Treatment of mastitis in cats

       Female cats may suffer from mastitis during lactation. On the one hand, it poses a threat to the health of female cats. On the other hand, germs may enter the kittens with breast milk. Today, I will share with you a case of cat mastitis treatment. First, symptoms female cat appetite is not good, there are some lumps on the stomach, as time goes on, the lump becomes a big and thick piece. Second, the possible cause of the disease is that the mother of the cat is full of nutrition and milk, which overstocks in the stomach, causing inflammation to become a lump. The first two days, three times a day, the last three days, twice a day. 2. Irrigate the water milk made from malt grain sprouts. 3. Feed the Chinese patent medicine for mastitis, Ruhe Sanjie tablets, one tablet each time, three times a day. 4. Apply hot towel to your belly and squeeze out the milk. Squeeze as much as you can, at least once a day. During lactation, the health of both female and young cats also needs more attention.

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