There are few hairs on the cat’s eyes – the hair on the cat’s eyes is bald

       It may be caused by vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin A deficiency.

       The reason may be that the long-term nutrition is relatively single.

       Pet shops are just places where cats are sold for profit. They only pursue the economic value of cats, and often ignore the daily feeding and care of cats.

       If it’s vitamin deficiency, give me some multivitamins.

       There are two reasons for the thinning of cat’s upper eyelid hair

       1. Dermatosis caused by fungi.

       2. Depilation caused by different kinds of cat food.

       Observe whether there are scab marks and peeling on the hair loss parts of cats. If there are skin diseases caused by fungi, pet ointment can be used for treatment. Never use ointment for human use, because cats have the licking behavior of cleaning themselves. Some topical ointment used by people can’t be taken orally for people and pets.

       If the skin is normal, change to a cat food to prevent depilation. In addition, do not give the cat high salt snacks such as cooked fish and shrimp and fish fillets eaten by people.

       For many people, cats are a very lovely creature, but in the process of raising cats, you “excrement removing officers” will find that the hair on the side of the two eyes of your cat is always very sparse, and it looks as if it is going to be bald. After consulting various materials and understanding the habits of cats, I infer two reasons: first, for the convenience of predation, the hair above the eyes of cats has been reduced; second, cats’ possessive desire, because they are close to the odor glands, cats scrape their hair off when they leave smell.

       First of all, although cats have lived peacefully with humans as pets for a long time, we should not forget that all our domestic cats were originally domesticated by wild cats.

       At the beginning, as a wild cat that had no one to keep and had to hunt on its own, just like the “excrement removing officer” given to them by some domestic cats, wild cats would prey on mice, birds, small snakes or some insects in order to survive. At this time, if the hair above the eyes is too long, it is easy to get into the eyes when moving at a high speed, which seriously affects the hunting speed.

       At the same time, in the dangerous field, long hair above the eyes will affect the line of sight, leading to the inability to accurately observe the direction of natural enemies. For the sake of food and life safety, cats have evolved to have shorter hair above their eyes.

       Let’s talk about the second point. The hair from the eyes to the middle of the ears is almost the position of the eyebrows. Because there are odor glands under it, the amount of hair is less than that in other places. The feline, which has a strong sense of biological territory, often smears the pheromone produced by its own odor gland on its belongings. The method of smearing is to rub its belongings repeatedly with the place where the odor gland is located.

       Because cats are easy to lose their hair, it is normal to rub off some of the hair that is not the place where the odor glands are located after many times of friction. In addition, pheromone has not been around for a long time, and cats need to mark their belongings many times. In the long run, it is understandable to find that the hair above the cat’s eyes is sparse.

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