Tropical fish freshwater fish species Daquan – what are the common tropical fish species

       Ray (plum ray, black and white ray, orange point pearl ray, golden point pearl ray, white spot pearl ray), giant bone tongue fish, eel, seven star knife, Thai tiger, ancient warship (gold warship, seven ships, red winged warship), cochineal, Fugui cat (red tailed catfish), spiny loach, lung fish (African lung fish, Australian lung fish, Victoria lung fish), Australian spotted dragon, needle mouth fish (small rocket) £©, spotted bream, tiger catfish, deadwood toothed fish, flat mouth (drill rock shark), European perch, South American toothed fish, V-shaped rocket, red silver plate, Golden River tiger, wolf tooth, crocodile, Fu crocodile (1.5-3 m) dinosaurs (Golden dinosaur, crocodile dinosaur), dragon fish (snow dragon, green dragon, silver dragon, red dragon, Golden Dragon), African black dragon.

       They are temperate freshwater ornamental fish, tropical freshwater ornamental fish and tropical seawater ornamental fish. The common varieties are as follows:

       Seven color angelfish, blue lightning fairy, Blue Tang King fish, golden pineapple fish, red pepper red dragon, blue line, sunrise dragon, strawberry, purple back strawberry, flash dragon, American strawberry, blue belt sparrow bream, a island sparrow bream, Australia sparrow bream, darryfish, double belt sparrow bream, camel sparrow bream, red tailed sparrow bream, red long bodied sparrow bream, longhead fish, floating, pink sparrow, gold floating, flash Dragon, red parrot, leopard dragon, multicolored parrot, yellow fin parrot, purple headed Parrot, Black Pearl Dragon, velvet fox, eight line fox, Parakeet, East African flame dragon, blue line parrot, red velvet parrot, Longfin parrot, peacock parrot, Conrad parrot, parrot, spotted parrot, yellow backed parrot, Yijin fox, banded parrot, snapper, blue star Pearl Dragon, Dan Dao Dragon, 4-line fox, 5-line fox, lasichthys rosenbergii, red sea four line dragon, red tailed Pearl Dragon, flame parrot, red margin silk fin bream, maclefish, line paralabia, red headed Parrot, arrowhead, Australian leopard, orange backed parrot, short nosed Pearl Dragon, New Guinea dragon, striped purple breasted fish, striped purple breasted fish, black belt dragon, pink fox, red tailed flash dragon, yellow fin flash dragon, Taiwan dragon, green Hualong, jianzuosaurus, green dragon, Huanglong, shuangyinlong, Rainbow Dragon, liujianlong, qingyilong, purple faced dragon, lightning dragon, saddle back dragon, blue fox, orange line dragon, yellow purple dragon, yellow breasted parrot snapper, blue dot Spain, tricolor, red Spanish fish, etc.

       You can mix some ornamental tropical fish, such as peacock fish, traffic lights, zebra, two opposite sex fighting fish, red sword, Mary. They all survive well. Choose lively ones when you buy them

       In tropical fish, for example, peacock is one of the best tropical fish, and the breeding methods of tropical fish are basically the same.

       1. The acceptable water temperature is from 18 ¡æ to 34 ¡æ. If it is lower than 18 ¡æ, it is easy to have some conditions, such as loss of appetite, mental flaccidity, and easy to be infected with water mold, so it can be decided whether to use the heater according to personal situation.

       2. Feed: it can be fed with artificial feed and live bait, such as thread snake and red worm. They prefer to eat live bait. It grows fast. It is enough to feed once a day. It can be fixed at a fixed time. The feeding amount should be finished within 5 minutes. If it is fed twice, it is better to eat less and more meals

       3. Clean up the waste feces at the bottom of the fish tank every day, and fill in the same amount of trapped water after drawing out a certain amount of water. A large amount of water should be changed once a week or two, that is, 3 / 1 of the water should be sucked away, and then 3 / 1 of the trapped water should be filled. Before changing water, the trapped water should be placed beside the fish tank several hours in advance, so as to ensure that the new water to be replaced and the water in the fish tank will keep the same temperature, and the fish will not be stimulated

       The common species of tropical fish are dragon fish, colorful fairy, flower arhat, ratfish, heteromorphic, porgy, malachite, medaka, lampfish, ancient fish, blood parrot, cichlid, fighting fish and ray.

       Tropical fish are born in tropical waters. They are divided into freshwater tropical fish and seawater tropical fish. However, in the near tropical and the northern and southern temperate waters at its junction, fish species with ornamental value are also classified as tropical fish, so their distribution also includes some subtropical regions.

       Extended data:

       The history of tropical fish

       Tropical fish is a newly developed group of ornamental fish in the 20th century, born in tropical waters. However, in the near tropical and the northern and southern temperate waters at its junction, all fish species with ornamental value are also classified as tropical fish.

       Therefore, its distribution also includes some subtropical regions. Generally, they are small, colorful fish from tropical or subtropical regions such as South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Due to the need for higher and more stable water temperature, temperature regulation facilities are generally required for breeding.

       Among the more than 20000 kinds of fish in the world, there are more than 2000 tropical fish as ornamental fish all over the world. There are about hundreds of common fish. About 60 kinds of fish have been introduced and raised in China.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia tropical fish

       Glass Cat

       Snake larvae

       Chipmunk fish

       Three mice

       Golden moss mouse

       Thai betta

       Macropodus chinensis

       Chinese cross tailed betta

       kissing gourami

       Pearl vest

       Samsung Manlong


       Jin Manlong


       Hong Lili

       Chocolate spaceship fish



       Black Mary

       Mosquito eating fish

       Aegean fish

       Jordanella floridae


       Baiyun Mountain goldfish


       Epalzeorhynchos bicolor

       rosy barb


       Silver shark

       Tiger skin fish

       Golden tiger skin fish

       Green tiger skin fish

       Red tiger skin fish

       Coffee tiger skin fish

       Crossocheilus siamensis

       Big pencil fish

       Head and tail lamp

       Black dress

       Lemon lamp

       Baolian lamp

       traffic lights

       Pristella maxillaris

       Golden Doll

       Glass Lala

       Tennis fish

       Melanotaenia praecox

       Australian rainbow fish

       New Guinea rainbow fish

       Malagasy rainbow fish

       Australian tongue scale fish


       Tropical fish generally have fairy fish, peacock fish, swordtail fish, moonfish, Mary fish, lanmanli, jinmanlong, kissing fish, honglili, pearl horse Sanjia, spaceship fish, red eye crucian carp, tiger skin fish, zebrafish, rainbow shark, red fin silver crucian carp, silver screen fish, black skirt fish, traffic light, Baolian lamp, pomfret, rose pull flag, glass pull flag, Congo pull flag, new hook Flag pulling, red line light pipe fish, glass lamp, yellow flag, swallow beauty, neon swallow, red nose scissors, etc

       There are many kinds of tropical fish, including:

       Medaka family: medaka family fish to adapt to the environment is very strong, can live and breed in high hardness water. And it can withstand the low temperature of 16 ~ 18 ¡æ. This family fishes breed by way of egg viviparity. The larvae are easy to survive, but most of the parent fish have the habit of feeding on the larvae, so they need to be isolated to breed. This is the most easy to breed tropical fish, is the first time to raise tropical fish entry fish.

       Cyprinidae: Cyprinidae fishes are mainly distributed in Southeast Asia and Africa. This family fishes produce sticky eggs, which need aquatic plants and other attachments to attach eggs. The parent fish have the habit of swallowing eggs instead of loving their children. Therefore, the female and male parent fish should be fished out after spawning.

       Cyprinidae: it is a family with the most species in tropical fishes. Most of them are small, beautiful and mild in temperament. Only a few of them are large and fierce carnivorous fishes. All of them are ovoid fish. Eggs are sticky, and the eggs need to be hatched on aquatic plants.

       Cyprinidae: large fish, related to the protection of offspring habits. Some varieties have to choose their own mate and have the habit of defending their territory. Most species require laying eggs on smooth stones or pottery. They like to eat live food of animal sex with larger individual.

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