Tiger spot law cow chest has white hair – what meaning does dog chest have white hair

       In the civil society, there is also the face of the dog said.

       1. There is a white spot from the nose to the bridge of the nose, which is called “silver needle in the nose”, which is regarded as auspicious;

       2. Four claws white – known as “four hooves on the snow”, as a auspicious phase;

       3. The tail is white, which is called “dragging filial piety tail”, which is regarded as unlucky;

       4. White belly – known as “black clouds cover snow”, as a auspicious phase;

       5. The tail tip is white with a round white spot on the waist, which is called “drumming”, which is also said to be auspicious.

       6. A white spot on the chest, known as “dog bear print”, has mixed praise and criticism. Some people think it has the feeling of filial piety, even this cat is not liked. Some people say that black dogs have white hair on their chest, like bears. Bears have a V-shaped area under their necks. And bear is able to attack people, has always been regarded as unlucky.

       But it’s superstition! Good dogs need training!

       The ear is inverted triangle – it should be cut off

       No tail – all dogs have tails. They were cut off shortly after birth

       Those with short hair, black body and white chest hair should be one of caslow, Canary, Stafford or bit.

       The puppies of these kinds of dogs are very difficult to distinguish. Go to the Internet to search for pictures to have a look and compare them.

       However, no matter what breed, please take good care of him, this kind of dog is very loyal, very protect the owner.

       I didn’t notice. I could see the picture. Brother, this is just an ordinary little local dog, which is the so-called Chinese garden dog.

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