Two male cats and big cats always want to get on with each other

       What do you think of other people’s questions? People want you to help think about how to solve the problem of “what can we do to make two male cats coexist peacefully?” The content of the question also said that there is another “female cat” at home. Not only did the above not help solve the problem, but also answered the question! I’ve really taken two of you!

       Then let me answer it! Although it does not necessarily satisfy the friends who ask questions, it is also more correct than the above two answers.

       According to the cat’s habits, the fight between male cats is inevitable. The best way is to give the husband a trend, that is, castration! Although some cruel, but this effect is the best, because once the male cat lost the reproductive function, also become less competitive! Naturally, give up your position to the one who is better than it! Moreover, the female cat will naturally prefer the new leader who has not been castrated!

       If you separate them according to your method, it will be a long wait. When the old cat is old, they will not fight against counterfeit goods so often!

       If you are willing to give it to others, but it seems that you don’t want to give one.

       The above castration method, I just make a suggestion. If your husband cat is purebred, I suggest you give the trend of impure breed! It’s good to keep good varieties

       Well, your cat is a good friend. =My mother cat is five years old and has not been pregnant~

       You should know how many cats are born in a litter. And it’s a stray cat picked up. You want to sterilize it, which means you have some knowledge about it~

       Sterilization is very cruel. I am reluctant to give them induction of labor. I will not do it for those who are nearly full-term. But you’d better do it.

       Are you sure you can afford two big cats and a litter of kittens?

       Or a kitten to give away? Is the person reliable? Will it hurt them in the end?

       If you are not sure, think twice about it. Don’t hurt kitten t just because you want them to have children_ T¡¢~~

       The female cat won’t let you touch your stomach. It may have been matched..

       First take the male cat to sterilization, and then the female cat is kept in the house and do not let it out for a month,

       If you are pregnant, you can induce labor or give birth to a baby. It’s up to the landlord to see if he can afford the kitten,

       Or can we find a good way out for the kittens. If not pregnant, then take the female cat to sterilization.

       It’s cruel only for people’s opinion. In fact, cats are delirious when they are in estrus,

       What drives it to be in estrus is just… Different from people. What’s more, there’s nothing to say about the female cat’s process,

       There is pain. Coupled with anorexia during estrus, not sterilization is only harmful but not beneficial…

       It’s hard to deal with a strange cat on the way. The cat is prone to be jealous. I suggest you tell Wang Wang by action that you are not biased. At the same time, touch the two of them and feed food together. Don’t just feel sorry for one. No matter which one is injured, you should treat them equally. In fact, the problem is very simple. How can you express equal love? As time goes on, they will In addition, Siamese cats have a relatively lively temper. They love sports like dogs. Taking them out for a walk can ease their bad mood.