Throw the dog on the bed – how can you rest assured to put the dog on the sofa or bed to play

       1. For dogs that are particularly sticky

       Buy a soft and comfortable dog’s nest, put a piece of your close fitting clothes, such as old pajamas, old clothes, and so on, and put the nest next to your bed. If so, touch it with your hands or feet, which can also stop it from jumping into bed. Hard heart, insist not to give it to the bed, generally 3 ~ 4 nights the dog will slowly get used to sleeping in his nest

       2. For newly bought or brought back dogs

       Dogs are just leaving their mother dogs, or just entering a strange environment, they will inevitably feel lonely and afraid. At this time, they will howl because of fear and always want to run to your bed.

       Therefore, the first night of the dog home, do not put it alone outside or cage. You can put the nest in the place where it can see you at any time (such as the bedside, the root of the bedroom wall), you can put a small alarm clock with ticking sound or some hot water bag in the nest, which can reduce its loneliness and fear.

       If the dog keeps barking and restlessly tries to jump out of bed, you can gently touch it and stop barking. If it still barks after two comforts, you can light up the screen or flashlight of your mobile phone to let it know that you are here all the time. The dog will be at ease. After a few days, it will be quiet when it gets used to it. When the dog gets used to his new home, he can sleep alone and try to get to his master’s bed.

       Special reminder: if you don’t feed your dog before you go to bed, he may bark because of this need. Or want to jump on the bed. This is to remind you that he is hungry and thirsty. Usually, puppies within 3 months need to be fed four meals a day, so feeding before bed is particularly important.

       You can prepare enough water and proper amount of food (not too much, the dog will hold on to it). If you have fed it once before going to bed, don’t prepare staple food. You can prepare some goat milk powder for puppies, such as pet dog cat milk powder, which can directly replace the mother’s breast milk. It is especially suitable for dogs who have been weaned for 1-3 months A period of the dog is not adapted to eat dog food, it is best to feed some good to give it some nutrition. [pet Baihui]

       You can take out the clothes or sheets you don’t want to put on the ground for the dog to sleep. Because there is your smell on the sheets or clothes, the dogs will feel more comfortable sleeping on them. It will take a while to get rid of the habit of sleeping in bed. This period of time do not be soft hearted, impatient, dogs climb to the bed to be severely criticized, there are bed climbing

       The habit of letting the dog sleep alone needs to be cultivated since childhood. You can buy an open kennel for the dog, decorate it warmly, and put some toys that the dog likes. At the beginning, accompany it more, let it learn to go back to the nest and sleep by itself. At the beginning, it will call at the door of your sleep. You should talk to it well, in fact, it will understand. Develop good habits for small

       It is best not to do intimate contact, dogs have parasites, and easy to be infected with Toxoplasma, if pregnant women infected with Toxoplasma can cause fetal malformation abortion, had better not be too close. And when a dog sleeps in bed, it will give him the illusion that your status is the same, and then all kinds of bad discipline…… If you really love it, it can put its nest next to your bed, talk to it more, and encourage it to touch it. Wish it health soon!

       If there are fleas on the dog, of course you can’t run away. You are also a good food for fleas.

       Whether there will be infectious diseases can not be known, need to see whether the dog is healthy, but the general dog is not likely to spread infectious diseases, the most terrifying is rabies.

       If you want to adopt stray dogs, you should be sent to the pet hospital for cleaning, cleaning, rabies vaccine, first to ensure safety.

       First of all, there is no need to worry about infectious diseases. In addition, you should have your own perception of tiaozao, which can’t be guaranteed. In addition, you’d better wash the dog and take him to the pet hospital to get a vaccine. In addition, according to the local policy, you need to consider whether you need a pet certificate. You need to consider all these things, instead of adopting them directly if you like them No matter what, it’s irresponsible, not responsible for yourself and your family. I hope you can listen to my contact. In addition, if you really want to keep it, you should go to the pet hospital to see if the dog has any germs, health problems, vaccine problems, etc

       Love vanity but not hygiene. That’s right.

       Do you know that dog skin is not suitable for regular bathing? This will damage the dog’s skin. The average dog takes a bath every ten days.

       Once again, to spray perfume on dogs, do you know that dogs’ sense of smell is very unsuitable for human perfume? Unless you are using pet perfume, I don’t think you know dogs at all.

       Your dog is to shed hair, unless you prepare a sofa for your dog. My family is the poodle, which is famous for not shedding hair and body odor. Now sleep with me every day

       Therefore, not all dogs are suitable for the same breeding method.

       Don’t you have any common sense of keeping a dog? What is the normal bath interval for dogs? And perfume? Just to satisfy your vanity?

       If there is no way to lose the dog’s hair, the breed is different. Some dogs don’t shed some, do you shave it for your fun? You love to be clean so don’t mess about it.

       Besides, if you haven’t ordered fleas and lice on your dog, you dare to let it go?

       Give you an easy and effective way, is to put a clean sheet on the sofa that you don’t need, and then put the dog on, pay attention to the top and bottom, so that you can use it all the time.

       Since you said that, I think you have done it in place. The way I said should be the most economical and clean.

       Anyway, I don’t dislike the dog. After BB, wipe it clean, but when NN, I can’t help it. After finishing, I should wipe it in time, and don’t let it step back and forth.

       If you want it to go to bed, you can’t care too much about it!!

       I also slept with my dog, but it was when he was a child, and he cried pitifully in the middle of the night. I’ll take it to bed!!

       Don’t want to grow up!!!

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