The son of a cat wants to go out after sterilization – will the female cat go out after sterilization?

       If your cat never goes out, it will not run out after sterilization. The male cat will be everywhere when it is in estrus. The following information is expected to be useful to you. Cat sterilization Q & A cats can be considered for sterilization after they are sexually mature. Generally speaking, 6-8 months old is the best time for sterilizing cats. Early implementation of sterilization surgery, cats recover quickly, the risk of disease is low. Many parents of sterilized cats reported that cats who had been sterilized earlier tended to be pure and happy. Cats vaccinated on time every year do not need to be injected with serum before sterilization. The protective effect of timely vaccination is enough to protect the cat. Immunized cats injected with serum will destroy the immunity produced by the vaccine in cats, which is very harmful to the health of cats. If the cat has not been immunized, the vaccine can be injected one week before sterilization to achieve protection. If there is no time to vaccinate in advance, it is also OK to vaccinate on the day of operation. However, we should pay attention to the following: 1) we must choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian; 2) we must choose a vaccine with quality assurance. The first point is to ensure the success of the operation and exclude all secondary infections caused by the operation. Second, ensure that the vaccine can take effect in time to further ensure the safety of cats. At present, most of the stray cats rescued by lucky local cat community rescue project are immunized on the day of sterilization operation. Judging from the current situation, the recovery situation is still very good. It only takes a few minutes for male cats and half an hour for female cats to be discharged. Generally, after 1-2 days of recovery, the cat can take care of itself (the male cat can recover on the same day). After 5-7 days of recovery, you can share a good life with the cat. Therefore, as the owner, you only need 1-2 days to monitor the whole process of sterilizing the cat. It is a good choice to take the cat for surgery on weekends. If we choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian, normal sterilization will not bring other problems to the health of the cat, and the above problems will not occur. Once again, we will choose a regular animal hospital and a highly skilled veterinarian to sterilize cats. There is no contraceptive drug specially developed for cats. Sterilization is the best method recommended by veterinarians all over the world. It is very wrong to give the cat a human contraceptive. The hormone components in the drug will greatly interfere with the hormone balance in the cat. Taking it often will cause great adverse effects, even tumors. Native cat netizen’s words: roaming kitten: my Mimi used to be in estrus after a short time. At first, we thought it was spring, so we found her a boyfriend and gave birth to a kitten. Later, I took her to the hospital for examination, and found her bilateral ovarian cysts, so she directly KC ~ ~ the female cat KC is less than 200 yuan, which can exchange for its longer life and our more peaceful life ~ ~ it’s killing two birds with one stone~~ Knowledge preparation: if you are taking your cat for the first time for sterilization, it is recommended to refer to the experience articles of other cat friends in lucky local cat website before operation, which can help you learn more about sterilization operation and postoperative care. Surgical preparation: determine the immune status of the cat; be a technically reliable veterinarian; in order to prevent the cat from vomiting due to anesthetic effect, fasting 24 hours before sterilization and water 8 hours before sterilization; take the cat to sterilization within the agreed time. Article preparation: special cat bag (box) or flat box, urine pad, eye drops (general hospital will give). Certainly. However, it should be noted that the eye drops after sterilization are because the cat’s eyes can not be closed after anesthesia. Eye drops can prevent dry eyes. Therefore, choose the most basic eye drops, such as chloramphenicol eye drops, it is OK. It’s better not to use eye drops for people, added with coolants and other therapeutic functions, to cats. Without eye drops, the same effect can be achieved with normal saline. Choose a regular animal hospital and skilled veterinarian, summer can also be a good way to complete the sterilization of the cat. What should be noted is: don’t get heatstroke on the way to the hospital; if the cat’s breathing and heartbeat are very fast when you get to the hospital, you should wait for the cat to return to normal before anesthesia; after anesthesia, the cat’s temperature regulation ability is very poor, so you should take an air-conditioned car on the way home after surgery; put it in a cool and ventilated room after going home. Choose the regular animal hospital and the veterinarian with excellent technology. All cats from the age of 10 can be sterilized.

       Will go out ~ does not affect social activities ~ when I was a child, I raised a cat cat cat, is also a female cat, after sterilization, outside friends are also very much, every day in addition to home to eat, the rest of the time play outside, there are a lot of friends, but also often take her cat friends back to my home for dinner!!

       Sometimes there are several cats sitting in the window sill at night. It seems that they are playing with my cat. I don’t think there is much change in character. It’s still the same as before~

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