There is a spike behind the cat’s Tail – what does the tip of the cat’s tail keep shaking??

       Your cat has tinea felis. At the beginning, it will bulge and have hard lumps. Even if you don’t pull out the hair, the hair will fall off by itself. Don’t worry it’s not your fault.

       This kind of tinea felis is a kind of fungal skin disease, which needs to be treated with medicine, otherwise it will spread to other parts of the body.

       There should be a red ringlike ringworm where your cat is depilated. You need to shave off some of the hair around the ring for easy observation.

       If there is scab or scurf, apply it with hot soap first, then wipe it off with alcohol, and disinfect the affected area.

       Then give the cat meow want spray, this is a spray to eliminate fungi, used to treat cat ringworm, spray directly on the ringworm. Remember to bring Elizabeth cover to your cat to prevent it from licking the affected area. During the period to give the cat more nutrition, eat more complex vitamins, enhance resistance, because cat ringworm occurs in cats with low resistance.

       Before the complete recovery of tinea felis, do not give the cat a bath, do not vaccinate, otherwise it is easy to outbreak of new tinea felis.

       It happens in three situations. This happens when the cat’s tail shakes a little bit like a cramp

       The first is that after the owner has stroked the cat, the cat will leave the owner’s side. This kind of situation may mean that I am I and you are the one who hopes other companions will not mess up

       The second is that when the cat stretches, because the cat has to exert all over the body, the tail will shake

       The third is when the cat is nervous and afraid, and the cat bows up and its tail shakes. Generally, the cat comes to a strange environment or a stranger wants to hold him

       And sometimes when you call his name, he shakes his tail, which means “I hear you.”

       ——Lin refused to copy

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