Tibetan mastiff beat husky – Husky and Tibetan mastiff who fierce

       In a word, these two kinds of dogs have never met, and have never been beaten. Now, the pet dogs that fight together can’t explain anything. The wolves dare not fight with a group of husky. It is not a problem for Tibetan mastiff to deal with a wolf, so it is difficult to judge. It depends on the breed of the dog, whether the bloodline is pure or not. The dog with pure blood is very powerful. If it is a dog of that kind, it will be shit.

       Tibetan mastiff belongs to more and more gods, in fact, it is not as powerful as we imagine. They fight and other dogs have the same characteristics, that is, where to catch and bite, there is no specific target; but the beast is different, they fight mainly to kill the opponent, so they mainly attack in two places, namely the neck and the horse, to kill the opponent in the shortest time; this is different from dogs. The Tibetan mastiff is not the opponent of the wolf. After all, no matter how big he is, he is also a dog.

       PS: Tibetan mastiff can still easily Ko xiaoha.

       The Tibetan mastiff is said to be the enemy of three wolves, and there are many varieties of wolves. ***Wolf weight in 20-30 kg, not much larger than jackal, belongs to small and medium-sized wolf. Jinai mountain wolf is the largest wolf, with body length of 1.3-2m, shoulder height of 0.9-1.1m, and weight of 70-100kg. Tibetan mastiff food, usually life is also taken care of. Wolves live entirely under the laws of nature. Even if a wolf is slightly injured, he will be eliminated by nature. They may die slowly. For wolves, food and life will definitely choose the latter. Therefore, when the Tibetan mastiff fights with the wolf at his own door, if the wolf does not feel necessary to fight hard, he will naturally shrink back. In the legend, the Tibetan mastiff defeated the wolf only to drive the wolf out of the territory. As for biter, it is a professional fighting dog. Although it is not big in size, its endurance, bite force and bite resistance are amazing. Its head is in the shape of a large stone plate, and its jaws are strong and powerful. Its bite force can reach 80 kg per square centimeter. Bitdog’s bone is more than three times as hard as other dogs. It won’t be easily bitten and fractured by other dogs. It has good endurance and can run more than 200 kilometers on a treadmill. These physiological advantages enable this dog to dominate the dog fighting world for more than a hundred years. The average weight of African male lions is 185 kg and the total length is 2.7 M. among them, the average weight of male lions in Zimbabwe reserve is 193.3 kg, that of female is 133.6 kg, that of Kalahari is 188.4 kg and that of female is 139.8 kg. The average weight of male lion in park is 187.5 kg, that of female is 124.2 kg, and that of male in East Africa is 174.9 kg, The average female lion is 119.5 kg, and the larger male lion in the wild can weigh 270 kg. However, both Tibetan mastiff and Biti are dogs and cannot be compared with lions. You can find some scientific data about various beasts to have a look, and you can compare the results.

       No black, no blow! Tibetan mastiff is the world’s first dog. In warm areas, endurance is not enough. If you want to be in the Tibetan Plateau, all three dogs will be beaten into melon skin. This is why at first the Tibetan mastiff was dominant, and later bitten to death by bitda!

       Tibetan mastiff is not able to fight the wolf, in addition to the wolf king who was driven out, a wolf will not fight desperately! Foreigners have done the experiment: three wolf super cooperation 0 dead, kill three Tibetan mastiff!

       Think of the Tibetan mastiff a coat, in the Plateau snow can sleep safely! At normal temperatures, endurance is poor.

       In recent years, Tibetan Mastiff has become a hot topic in recent years. Tibetan mastiff is raised in kennels, broadcasted on TV, and written in novels It seems that the Tibetan mastiff does not know how many legs the dog has. But I don’t think this Tibetan mastiff is worth tossing. It’s stupid to fry a dog up to 45 million.

       Tibetan mastiff again fine expensive, that is just a dog, and not what a good dog. Some people may want to refute me: look how good the Tibetan mastiff is! There are so many advantages, such as a long history, tall and powerful, bold and aggressive, loyal and smart, and so on. Almost all dogs have the advantages.

       The Tibetan Mastiff has a long history of more than a thousand years ago. I want to ask: do you know paleontology? Hyenas are not canines. They are a member of the cat type suborder. They just look like dogs. In fact, the genetic relationship between hyenas and cats is far closer to that of dogs. There is reproductive isolation between hyenas and canines. That is to say, if Tibetan mastiff evolved from ancient hyenas, it could not hybridize with other dogs. So where did the running Tibetan mastiff come from? I told you not to read novels, other writers write nonsense, you really believe it? Another highly respected feature, tall and powerful. I admit that people who have never seen a big dog will be scared by the size of the Tibetan mastiff at first sight, but that doesn’t mean that the Tibetan mastiff is the biggest dog. The male mastiff weighs 60 kg and the female 50 kg is normal. As for the giant Tibetan mastiff with more than 100 kilograms, I can guarantee that nine out of ten are stimulated by hormone to cheat money. Say Tibetan mastiff tall and powerful, then you put Caucasian dogs and St. Bernard dogs in the ground? They can all be an order of magnitude larger than the Tibetan mastiff. Is it comfortable to be a frog in the well?

       Now to talk about what you said bold and aggressive, we all believe that Tibetan mastiff is bold, but Tibetan mastiff must be the most daring dog? The writers say that Tibetan mastiff is the only dog that dares to challenge the lion and tiger, which makes me goose bumps. First of all, I wonder where the lion tiger comes from XZ? I remember that these two beasts didn’t cross the gate on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, and then I was puzzled by the word “only”. Let alone Dugao’s purpose of breeding is to produce a large hunting dog for pumas and Jaguars. It’s a small beagle dog that can be put into a bicycle basket. It’s the pride of every kind of hound. Why is it patented by Tibetan mastiff ? As for fighting I think you’ll have to look for evidence from junk novels to prove that Tibetan Mastiff has defeated tigers and leopards. I’m really puzzled: how can a canid outdo a leopard cat in terms of size, speed, flexibility and bite force without having to pout and have sharp claws. Don’t mention tiger and leopard, even in dogs, you will find that Tibetan mastiff is not good. Some people say that Tibetan mastiff can’t fight tiger and leopard, but it’s a fact to fight against Wolves. I can’t help crying and laughing: those highland wolves weighing about 20 kg in the corner of XZ really humiliate the reputation of wolves. Let’s try a gray wolf in the west of the United States. A slightly bigger wolf can have 80 A Tibetan mastiff can be killed within five kilos in an hour. In fact, a 35 kilogram pit dog can easily kill a 70 kilogram Tibetan mastiff, and even a dog less than 30 kilograms, such as damamachi, dare to fight against the Tibetan mastiff. It shows that the fighting skills of Tibetan mastiff are not worth mentioning.

       Finally, let’s talk about the so-called sincerity and intelligence. The loyalty of Tibetan mastiff is beyond doubt, but smart I can’t flatter you. The intelligence of dogs is reflected in their obedience and learning ability. However, both of them are confused. In terms of IQ, the smartest dog is the border collie. Dogs like German shepherd, golden fur, Labrador, Dobbin and Rowena also rank in the top 10. As for Tibetan Mastiff I didn’t find it in the first 40 dogs anyway.

       In fact, I feel that the breed of Tibetan mastiff is not excellent. In addition to its archaeological and ornamental value, it can only be used for grazing. The current high price is purely fried. Because the Tibetan mastiff really can’t do anything else: as a military dog and police dog, it can’t obey the orders and prohibitions like the German shepherd, and the first level will be eliminated; as a hunting dog, although it has a great hunting desire, its physical conditions determine its hunting skills are not good, it is impossible to chase rabbits like fine dogs, and it is impossible to bite wild pigs like Dogo dogs; as a guard dog and pet dog, it is easy to disturb the people The price performance ratio is too low, the physique is weak, and the physique is not a bit worse than that of the Caucasian dog, which is also a large dog. As a fighting dog, although its fighting spirit is high, its fighting skills are not as good as those of bit or bandolgo who are specialized in tearing arteries and the dull nerves that do not hurt when the skin is clamped in the pliers Counting and counting is not found suitable for Tibetan mastiff. Finally, I would like to say: Tibetan mastiff is not a divine dog, nor is it a dog of Erlang God. Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous businessmen and boring writers. Agree with 0 | comment

       Take the best Tibetan mastiff and the worst bit, of course, is to win the Hebei dog fight. You can go to see how powerful Tibetan mastiff is, but no one in the dog fighting field uses Tibetan mastiff because it’s just rubbish. Don’t tell me that Tibetan mastiff is precious, not for fighting dogs. Now there are more dogs in the market called Tibetan mastiff than bit. If Tibetan mastiff is so powerful Fighting dogs lost millions of dollars at a time. Tens of millions of them had already taken Tibetan mastiff to fight. However, it is obvious that no one took anything to fight. Everyone took bit to fight because bit was more powerful, In fact, it’s a little exaggeration to take the Tibetan mastiff and bitby. Bitby is the number one Tibetan Mastiff in the world. He can’t even enter the top ten in the world. He just wants to hype himself by using the bit name. So everyone compares the Tibetan mastiff and bit. Ha ha, it’s ridiculous. Any dog in the top ten of the world who has fought Tibetan mastiff can beat a Tibetan mastiff, and Tibetan mastiff fights are always hot for 10 minutes, After the station is not stable, but also fart Oh, any fighting dog in the world has the endurance to fight for a long time. On this basis, the Tibetan mastiff loses a lot

       It can be seen from the physical conditions that the fighting dogs are all strong and strong. What about the Tibetan mastiff? It’s just fat. It’s like a pig

       Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, * a talent who grows up in a bad living environment. The real Tibetan mastiff, you put the bit there, and the hairless bit is half frozen first. How to fight with the Tibetan mastiff? Similarly, the Caucasus is also, Tibetan mastiff and Caucasus also have some comparability. Tibetan mastiff, like Caucasian, is a shepherd dog, born to kill wolves. Bit, is a dog fighting specially trained. They are good at different fields. Now a lot of Tibetan mastiff have become pets, but it is normal to beat the fighting dog. What’s more, our living environment is not suitable for Tibetan mastiff, and the fighting dog is not fair.

       People respect Tibetan mastiff because of his bravery and loyalty to his master

       No one has ever said that Tibetan Mastiff has beaten a bear, but he can’t beat a bear, but it is the only dog that dares to fight a tiger bear for its owner

       The best dog to beat is biter, because he has no pain nerves in his face, and his bite force is amazing. His muscle strength is among the best in dogs

       PS Tibetan mastiff relaxed Ko xiaoha

       Husky must not be able to beat the Tibetan mastiff! But I also like husky!

       Tibetan mastiff is not so fierce ~ African Hyena is more powerful than Tibetan mastiff!

       What’s more, Tibetan mastiff is copied by those merchants. It’s fierce, but it can’t be nonsense. What’s more, it can kill a tiger and a few lions. What’s more, it’s a dog. How can it compare with a lion and a tiger? Once a leopard could kill five Tibetan mastiffs, and three were seriously injured. They were rescued by the villagers and went late, Those three are dead end¡¤

       Finally, I like husky! They didn’t fight. If they did, I would support husky! ha-ha

       If the former is very pure, it will win. Now 80 percent of dogs are bunches

       The most aggressive dog in Corey is (Rottweiler, bitdog, and Rhodesia Ridgeback). If you keep a Tibetan mastiff for home care, it’s OK, but its food intake is very frightening It’s better to have Rottweiler, biter and Rhodesia Ridgeback You can also hold it by yourself.

       Well, happy new year to you^_^

       Now, after a long time of mating, many Tibetan Mastiffs have lost their ferocity. They may not be able to beat them. Here is a news report from a few years ago In Luan Town, Chang’an District, Xi’an City, farmer Chen Hongwei (pseudonym) spent 1.2 million yuan to buy a Tibetan mastiff a few years ago lying lazily in the owner’s orchard. Some people don’t want to bark, “it has become a caretaker, and even one percent of the purchase price is not worth it.” Chen Hongwei’s family often complain that the dog costs too much money. “It’s not enough to feed five yuan steamed buns a day, but also to eat meat.” Unable to adapt to the hot climate of Xi’an, the Tibetan Mastiff has suffered from serious skin diseases, and the hair on the eyelids and nose has faded. The red lump outside makes it look ugly. In addition, more than three years of the best mating period, the owner thought it “not as good as a local dog, no one to send.”

       Now the Tibetan mastiff must be more powerful than husky? I don’t think so

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