Two problems to be paid more attention to in cutting nails of folding eared cats

       Like Ritong cats, they need to have their nails clipped regularly. However, due to genetic bone disease, owners should pay more attention to the following two issues when cutting their nails.

       1¡¢ Don’t cut your nails for a long time

       In general, if the owner does not cut the cat’s nails, they will grind their claws to achieve the purpose of “cutting nails”. But they are different from other cats. If they have an inherited skeletal disease, their footpads will thicken, their toes will deform, and some cats’ nails will be embedded in the meat. When this happens, the owner can only take the cat to the pet hospital for treatment. The treatment is usually to pull out the cat’s nail, and the cat will suffer a lot.

       2¡¢ How does fingernail grow abnormal how to do

       When a cat’s hereditary skeletal disease breaks out, their nails will grow abnormally. Some cats’ nails will become very thick and pinched inside. If the owner is not careful, he will cut the cat’s meat. If this happens, the owner should take them to the pet hospital and ask the veterinarian to give a most reasonable treatment plan. Sometimes the veterinarian has to remove the cat’s nails, and the owner should be prepared.

       In the daily maintenance process of folding eared cats, it is better for the owners to pay attention to them from time to time. When you find that the cat’s foot pads become thicker or nails grow abnormally, you should take them to the hospital as soon as possible. The earlier the time is, the less pain the cat will have to bear. In addition, owners do not want to relieve the pain of the cat on their own to feed the cat painkillers, it is best to ask the veterinarian before medication.

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