The wound became numb after being scratched by the cat

       You can’t scratch it. You’ll get it right away,

       And you don’t have to get rabies vaccine if you’re scratched by an animal,

       Because rabies virus can only exist in the body fluids of animals,

       There’s no virus on the paws,

       So you have to have fluid communication to infect rabies,

       That is to say, bleeding or skin breaking,

       So there’s no need for rabies vaccine for scratches.

       “Ten day observation” is one of the rabies control methods recommended by the World Health Organization. If you are bitten by a cat or dog with a disease condition or abnormal behavior with healthy cats and dogs, you should be injected with rabies vaccine as soon as possible. At the same time, observe the biting cats and dogs. If there is no death due to rabies within 10 days, the bitten person can terminate the rabies vaccine injection. At the same time, it can be determined that the victim was not infected with rabies at all.

       It’s common for cat owners to be scratched by cats, and sometimes they may be bitten. Because of our lack of a correct understanding of rabies, we often feel nervous after being scratched by a cat. Of course, we also have a big intention to ignore it.

       Cat is smart, lively and popular. It is one of the most popular pets. The team of cats is growing. People who often contact cats are scratched or bitten by cats, which leads to some questions. Can rabies be transmitted by scratching or biting by cats? Do you want a vaccine? Let’s get to know what rabies is.

       1¡¢ What is rabies?

       Rabies, also known as hydrophobia and mad dog disease, is an infectious disease caused by rabies virus. Rabies virus exists in the brain of diseased animals and is excreted by saliva. It can be transmitted by biting. The mortality was 100%. The incubation period is generally 2-8 weeks. According to the survey, those more than one year are rare. Experts from the World Health Organization (who) believe that the longest incubation period with clear evidence is 6 years. The sick animals generally died within four or five days after the onset of the disease.

       2¡¢ Can cats get rabies?

       Yes, most mammals can be infected with rabies virus, birds will not. In China, rabies is mainly transmitted by dogs, which is caused by the bite of sick dogs. According to the survey, about 3% of rabies is transmitted by cat bite, and the cases caused by cat scratch are extremely rare. So there’s no need to be too nervous about keeping a cat.

       3¡¢ Be scratched or bitten by cat need to hit rabies vaccine?

       Although the fatality rate of rabies is almost 100%, we do not need to panic blindly because not all cats will be infected with rabies virus.

       Cats in the following situations will not be infected with rabies:

       1. Domestic cats vaccinated with rabies vaccine regularly;

       2. There are no stray domestic cats;

       3. The origin of cats is clear, and they have not been bitten by unknown dogs or cats with rabies;

       4. When the cat is scratched or bitten by a cat, there is a reason, because the cat is protecting food, protecting the baby, playing and defending.

       5. The cat in trouble is still healthy within 10 days after the injury.

       “Ten day observation” is one of the methods recommended by the World Health Organization for the prevention and treatment of rabies. By observing whether the injured dog or cat is sick or dead within 10 days after the injury, if the dog and cat are still healthy after 10 days, it can be determined that the bitten person is not infected with rabies. The above situation can not be vaccinated with rabies vaccine. If you are still worried, it is recommended that you do not hesitate to vaccinate as soon as possible, so as not to worry about it in the future.

       4¡¢ Cats have symptoms of rabies.

       The typical symptoms of sick cats are: photophobia, anorexia, fever, fear of the wind, restlessness, strange voice, salivation, mouth foam, fear of water, aggressive, etc.

       5¡¢ Emergency treatment of wounds after being scratched or bitten by a cat.

       Whether or not rabies vaccine is needed, it is necessary to deal with the wound after being bitten or scratched. The method is as follows: wash the wound with a large amount of 15% concentrated soapy water for at least 15 minutes after injury. Squeeze the area around the wound with your hand to squeeze out the blood as much as possible.

       After washing with soapy water, immediately disinfect the wound with 2.5% iodine or 75% alcohol.

       Fully expose the wound to the air and do not bandage. Because rabies is an anaerobic virus and cannot survive in oxygen.

       6¡¢ When is rabies vaccine effective?

       The best time for the first vaccination is within 48 hours after being bitten. Rabies vaccine can also be vaccinated over 48 hours. Effective vaccination should be carried out before rabies virus enters the nervous system, otherwise the vaccine antibody will not be able to do anything. The incubation period of rabies is generally within three months, and 95% of the cases are within one year. There is no value in vaccinating people who are bitten or scratched for more than a year.

       7¡¢ How much is rabies vaccine? How many injections do you need?

       It is believed that the price of rabies vaccine is also a matter of great concern to us. It is understood that there are domestic vaccines and imported vaccines. The price is also different. A course of treatment of domestic vaccine is about 300 yuan, and that of imported vaccine is about 500 yuan or even higher. Vaccine prices may vary from region to region. Consult the local CDC for details. Rabies vaccine is divided into 5 injections (4 injections in some areas), one injection on the day of biting, and 5 injections in total on the 3rd, 7th, 14th and 30th days after biting.

       8¡¢ Pay attention to prevent being scratched or bitten by cats.

       In order to avoid being scratched or bitten by cats, we need to pay attention to the following in the process of getting along with cats:

       1. Try to reduce contact with the cat in estrus. The spleen of the cat in estrus is prone to irritability.

       2. Don’t tease strange cats. Strange cats may not be stray cats, but they may hurt people due to self-defense.

       3. Avoid touching or teasing stray cats. Stray cats have a high sense of defense outside and are more likely to hurt people.

       4. Play with your cat to pay attention to the degree of control, do not hurt them, or let them have a sense of fear.

       5. Vaccinate rabies vaccine for cats in time.

       6. Cutting nails for cats is an effective way to prevent scratches.

       Whether a dog or a cat bites a person or not first determines whether the dog or cat bites with rabies virus, and then the degree and location of the bite. Generally, regular vaccination of the normal dog, cat no problem, if it is mad dog, sick cat must pay attention to. If the dog or cat biting you is healthy, and your skin is not broken (the main host of rabies virus infection, rabies is generally transmitted through the saliva of animals, and cats and dogs will add their claws with their tongue, there is a certain chance that the rabies virus will be carried to the claws, so it may also be infected with rabies after scratch) or be bitten. There are many factors that influence the incidence of rabies virus after being bitten by rabies and cats: 1. It depends on the number of rabies virus entering the human body. If the rabies virus is in the early stage of the disease when biting by a mad dog or cat, the rabies virus in their saliva is less than that in the later stage of the disease. 2. Whether the bite is serious also affects whether the person who is bitten is sick. A large area of deep bite is more likely to occur than a small superficial wound. 3. Multiple site bite is more likely to occur than single part bite, and the incubation period is shorter. 4. Proper and timely treatment of the wound after being bitten is the first line of defense for the prevention and treatment of rabies. If the wound is treated correctly in time and treated after anti rabies exposure, the risk of the disease can be greatly reduced. 5. The incidence of infection through mucous membrane is more difficult than that of biting skin infection, and more cases are depressive rabies. 6. Crazy animal bites the head, face and neck, etc., which are close to the central nervous system or the peripheral nerve rich parts. The incidence rate and mortality of those who bite the limbs are higher. 7. People with low resistance are more likely to develop disease than those with strong resistance. Rabies virus into the human body after the onset of this period of time, known as the incubation period of rabies. It can be days, months or years, up to 20 years. In general, 85% of the cases are within 3 months, 90% are within 6 months, 96% are within 1 year, and only 4% of the total cases are found to have more than one year. According to rabies experts from the World Health Organization in 1994, the longest incubation period with accurate scientific data is 19 years and 6 months. That is to say, those who are bitten by mad dogs, cats or suspicious mad dogs or cats without preventive treatment, even after several years or ten years For several years, there is still the possibility of rabies. Generally after being bitten, as long as timely vaccination, there is nothing wrong, there is no need to worry about rabies! After being bitten by a dog or cat, the wound should be treated strictly within two hours. Try to squeeze the skin with a cupping. Then rinse with 20% soapy water or 0.1% Bromogeramine for half an hour, and then rinse with plenty of water. Then burn the wound repeatedly with Shaojiu or 5% iodine or 75% alcohol. If the wound is close to the head, the anti rabies immune serum should be injected into or around the wound to vaccinate rabies vaccine as soon as possible. If the injury is serious, anti rabies immune serum should be added at the same time, and tetanus antitoxin or toxoid should be given as needed. In the injection of human rabies vaccine (between, after) the precautions: (1) in the whole course of rabies vaccine injection about 15 days after going to the hospital, fasting blood sample 2ml to detect whether antibody, if the test results in positive antibody, that the body has produced anti rabies antibody. It also shows that the vaccine injected has immune effect on this injury (if it contains rabies virus).

       (2) During the injection of rabies vaccine for human use, it is forbidden to use corticosteroids and try not to vaccinate other vaccines. (3) Avoid wine, strong tea and spicy food, shrimp, crab is edible. (as for the instructions, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, drink strong tea, eat stimulating food and take strenuous exercise during the vaccination period in order to avoid causing vaccine reaction. Of course, it is also considered that alcohol may accelerate the nerve movement of rabies virus and shorten the incubation period. Therefore, it is advisable not to drink alcohol or drink alcohol during rabies vaccination.)

       (4) Those who are bitten and have no dysfunction can take part in proper labor and exercise, but should not do strenuous activities, so as to avoid excessive fatigue, catch a cold, and reduce reaction. (5) It is necessary to strengthen nutrition and improve disease resistance. Vitamin and anti infective drugs can be given at the same time to avoid immune interference. It is groundless to worry about fish and chickens. Does normal person need to hit rabies vaccine? People who are not bitten by dogs and cats generally do not need to be vaccinated against rabies. Because rabies vaccine has an effective period, the validity period of rabies vaccine is calculated from the time when the human body receives vaccination to produce antibody (specific immunoglobulin). Because antibodies are proteins, they also metabolize and hydrolyze, with a cycle of about 180 days. Therefore, the effective period of immune protection of rabies vaccine for human use is 6 months from the time of antibody production (about the fifth injection). In general, neutralizing antibodies appear in the blood three weeks after the first injection, but it takes about 30 days (basically the time of the fifth injection) to reach the effective level, and the antibody titer reaches the peak in 40-60 days (also counting from the first injection). After that, it began to decrease slowly, and the antibody level could not reach the effective level after 180 days. Therefore, the effective period of immune protection was about 6 months. To put it simply: if you are injured within half a year after the first injection, you can stop the injection or go to the epidemic prevention station to add (strengthen) an injection. If the interval between the first bite and the second bite is more than three years, you need to re inject the whole vaccine. Because the efficacy of the first injection may be lost, it is better to go to the epidemic prevention station for inspection. In other words, early injection can play a preventive role, but the validity period is half a year. Since I don’t know when I will be bitten, I just need to inject it in time after being bitten. Don’t worry, don’t worry, it will be OK! And good luck!

       First of all, I’ll tell you, the doctor said that 24 hours later, it’s no use. That’s pure!!!! The reason why there is an incubation period is because at this stage, the body of a person or a pet is fighting against the virus, so it can be used whenever it is attacked. As long as there is no attack, the theory is that if the cat and dog bite you and don’t die within 10 days, then you must be fine. But only in cats and dogs, other animals have not been determined. In addition, you can observe them in the first ten days, and also observe them at the same time when they are vaccinated. In addition, if cats and dogs bite you, they will not die, and you will never die. You may be a little bit Hypochondriasis, that is to say, you are not injected after being bitten, and you are very afraid, so think about this and think about that, especially the sb doctor said that 24 hours of injection is no longer effective, taking is not equal to sentencing you to death, don’t listen to him, you are too afraid, now the injection does not play, and you may not get sick, really have been afraid to go to the injection is absolutely nothing!!! There are also doctors who are bitten to ask for money. They all say that the incubation period and infection are not so serious. As long as the pet doesn’t die in 10 days, you don’t even need an injection. If you are afraid, you can take a shot This is a doctor’s forum that I was bitten by a dog before. It seems to be called Zu Zongxian. I forgot the specific words. Anyway, these three pronunciations are in any case. Ha ha, you can check it out. You can choose my answer clearly

       Hello! In principle, it is scratched or bitten by a cat. As long as there is skin and mucous membrane damage, vaccination is required. At that time, the injured person needs to wash repeatedly with soap water and then disinfect with Iodophor. Your wound discomfort may be caused by inflammation. If your cat is still alive and healthy, you generally don’t need to be vaccinated. If the cat has died, rabies vaccine should be given as soon as possible, because the incubation period of rabies varies from long to short, and the elderly can be as long as 19 years. Suggestions: hot compress on the affected area, oral anti-inflammatory drug treatment observation. If the cat is healthy now, you don’t have to be nervous.

       Rabies invades the hippocampus of the brain, which can lead to nervous reactions.

       Hand numbness is not associated with rabies.

       It is suggested that if the mouth is serious, it should be vaccinated.

       If it is a slight scratch, you can first observe the cat’s condition to see if there is rabies reaction. If the cat survives healthily, there is no need to worry too much

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