner, the dog goes to the side of the road car to squat, waiting for the old couple to come back, because it knows that this is the most familiar thing, it knows that this is the thing at home, the owner does not go far, come back very late every night, run seven miles to come back to eat their own food, go back to continue to wait. One defense is about 20 days without any movement.

       In Argentina in 2012, a golden haired owner fell off a tree and his dog was not allowed to be near. At that time, the story was popular on Weibo. An Argentinean tree trimmer fell off a tree and lay on the ground when he was working. The dog saw this situation and stood by him. No one was allowed to approach him. When the residents nearby wanted to help the builder, his dog barked loudly with his mouth open, which scared the residents away. Until the medical staff came and was sent to the ambulance, the dog chased the ambulance and ran for a long time until the ambulance disappeared.

       These three stories touch me the most, and now the latest film: Rex the dog. It is also about the dog’s contribution and loyalty to human beings. Saved countless people in the war.

       Is there such a thing around you? Did your dog make you cry? Although they can’t speak, they give us the purest soul in the world, hoping that in the future life, every dog can live happily and happily.

       You can communicate with me by private message, so that I can know more information to help you! Hope to adopt, thank you.

       Whether it’s a dog or a cat, as long as you give your heart and treat him really well, he will feel it. So I always thought they were my friends, not pets. Think about it. What happens to your dog when you are sad? What will happen to him when you are happy? Will he be happy when he sees you? Will he not give up when he sees you go? If they have no feelings, then what is it?

       PS: I like dogs best~

       — the relationship between man and man is complex enough. Why make the relationship between man and animal so complicated? What’s with the dog? You? The dog’s brain is not so developed as human beings. He can’t understand most of what you say and do. But if you give them a little care, they will redouble their rewards. When you are lonely, they will come to warm you when you are cold. They have done everything they can to make you happy. That’s all. Do you hope that one day it can talk to you like a man and sing to you? — they are very simple. Please look at them simply.

       Ha ha, I also like dogs very much. Every time I go home without entering the door, it climbs on my legs and feels very close. In fact, there are many similarities between people and dogs. You are good to them and they are good to you. Isn’t it the same with people? If a person is good to you, at least you won’t hate him. Sometimes our dog will be very naughty and occasionally teach him a lesson, but he doesn’t Will be angry, just afraid, and then very intimate with you, because it needs us, without us, they can not survive, just like a * *! We people are not the same, complex feelings, will inevitably think a lot, doubt this doubt that, in fact, as long as we meet the immediate, everything is not important! The dog’s feeling is false again, but it will accompany us all his life. The human feelings are true, and those who are married and divorced again.

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