There is a thick substance in the eyes of a newborn kitten – is there a thick substance in the eyes of a newborn kitten before it opens?

       This situation is also more difficult, first try to see if you can use a clean towel wet warm water, wring dry, gently to kitten eyes wipe, wipe off pus.

       After cleaning, if the kitten still does not open his eyes, it can be dripped into the cat’s eyes from the corner of his eyes. Take care of your cat’s eyes. Do it at least once or twice a day.

       In addition, the place where the female cat and the kitten live should be kept clean and dry.

       It doesn’t matter, the kitten is like that, because there is usually a cat mother licking, but because there is no mother, it will flow when opening eyes. You can use warm and wet cloth, and must be very soft cloth, gently wipe the cat’s eyes. Don’t break the cat’s eyes, let him open them by himself, just wipe them with warm wet cloth every day!!

       And never for milk! I once picked up the same cat as you, but I was killed because of my ignorance!

       Must not for milk, cats drink will loose, and then will pull to death!!

       Never take a bath. You must wait for the cat to wash after three months, because the cat’s resistance is too low!! It’s going to die

       Also, if you are worried about what to feed, it is recommended to feed rice flour, and you can feed some cod liver oil!!

       If you have any questions, you can ask me

       Because it’s still too small, so it’s not time to open, so you must take good care of it, otherwise it’s very difficult to survive!!

       Milk powder for kittens. Large pet stores and pet hospitals have a special bottle, a few yuan.

       Touch the urinary tract with warm water and stimulate excretion. (usually a female cat will lick her tongue to help her baby defecate) but now you need to do it, and it’s necessary.

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