The world’s most docile dog – Top 10 smartest dogs in the world

       Ranking of the world’s most docile dogs

       1. Golden hair

       This is undoubtedly the least aggressive most docile dog, whether it is to treat people or other animals, are very friendly, docile, even if the home to the thief will be polite.

       2. Labrador

       This is very similar to Jinmao’s personality, also without any aggression. It is very suitable for family support, suitable for people of all ages, and is on par with Jinmao.

       3. Husky

       Although husky looks like a bitter hatred, Husky’s personality is also very gentle and does not have any aggressiveness. If Jinmao and Lala are given a score of 1, husky can only score 0.5 at most. Thieves at home will help find valuable things to give home (ha ha, joking).

       4. Samoye

       Many modern families like to keep Samoye dogs because they can maintain the relationship between neighbors. Samoyer dogs have a good physique, but they never easily provoke “others”, including other pets and people. In the encounter with other “people”, always Wen Wen Wen quietly stays, as long as the other party does not provoke it, it will never provoke. On the whole, Sammy is very docile.

       World ranking, I’ll pick out the small ones for you 2. Poodle 6. Happy Terrier (Shetland Shepherd) 8. Butterfly dog 11. Welskogee 12. Mini Schnauzer 18. British Cocker / Standard Schnauzer 20. American Cocker 23. Squirrels (bomey) 29. Universal Ridge 38. Lowe ridge 47. West high white ridge 49. Dachshund 53. Irish ridge

       The top 10 smartest animals in the world are ranked as follows:

       1. People

       Scientists may have different opinions on how to define “intelligence” appropriately and comprehensively, but they generally agree with the view that human beings are highly intelligent advanced animals. But London Zoo held an exhibition in 2005, in which volunteers were put into monkey hill to experience the feelings of animals. Experimental results show that in that environment, people are not much smarter than monkeys.

       2. Chimpanzees

       We humans have intelligence, and chimpanzees certainly have some intelligence, because 98% of the genes of humans and chimpanzees are the same. They can use tools, hunt in places, and have violence among orangutans. Field observations and laboratory studies have shown that chimpanzees are not only capable of emotional migration, but also altruistic and self-awareness. The results showed that chimpanzees scored higher than humans in many memory tests.

       3. Dolphins

       Australian dolphins use sponges to protect their noses while searching for food on the sea floor. Scientists say it’s just one example of dolphin intelligence. They make whistles and clicks that may call dolphin names, and these sounds may be the language they use to communicate. A well-known experiment in the 1960s found that dolphins were more creative when they realized that they could get a reward from a fish for a new action.

       4. Elephant

       The absolute size of their brains suggests that elephants must understand. The researchers found that elephants comfort family members, help other animal species when needed, play in the water, and communicate with each other by shaking their feet. Scientists say their biggest achievement was that an Asian female elephant named “happiness” recognized herself in the mirror. This complex behavior is unique to humans, apes and dolphins.

       5. Cephalopods such as octopus

       Are octopus, squid and squid clever? It’s a question of scientific interest, but these cephalopods are the smartest invertebrates in the ocean. The brain of cephalopods surrounds the esophagus, but it has some human brain characteristics, such as a wrinkled lobe and a unique area for processing visual and tactile information.

       6. Crow

       Crows are clever animals that use twigs, feathers and other debris as tools to trap prey in hard to reach places. A crow named Betty would bend a straight wire into a hook and use it to retrieve food from a tube. These birds are born with the gift of tools. Only by observing their elders can they master their skills. This is evidence of high IQ. Studies have shown that crows (R * * en) are adept at using social influences to get more protection and food.

       7. Squirrels

       Can squirrels play tricks? Maybe. A recent report of a burglar with his or her own food cheats is not possible. In the course of the experiment, when people saw someone stealing their peanuts, the deception of squirrels would appear more frequently. The researchers say they have found evidence that squirrels can understand the intentions of their peers, although this is an acquired learning behavior rather than a congenital behavior. Other studies have shown that squirrels are able to draw a three-dimensional map in their brains and recall where nuts are stored. Of all squirrels, California squirrels are probably the smartest. They cover up their scent with the smell of a rattlesnake and defend themselves against it.

       8. Dogs

       As human’s best friends, dogs always obey their owners’ orders. But does that mean they are smart? Dogs can learn to sit, lie down and pick up things, but can they understand the real intention of their owners? The researchers say dogs can at least find food through nonverbal cues. Scientists believe that they may be understood in a way similar to how humans understand other people’s ideas. In the experiment, dogs were able to correctly distinguish between similar photos and landscape photos, which means that they have the ability to form the concept of “dog”.

       9. Cats

       Like dog owners, some cat owners train their babies to sit down, roll over and drill iron hoops. Using positive reinforcement training with reward, cats can also master these skills through observation and imitation. Although it is more difficult to train a cat than a dog, it does not mean that a cat is more stupid than a dog. Cat experts say cats are different animals. They like to be alone and driven by their survival needs. This allows them to adapt to a large number of different captive environments for at least 9500 times, even their feathered crowns.

       10. Pigs

       Pigs are always covered with mud, which seems to be less hygienic, but some experts point out that they may be the smartest and cleanest of the known captive animals, even more than cats and dogs. Unfortunately, because there are no sweat glands, pigs roll in the mud to keep their bodies cool. Experiments conducted in the 1990s found evidence that pigs are also smart. In the experiment, pigs were trained to move a pointer on the screen with their mouth and use the pointer to find the graffiti they saw for the first time. From this, we can see that the time required for them to complete the task is almost the same as that of chimpanzees.

       Golden hair is the most gentle.

       Dogs have always been regarded as the best friends of human beings. They are very loyal to their owners. They will not leave because their owners don’t give good food, Qi or poor living conditions. Their indomitable character is popular with the public. However, there are some differences in the personality of different breeds of dogs. Some of them are extreme, while others are very kind. Today, I will give you an inventory of the ten most docile dogs to see which dogs are good children.

       Welsh Corgi Pembroke (English Name: Welsh Corgi Pembroke) is a small dog, but it is not neurotic. He is friendly in nature, brave and bold, neither timid nor ferocious, and gentle in character. See that small short leg big buttocks appearance, a pair of want fierce all not fierce appearance~

       Pug (English Name: Pug), native to China, is charming and elegant. It was officially named “Bago” at the end of the 14th century. Its ancient meaning is “hammer head”, “clown”, lion nose or monkey. The pug is a considerate, lovable breed of small breed that does not require exercise or regular grooming, but requires companionship. This dog has a good and clean personality, which is the reason why it is widely loved.

       Border Collie (English Name: Border Collie) originated from the Scottish border, is a collie collie. It has a strong shepherd. It is intelligent in nature, good at observing, and can accurately understand the owner’s instructions. It can drive the sheep to move or rotate by looking at the eyes. It has been regarded as a shepherd dog for many years and ranks first in the intelligence quotient of dogs in the world.

       It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good communication with human beings, gentleness, loyalty and good obedience. Its loyalty degree can be described as follows. Because of its gentle and loyal personality, it has once become the favorite of the urban population.

       Newfoundland is found in Newfoundland, northeastern Canada. Some people think that Newfoundland dogs are closely related to Canadian Labrador dogs, while others believe that their ancestors are of great white bear or sled dogs. No matter what kind of lineage they have in common is a gentle character. Newfoundland dogs are large dogs that do not show dullness or irritability. They are not only loyal companions, but also multi-purpose dogs. Sweetness and loveliness are the biggest characteristics of Newfoundland dogs.

       The Alaskan Malamute, also known as the Alaskan Malamute, is one of the oldest polar sled dogs. Its name comes from the Malamute tribe of the Inuit tribe of the Eskimos. Adult Alaskan dogs have a quiet, elegant temperament and are very loyal to their owners. May take it for a walk, see so strong, scared many people, in fact, its heart can be tame, do not be deceived by its appearance.

       Poodle (English Name: poodle) is mainly characterized by its intelligence and liveliness. It is the second most intelligent dog among dogs. In addition, it is very friendly. The key adaptability is very strong. If you are a girl or the house is not big, I think poodle is the most suitable for you, because it is small and easy to take care of, which can help you save more time Most poodles like to stick to people very much and can accompany you to play every day?

       Top 4: Samoye

       English: Samoye Samoyed was originally a breed of Siberia native aborigines Samoye, and was naughty and smart before the age of one. It is alert, strong, flexible, beautiful, noble and elegant, cute and cute. It has a very eye-catching appearance. It has the title of “smiling angel” and “smiling angel face, making trouble with the devil’s heart”. It always stays quiet when meeting people. As long as other people don’t provoke it, it will not provoke each other. On the whole, it is very gentle.

       Siberian Husky is also known as Husky. Common name: Er ha, let go, demolition team leader. Husky’s name comes from its unique hoarse voice. Husky is a kind of pet dog which is popular all over the world. And golden retriever and Labrador were listed as three non aggressive dogs. Although it looks cool and handsome with a little ferocity, don’t be misled by its disdainful eyes. Being gentle, you can reach a consensus with criminals. Generally speaking, it is very docile to people, but not to your family at all!

       For husky, you can buy some grinding toys, bones and snacks to grind his teeth~

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       Labrador Retriever (English Name: Labrador Retriever) is a very suitable dog to be selected as a guide dog or subway police dog, search and rescue dog and other working dogs. It is named for its origin in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Labrador’s intelligence quotient ranks sixth in the world. Personality loyalty, atmosphere, simple and honest, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, high IQ, also very friendly to people. Like the golden retriever, it is not aggressive to people in general.

       Golden Retriever is a relatively modern and popular breed of dog, because it is easy to keep, patient, and does not require much from its owner. It only needs regular exercise, food and veterinary examination. Jinmao’s unique feature lies in its agreeable personality. It is a well-balanced, powerful and lively breed. It is characterized by firm, reasonable coordination of various parts of the body, not too long or clumsy legs, friendly expression, warm personality, alert, confident and fearless of life. Now most of them are guide dogs and pet dogs. They are very friendly to children or even some small dogs can bully Dajin Li.

       I heard that I ranked first. I couldn’t help laughing~

       The dog’s life is just over ten years. It’s better to choose natural food with balanced nutrition, and recommend natural dog food that is not greasy. Let’s make them our good friends and spend a happy life with us!

       Jinmao and Labrador are indeed very docile dogs, but the premise is that when they were young, they were very playful, lax in discipline, and engaged in sabotage. For example, Lala was a famous active activist.. (Jinmao is almost the same, ha ha). In childhood, it is better to have someone at home to take care of them and hand over dogs. It is not easy to keep dogs, Especially what you want to achieve!!

       The breeds you want to keep are very popular in the market now, but you should first like them to raise them, to understand their living habits, there are a lot of food that dogs can’t eat. To know the basic common sense, you must understand… The most important thing for a dog is to be patient and persevere, so as to cultivate a good dog~

       You can go to the Internet to check the type of dog you want, character, advantages and disadvantages, and then consider whether you have the conditions and ability to meet their needs, a good dog can accompany you through his life

       Jinmao: good personality, but a lot of hair loss (can be improved by eating wool powder, but still lose), naughty childhood, need to correct habits, slander, my family is raised golden hair, but before want to raise Labrador!! my family is good personality, not love to bark when I was a child, is changing teeth period, will need dog biting and toys, very good companion dog, but easy to have skin

       Labrador: it’s very similar to golden hair. It’s short. It’s like pine needles scattered when it’s down. It’s the devil when I’m young. Ha ha ~ I like playing with people very much. I’m lively and active. I can drive lazy people. I’m very good. I can bark at the beginning of childhood. I can correct it. I’m a very smart little guy. I’m next to golden fur, but the first is Border Collie

       Hilary: smaller than the Scottish shepherd dog, ha ha ~ when I was a child, I was not very good-looking (female 18 changes), so long as a beautiful hair is valiant!

       Xiao Xi will cry, but it can be corrected later. Mao needs to take care of it often. At least, he can help him with his hair every day. His personality is very good

       Husky: there is another species on the market called Alaska (not a species, but very similar, but, can be distinguished), friendly personality, and the front of the dog does not distinguish between the enemy and I.. The coat is very important (double coat), even in summer can not be removed, play a heat insulation role, if removed will cause skin disease, remember Oh ~ active dog

       Songlion: it is a medium-sized dog. It looks simple and lovely, and looks silly forever. But don’t be deceived by its appearance. Songlion is an independent dog. It is usually indifferent to people, but it doesn’t mean that he is aggressive. However, some pine lions play the role of watching the house. They will be very alert to strangers and may take extreme actions. In summer, they are very afraid of the heat, so they must turn on the air conditioner to cool them down, Try not to get rid of the fur, aloof, very handsome dog

       Samo: the most attractive thing is the Samoan smile. How many people prostrate themselves on his smile and his white fur. Because of the white hair, even if he dries when drinking water, he usually pays attention to the tear marks. Otherwise, because of the water and tear marks, some dogs with white hair will show red hair. Including the dogs mentioned above, they should also pay attention to keep their hair dry, Especially the eyes where often wipe ~ gentle character, not timid, these kinds of character are very good

       Each dog can learn some instructions at different speed, can not ask too high ~ home life, happy ‘safe line ~ those are only personal reference, ha ha! Not professional, the landlord, raise the dog, keep him old, don’t give him up!

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