Top 10 most popular pet cats: are there any cats you want

       There are more and more people who smoke cats. We are willing to become cat slaves and serve their masters with all their heart. Is a cat really so charming? The answer is no doubt that they are not as passionate as dogs, but they love you in their own way. Sometimes they are cold, sometimes funny, and sometimes sticky like a child. When you are in a bad mood, they will be quietly in your arms, let you touch them and accompany them quietly. They will use their small claws to step on you and wake you up when you are in bed at work. They comfort your lonely heart in many lonely nights. Cats are like a gift from God, so take a look at the top ten most popular pet cats. Is there any cat you want?

       Top 10 most popular pet cats:

       Scotch fold eared cats and Scotch fold eared cats have congenital skeletal genetic diseases, and their most obvious feature is that their ears fold forward. Gentle personality, strong adaptability to the environment, special relatives, very friendly to other animals, can coexist peacefully.

       Persian cat, Persian cat temperament elegant noble, known as the princess of the cat. Luxuriant by hair, nose collapse, short mouth, facial lines soft and flat, looks very pleasing.

       Muppet cat and Muppet cat are bigger, with soft and slender limbs. Their personality is a little like a dog and very sticky. She looks sweet and is called a fairy in the cat.

       British short hair cat, British short hair cat big head, round face, short and thick coat. Soft and elastic to the touch. It’s good, good health, easy to raise.

       Siamese cats and Siamese cats have sharp faces and V-shaped faces, large ears and slender bodies. Strong personality, high IQ, easy to train, in addition, if forced to separate from the host may die of depression.

       Cihuamao and cihuamao are native cats in China, with beautiful patterns, well-developed muscles and smooth and glossy fur. Personality is more independent, less sick, also relatively easy to raise, welcomed by many people in China.

       Jinjila cat and jinjila cat were bred by Angora cat and Persian cat. They are small and lovely and like to be coquettish. It looks noble and delicate, and its voice is sharp and soft.

       The biggest characteristic of Angora cat and Angora cat is that they like water and can swim. I’m not a close relative. I don’t like being held or touched. The white Angora cat is the purest.

       Norwegian Forest Cat and Norwegian Forest cat have long neck hair, like sports, and are alert. They are very good at climbing trees and other activities. They are not suitable for indoor breeding.

       Top 10 most popular pet cats, is there any cat you want?

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