There is scab and bleeding on the cat’s skin – scab and hair loss on the cat

       Fungal infection was found in the head, hind paw and ears of cats. The skin of the affected area is depilated, with circular scaly spots and damaged hair roots. Sometimes the affected part is completely depilated. When serious, the skin is depilated in large area, forming erythema or scab. When the middle of tinea begins to grow hair, the depilation around it continues. The affected part is itchy. If a few cats scratch and have bacterial infection, the exudation is serious. It can be seen that the skin is inflamed, swollen and erosive. In severe cases, it can be purulent. The development of dermatomycosis generally spreads from the middle to the surrounding areas. If it is not treated in time, it will become chronic and the course of disease will be longer.

       In the treatment of tinea felis, it is best to clean up the parts with ringworm first, wipe off the dandruff, and wipe off the hard scab. But don’t rub it hard. It’s bad to break your skin. Then cut off the hair on the part of the ringworm, so that the medicine can penetrate into the skin more directly, and prevent the spread of fungi.

       Then for external use of mingruining, the scope of application is slightly larger than the scope of tinea, which can prevent the spread and inhibit the small amount of fungi that may have spread to the surrounding areas. If you insist on wiping medicine every day, it will have a good effect in 2 weeks, and it will be all right in less than a month.

       The cat’s body has blood scab lump, to check is injured, if not because of the wound scab, you should pay attention to whether there is tinea. Let’s see if the cat’s performance has often scratched the blood scab lump, whether there is depilation and hair loss. It is suggested to shave off the hair nearby. It will be more convenient to observe. In some places, there will be red spots the size of coins, that is, ringworm spots. If they are not solved in time, they will be extended to other parts of the body, and will also be passed on to other animals and humans. You can disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide, wait for a minute or two, and then meow want skin care spray. Don’t lick the cat. Remember to bring Elizabeth collar. Pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene. The cat’s nest should be dry and the indoor air should be unblocked.

       It’s basically feline.

       Tinea felis is the most common skin disease in cats, and its fungus is very stubborn. It needs a process to treat it. It depends on the severity. Some cats recover quickly and recover in a week or two after treatment. Some slow ones need a month or two or more.

       In terms of treatment, mingruining is recommended for external use, twice a day, with serious medication bath or injection.

       The spread of fungi is fast, which requires cat owners to thoroughly disinfect and clean the environment. Disinfect the environment with disinfectant, especially the place where cats sleep. At the same time, keep the environment ventilated and dry. Fungi spread very fast in wet weather, so we should remove the humidifier on rainy days.

       If it is a kitten, we do not recommend oral medicine, and the dosage should be controlled very low.

       Pets are not as resistant as people, so we should pay attention to all aspects.

       General cat tinea is not very serious, then external use of Ming ruining can. If it is serious, take oral or medicated bath, but try to minimize it.

       If there are side effects, you need to stop using it in time and change it to external use.

       Oral vitamin B is also used for adjuvant treatment. The environment at home should also be disinfected in time.

       You can’t use alcohol on the cat. The cat’s skin is fragile, which can be very irritating and makes it hard to grow hair in the injured area. Use hydrogen peroxide or iodophor, then use. Pet. Speed. Close. Spray wound, cover the whole wound, and then bandage with gauze and adhesive tape. It’s better to put Elizabethan covers on the cat, or it will bite or lick the wound.

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