The symptom that cat gets nose branch – what symptom does cat nose branch have

       The incubation period was 2-6 days, and the symptoms were more obvious in young cats than in adult cats. At the beginning of the disease, the body temperature rose, the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection were obvious, paroxysmal cough, sneezing, tears, conjunctivitis, anorexia, weight loss, mental depression, nasal secretions increased, began to be serous, and then became purulent. The kitten died of illness for about half a month

       Cat nasal branch is a kind of acute infectious disease with strong upper respiratory tract infection, also known as infectious rhinotracheitis. The pathogen of the disease is feline rhinotracheitis herpesvirus. The disease spreads rapidly and often occurs suddenly. The clinical manifestations of sick cats are various. The incubation period is 2-6 days. The young cats are more susceptible than the adult cats, and the symptoms are more obvious, especially the mortality rate of young cats after infection is very high. This highly infectious virus is transmitted between cats through mouth, nose and eye secretions, and some cats even carry the virus for life, which is easy to infect and relapse.

       Why does a cat get a cat nose branch

       Because of the special physiological structure of cats, cats themselves can’t get lysine, but there are a lot of arginine. It happens that cat herpesvirus replicates the virus through arginine, leading to no inhibition of the virus, so cats are very vulnerable to various diseases.

       Nasal branch symptoms in cats

       The symptoms of cat’s nasal branch are very similar to that of cat’s common cold, and it is even difficult to distinguish clinically. Sick cats will have sudden onset of disease, and their body temperature will rise by about 40 ¡æ, and they will show persistent fever for several days. The symptoms of upper respiratory tract are obvious, paroxysmal cough and sneezing, nasal mucus and purulent secretion, conjunctivitis symptoms are obvious, shy and tears. Mental depression, anorexia or no food, progressive emaciation. The characteristic of nose fluid and tear is clear liquid at the beginning, and becomes mucopurulent secretion with the development of symptoms.

       Treatment of nasal branch of cat

       Give your cat lysine in time. Take meow ammonia nutrition cream regularly, containing lysine scientifically, to prevent excessive arginine in cats and inhibit virus. High purity taurine is specially added to effectively prevent eye diseases caused by herpes virus. Multi vitamins and trace elements can effectively improve respiratory tract infection and other nasal branch diseases of cats, provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition for cats and enhance their immunity.

       The cat nose branch will make the cat sneeze, have a runny nose, shed tears, mouth ulcers, etc. at this time, the cat is relatively uncomfortable. It is suggested that the cat owner take the cat to the pet hospital, let the pet doctor help the cat, and then slowly use some appropriate ways to take care of the cat.

       When a cat gets a cat’s nose branch, the cat owner should pay attention to cleaning the surrounding environment for the cat, especially the place where the cat often goes in and out. The cat owner uses diluted disinfectant to clean it, which will be cleaner. Cats often use items, but also pay attention to clean and put them in the sun to dry.

       The cat’s body may be weak enough to get a cat’s nasal branch, so the cat owner should pay attention to supplement some nutrition to the cat, especially lysine. The cat owner can give the cat some meow nose an, and can also prepare the nutrition cream for the cat, which can be mixed into the cat’s food to let the cat eat together. If the cat owner is more free, he can use fresh meat and fish with some fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare a nutritious meal for the cat. When preparing, pay attention to less oil and salt, and pay attention to the cleanliness of food materials and surrounding environment, so as not to let the cat eat unclean things.

       Because of the oral and eye problems of the cat nose branch, the cat owner can use some external products to help the cat, so that the cat can be more comfortable.

       1. Judge whether it is a cat nasal branch

       The symptoms of a cat’s nasal branch are similar to those of the common cold. Many new excrement removing officers can’t distinguish the two diseases. The common cold is mainly due to the body cold, the symptoms are sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, spirit and appetite will not be too much affected, there are no other symptoms.

       The initial stage of the nasal branch of the cat is similar to that of the common cold. It also sneezes and has runny nose. However, it can also have the symptoms of temperature rise, paroxysmal cough, eye tears, eyes stuck by secretions, conjunctivitis, purulent secretions, and fever. The primary method of differentiation is to see the body temperature to distinguish.

       2. Treatment after confirmation

       Before treatment, measure the cat’s temperature. If the temperature rises to 39.5 ¡æ and the body feels hot, please go to the pet hospital for fever reduction. If the measured body temperature is between 38.5 and 39 ¡æ, there is no need to worry about it, just slightly higher body temperature. You can observe and pay more attention to it, and then start taking medicine.

       Mild cat nasal branch (sneezing, runny nose, cough) give the cat meow want lysine type A + loquat syrup + Guanqu eye drops to fight virus, inhibit virus, and treat mild cat nasal branch. The purpose of using Chuanqu eye drops is to prevent the occurrence of viral conjunctivitis.

       All the cat’s nasal drops with moquat + cat’s eye drops should not be used together with the cat’s anti-virus nasal drops.

       Extended data:

       Precautions during treatment:

       A. You can’t take a bath. As a result of bathing, the condition is aggravated, the treatment time is prolonged, and the kitten may die.

       B. Avoid going out (please use the cat to carry the cage). Disease resistance is poor, it is easy to re infection with bacteria and bacteria, skin disease. Or spread the virus to other cats.

       C. Insist on taking meow want lysine and stop eating if you can’t see improvement.

       D. It’s not good to get vaccinated. The basic requirement of vaccination is to be healthy and asymptomatic.

       E. Please postpone the pregnancy. In order to avoid transmitting the virus to other cats, * and pregnancy have to wait until the body recovers.

       reference material:

       Baidu Encyclopedia_ Nasal branch of cat

       1. Pay attention to isolation and disinfection

       When the cat owner finds that the cat has a nasal branch, it is necessary to isolate the cat in time. Do not contact the cat with other cats in the family, so as to prevent the nasal branch from infecting the cat. When isolating, a separate cat cage can be prepared to keep the cat with nasal branch in the cage. After the cat owner has isolated the cat, the cat house and the cat’s nest should be cleaned. The tableware and toys used by the cat also need to be cleaned. The floor and furniture should be disinfected with household disinfectant.

       2. Pay attention to supplement nutrition

       Cats need more nutrition when they have nasal branches, and their body resistance is relatively weak during the period of nasal branches. Therefore, it is necessary for the cat owners to supplement nutrition to the cat in time, especially lysine. For cats who often sneeze and have runny nose, they can feed them some mebo’an. In the normal feeding time, you can also feed your cat some meowwant nutrition cream.

       3. With antibiotics

       If the cat’s nasal branch has a fever or paroxysmal cough, the cat owner should pay attention to it. The cat’s nasal branch is serious, so it needs the cat owner to take the cat to the pet hospital in time. Under the guidance of the professional veterinarian, the cat can use drugs such as antibiotics to solve the problem. If necessary, you can also give the cat a fever reducing needle, but the cat owner should note it When you want to choose a pet hospital, you should pay attention to choose a good reputation.

       4. Eye care

       When some cats have nasal branches, they may have abnormal tears in their eyes, redness and swelling of their eyes, and even develop into conjunctivitis. It is suggested that cat owners should use Guanqu cat eye drops for cleaning. If the cat’s condition is serious, you can also use some erythromycin eye ointment for your cat.

       At the beginning, my cat’s eyes were red and swollen. Later, his face became more and more dirty, and he began to shed tears. Then he sniffed and sneezed, but he ate and stool normally and was very energetic.

       I went to the pet hospital and opened mimikang pet snacks. The cat had diarrhea, soft stool and gastrointestinal discomfort with egg yolk lgY powder tube.

       Huizhong Gankang Maxing Shigan oral liquid is a Chinese medicine 3ml, twice a day (needle tube).

       Yichongyankang eye drops five to six times a day.

       Cat amine cream twice a day, big cats feed three to five centimeters long (my cat is too small, so they are fed soybean size). Some aborigines in the family force them to feed it by mouth to prevent the high incidence of nasal branch infection.

       I was also given a spray to treat flea for eczema (St. Lu Wei professional pet class versatile spray), and told me to bask in the sun. These things cost me 265 soft dollars in total.

       (I think cat amine must be bought. First, it can be prevented. Second, it can be inhibited. It can improve the cat’s resistance. It can also inhibit the increase of tears caused by cat’s sporulosis, conjunctivitis, etc., and inhibit the cat’s nasal branch virus.)

       Because the kitten was still in the state of feeding goat milk powder and rice together, the cat pet doctor who was less than 50 Liang did not dare to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs. He asked me to give him a try according to the doctor’s advice, and then send him to the clinic if he didn’t get better.

       I don’t know your kitten’s specific symptoms, but my cat’s symptoms and medication I’ll tell you in detail, if it can help you the best

       Sunuo oral anti bronchial and nasal inflammation + shuagile eye drops anti herpes virus ophthalmia + famciclovir oral antiviral + W interferon a box to buy less than 100 yuan, one injection a day, continuous use for 7 days, 7 days did not improve, but improved, stop 4 days, not good, continue to play a course of treatment. In addition to interferon, other drugs should be used continuously, and it has been used to heal. Eye drops must be forced to drip cats five times a day. It is best to add an erythromycin eye ointment to assist the cat to use it at an interval of 15 minutes. The effect will be better if you use only one eye drops. Then, if you have a bad breath, you can do atomization, and * * has aerosol medicine and atomization box for cats. A cat’s nasal branch may not be diagnosed with a positive test plate. Typical clinical symptoms and eye herpesvirus conjunctivitis can be diagnosed. Do not know how to judge eye symptoms, please Baidu pictures: cat herpesvirus conjunctivitis, the beginning of the disease conjunctival congestion is not obvious, the edge is very small, but normal cats can not see the edema of the conjunctiva.

       1¡¢ What is a cat nasal branch?

       The origin of the nasal branch of the cat is unknown. Cat nose branch has a very popular name in academic, called

       2¡¢ What are the characteristics of nasal ramus in cats?

       I think the biggest feature of the cat nose branch is that you like to pick the kittens! The incidence rate of this disease is quite high in the kitten stage. Some veterinary books say that once the young cat carries herpesvirus, the incidence rate is 100%, and the mortality rate is 50%! Therefore, it is not too much to call this disease a kitten.

       Feline rhinovirus (HSV) prefers to replicate at low temperatures, so hypothermia is more dangerous for young cats!

       There is no precedent for humans to be infected with this virus, so there is no need to worry about people being infected by cats.

       3¡¢ How does a cat get nasal branch?

       This question is actually asking, where does the cat rhinovirus, or herpes virus, come from? And then how did it infect my cat? Let’s talk about it one by one.

       Basically speaking, herpesvirus comes from cats that carry herpes virus. Because the host of the virus is the cat, it is not easy to survive after leaving the cat’s body. Scientists first discovered the herpes virus in 1957.

       Here’s the point! , the following parts are all shown in bold!

       The virus can be discharged from the nose, eyes and pharynx of sick cats. It can infect other cats through contact or droplets. It spreads very quickly. In particular, droplets can be infected at a distance of 1 m in still air.

       Moreover, sick cats and naturally recovered cats or cats in latent infection period can carry virus or detoxify, becoming the source of infection of this disease! Cats in the early stage of the disease (24 hours after infection) can excrete a large amount of virus through secretions and can last for 14 days. When cats with virus encounter stress reaction, such as giving birth to children, estrus, changing environment and so on, can stimulate detoxification!

       4¡¢ How to tell if a cat has a cat nasal branch? Symptoms of nasal branches in cats?

       Here are the symptoms of a cat infected with herpesvirus:

       1. After the incubation period of 2-3 days, the body temperature will generally rise and fever will rise to about 40 degrees.

       2. The cat coughs and sneezes for more than 48 hours, accompanied by runny nose, which is liquid at first and purulent discharge later.

       3. Eye tears, serous secretion, turbid eyeball, conjunctivitis or ulcerative keratitis symptoms.

       4. The cat has lost appetite and is in poor spirits

       If your cat has not been vaccinated and is in the kitten stage (under 6 months), or has just come into contact with other cats, the possibility of infection will be greatly increased! At this time, please go to the hospital for diagnosis!

       Since I have to go to the hospital for diagnosis, I will tell you by the way how to make a diagnosis after arriving at the hospital. (to prevent people from being trapped by doctors)

       PCR is the most commonly used detection method in pet hospitals. Other methods such as virus isolation and retrovirus detection are rarely used because they are time-consuming. So, when you go to the hospital, you can ask the doctor if it is PCR detection.

       PCR However, when quantitative real-time PCR is used, the detected virus concentration can provide further information. If the virus concentration is high in nasal secretions or tears, it indicates that virus replication is active and is related to clinical symptoms. If the concentration is low, it represents latent feeling Dye.

       5¡¢ Prevention of nasal branches in cats

       That’s vaccination! vaccinate! vaccinate!

       At present, the commonly used vaccine is an inactivated vaccine called cat triple, which is a triple vaccine that can prevent herpes virus, calicivirus and feline panleukopenia (cat plague) at the same time.

       Because kittens can acquire immunity from their mothers for a period of time, and if vaccinated prematurely, this immunity may interfere with the immune response to vaccination. Therefore, the initial vaccination is usually recommended at the age of two months, and then every two weeks until three injections are completed. Such vaccination has been considered to have sufficient protective effect. If adult cats or young cats can not confirm whether they have been vaccinated before, it is still recommended that they should be vaccinated continuously at intervals of 2-4 weeks.

       If the cat is at high risk of infection in the environment, it is recommended to strengthen it once a year. If the cat is completely indoor and does not leave the house, it can be vaccinated once every three years. However, those cats who regularly go out to take a bath or often go to the hospital for treatment should be considered as high risk.

       6¡¢ Treatment of nasal branches in cats

       For the treatment of the nasal branch of the cat, in fact, is the way to eliminate herpes virus. Grapefruit has consulted a lot of information, but has not reached a high consensus. The following is my own summary of some of the more recognized methods.

       1. Replenish body fluids. You can buy rehydration salts with glucose solution or drugstore to prevent cats from being anorexic due to virus infection, resulting in dehydration or physical exhaustion.

       2. Clear eye and nose secretions. For eyes, ribavirin eye drops can be used for treatment.

       3. When using antibiotics, amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium can be used when the symptoms are mild, and azithromycin can be used when the symptoms are serious. (antibiotic therapy is mainly used to treat other infections caused by the virus)

       4. Famciclovir was used for antiviral treatment.

       As for interferon and cat amine (lysine), which are more familiar to many people, in fact, the two drugs have not been consistent, so we should not blindly ask doctors to use interferon, or pay a very high price to buy the so-called cat amine for the treatment of cat nasal branch. Because cat amine, in fact, is a very cheap L-lysine, it does not fight the herpes virus, it can only inhibit a substance called arginine, which is said to be helpful for the reproduction of herpes virus.

       Finally, I would like to remind you not to buy medicine for your cat according to the treatment plan listed in this article. If possible, you should go to the hospital for treatment. This is just a popular science article, which will help you understand the nasal branch and prevent you from being cheated.

       7¡¢ How to eliminate herpes virus?

       When herpes virus is on cats, it is really arrogant. But after leaving the cat, its vitality in the outside world is still very weak. If it can be inactivated in 12 hours under the condition of normal temperature and drying, and this virus has the killer, that is formaldehyde and phenol, so it can be disinfected with formaldehyde or phenol.

       8¡¢ Prognosis of nasal branches in cats

       Because of the diversity of clinical diseases caused by virus, the prognosis is very different. Most cats can recover completely after acute infection, so the nasal branch of cats is not incurable disease, and it is very likely to recover.

       Ribavirin is a prohibited veterinary drug, because of its extensive drug resistance, the country has long banned it. However, in order to make profits, many pet hospitals give their pets ribavirin orally to treat the nasal branches of cats, which results in prolonged treatment time and even increased drug resistance. Other disease-resistant substances can no longer be cured. Finally, the cat went to meow star. Therefore, when a doctor prescribes a medicine, he must ask him to take the tablets out of the package in front of you. Those doctors who remove all the packages and pack them in small mouth bags so that you don’t know what the medicine is, all have this suspicion. If the medicine is correct, the nasal branch of cat should be obviously improved in 7 days and cured in 10 days. If you can’t cure for a long time, you must find out the reason. At present, the standard antiviral treatment is famciclovir plus interferon W, one injection per day and one course of treatment for seven days. Take orally, or skin shot maxikin. Eye drops: acyclovir eye drops, shuagile (good effect), erythromycin eye ointment, three applications, interval of 15 minutes, 5-6 cycles a day, until the eyes are completely good. The swelling of the fierce buy tobramycin dexamethasone (with 3 days to stop the drug).

       The nasal branch is not difficult, as long as it does not enter the pit below.

       A lot of people’s cats have cat nasal branch, and they can’t be cured all the time. They can’t find the reason. They think that the diagnosis is wrong or the cat’s constitution is poor. In fact, in the beginning, some pet hospitals used ribavirin, a cheap ribavirin, to feed cats. Ribavirin is widely used in chickens and ducks by farmers, resulting in drug residues in human and carnivorous animals (CATS). Drugs in the body for a long time, resulting in virus screening, generally can reproduce drug-resistant strains, so ribavirin is widely used. And pet hospital charge you 10 yuan a medicine, the cost price is only a few cents or even a few cents. If it is replaced by famciclovir, the cost will be nearly 2 yuan a piece, and the profit margin will be small. So they sell dog meat with sheep’s head and don’t give you medicine packing box, so that you can’t see what kind of medicine it is. It’s famciclovir on the surface, but Virazole in fact. If the drug resistance is treated for a longer time, the drug will be sold more, which has an effect, but the effect is not good and can not be cured. After the drug resistance increases, it is not easy to change the hospital, and the virus has been upgraded. That’s what happened. What else do you know? The longer the treatment, the more money the unscrupulous pet hospital will make.

       Don’t feed lysine to cats. Cats themselves can’t produce lysine for their own reasons. Biological evolution is to the needs. It can’t be produced, which means it’s best when it can’t be produced. It’s just like humans don’t have tails, that is, they don’t need tails. If you give it lysine, it’s just like forcing a tail on it, so it’s not easy for him to learn how to walk. Foreign literature has long suggested that lysine should be stopped, and it has been proved that lysine can only prolong the treatment family and increase the amount of virus in nasal treatment, which is counterproductive and has no benefit. Chinese pharmacists want to make money. Anyway, they want you to believe that the treatment is effective and continue to buy it. My cat is cured without lysine. After taking it for two days at the beginning, it became more and more serious. I almost lost my life. I would be much better if I stopped lysine. The longer the treatment, the more money the unscrupulous pet hospital will make.

       Most cats get nasal branches because their bodies carry herpes virus. Because the nasal branches will be transmitted to other cats, if there are other cats in the family, the cats with nasal branches must be isolated and kept away from contact. Then clean the indoor sanitation, take the cat’s daily necessities one by one to disinfect, and open the window, let the indoor air more circulation. There are some arginine in the cat’s body. Herpes virus will take arginine as a carrier to continuously replicate and transmit the virus. However, lysine can block the replication and transmission of herpes virus. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement some lysine to the cat, add appropriate amount of mefenapyr into the cat’s diet, stir it evenly, and persist in feeding for a period of time. In addition, after a cat has a nasal branch, its eyes will have a lot of secretions, this should be wiped with a wet paper towel, do not let the secretion accumulation, otherwise the cat’s eyes are likely to have conjunctivitis. Almost do these jobs, the cat’s nose branch will gradually get better, but if the cat’s temperature rises during this period, you need to send it to the hospital for the veterinarian to help cool down.

       Cefradine was injected for about a week, with interferon within 5 days. If it is difficult to inject the nasal branch of the cat, it should be injected for about a week. During this period, I took cat Lysine Tablets for about half a month. These are all bought. As long as the pet hospital to buy on the line, the price is not expensive, you can give the skin shot. At the end of December, all three Xiaobao were infected with noses. I cured it myself.

       If a cat gets a cat’s nasal branch, it will be blocked. If you want to solve the cat’s nasal branch quickly, you need to take corresponding measures. In fact, it is not difficult to solve the cat’s nasal branch, as long as you master the correct method.

       If the cat has been infected with the nasal branch of the cat, then the cat owner should take measures to deal with it. The affected cat may sneeze, have purulent tears and runny nose. The host should take active measures.

       Isolation and cleaning

       The nasal branch of a cat is infectious and can be spread through droplets, mouth and nasal secretions. Therefore, the owner of the cat should isolate the sick cat in time. Especially if there are more than one cat at home, the sick cat can be placed in a separate room for complete isolation. Cat owners can also use diluted disinfectant to wipe and clean the cat’s frequent activities, such as floor furniture can be cleaned and cleaned.

       Supplement lysine

       The cat owner should know that it is necessary to deal with the nasal branch of the cat step by step. After isolation, check whether the sick cat has any signs of fever. If the temperature exceeds 39.5 degrees, it is a fever. The cat owner can take the cat to the pet hospital for fever abatement. After the fever subsides, it is necessary to supplement lysine to the sick cat in time, which is a measure to deal with the nasal branch of the cat. You can feed meow ammonia nutrition cream mixed with food for feeding, which can inhibit the cat nasal branch virus.

       Use eye drops

       Cats with nasal branch may sneeze, have purulent mucus and purulent tears. Their eyes may have viral conjunctivitis, and their appetite and spirit may be bad. Therefore, the cat owner can keep the indoor temperature between 28 and 30 degrees without too low temperature, so that the cat can recover in a quiet and comfortable place. To deal with the problem of cat’s eyes, you can use cat’s eye drops, 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops each time.

       If the cat owner does not cooperate when using eye drops for the sick cat, he can wrap the cat’s head with a large towel, and then drop the eye drops directly after exposing his eyes.

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