Types and symptoms of dog skin diseases

       Dog skin disease is very common, dogs usually scratch a place, or a certain part of the small point, swelling and hair loss, it may be dog skin disease, of course, dog skin disease is not only common, there are many kinds, various causes are not the same, the following is to introduce several common dog skin diseases

       2. Mites are also one of the causes of skin diseases in dogs. This parasite is usually found under the skin, in the dog’s abdomen and inside the thigh root, which can cause red spots on the dog’s skin and redness and depilation around the lips. When the dog has ear mites, the ear has brown secretions, sometimes due to itching, the dog will scratch the ear. So it’s not difficult to identify this type of skin disease.

       3. Fleas, lice, such parasites are easy to find, they are mainly parasitic on the dog’s body surface, medial thigh, armpit, neck, deep fur, active, visible to the naked eye. You can see dogs by flipping their fur, so it’s not difficult to distinguish them.

       The easiest way to treat dog skin disease caused by fleas and lice is to use flea, which is enhanced by flea drops, which can provide all-round protection for babies for up to one month; advanced sebaceous gland storage principle, even if it is a pet bathing or swimming, it will not affect the efficacy of the drug, and continue to supplement to the body surface, so that pests can not escape.

       4. Eczema, herpes and other purulent dermatitis are also common skin diseases in dogs. Sick pet dogs are generally abdominal, medial thigh skin blisters, pustules. Of course, to diagnose the cause, you should also take the dog to the hospital for examination and diagnosis.

       5. Sarcopteris scabies is also a kind of dog skin disease that can be transmitted by cross infection through contact, and the transmission rate is quite high. Most of them are parasitic in the hair follicles. Generally, dogs will have a small number of parasites, rarely causing too much trouble. However, when dogs are affected by the environment, diseases and drugs, their body resistance is weak and their immunity is reduced (especially in young and old dogs), it will gradually spread into skin diseases. At first, a small part of the hair is removed from the eye, and then slowly spread to other parts of the body.

       When the team of Veterinary Surgeons of micro pet medicine makes online inquiries, the most frequently answered questions are about skin. Today, Dr. Wu will teach you how to distinguish different kinds of skin diseases.

       Skin diseases are mainly caused by mites, fungi, fleas and lice bites; bacterial infections; food allergy and vitamin deficiency; with clinical manifestations of redness, dermatitis, pruritus, papules (pimples and eczema), abscesses, ulcers, scabs, hair loss, etc.

       Dermatosis is a very stubborn disease, its treatment cycle is long, and easy to relapse.

       And skin disease is more common, no matter long hair dog or short hair dog, are easy to infect skin disease.

       It is worth mentioning that some long haired dogs (golden, Alaska and other long haired dogs) are not easy to be found in the early stage of skin infection with bacteria or fungi. The owner should pay attention to observe the dog’s behavior, such as irritability, biting the skin with the mouth, scratching with the hind legs, etc., should remove the coat and carefully check whether there are red spots or small bumps on the dog’s body Once found, it should be treated in time to prevent proliferation.

       Skin diseases caused by different causes usually have different symptoms, and the types of skin diseases can be distinguished according to the specific symptoms

       Below we teach you how to identify, you can compare to judge what is probably caused by.

       Superficial pyoderma: superficial pyoderma is caused by bacteria infecting the surface of hair follicles. The causes of this disease include endocrine disorders, allergies and ectoparasites.

       Fungal infection: the affected area is generally oval or round, with a clear boundary with healthy skin. Scab is easy to peel off. After peeling, the skin will be smooth, and the skin will not thicken. Instead, it will form a large area of tinea (such as honeycomb), which may be small dander, like scales.

       Allergic dermatitis: a high incidence in summer, the overall cause of allergic dermatitis in dogs is the decline of immune system function and seasonal recurrence.

       Heredity, hormone abnormality and allergic quality.

       It may be mosquito, mold, dust, pollen, sunlight, food, pathogen infection, physical and chemical factors and other substances caused by dog skin allergy.

       For dog skin disease, pet owners to the hospital to answer to be detailed, must use microscope examination.

       For dogs diagnosed with fungal disease, pay attention to self-protection and prevent transmission to other dogs and cats. The environment should be disinfected and disinfected frequently, and the utensils and instruments should be disinfected and sterilized at any time to avoid indirect transmission.

       What are the common skin diseases of dogs?

       Dog skin disease refers to the disease that can cause dog skin pruritus, depilation, scab and abnormal skin changes. In recent years, the incidence rate of skin diseases of pet dogs is still high, accounting for about 20% of the cases in the bed.

       1. Parasites

       Fleas and lice can move on the surface of the body, inside the thigh, under the armpit, under the neck, and deep in the fur. They can be seen with the naked eye (because human body temperature and body hair are different from those of dogs, they can not survive on human bodies and can be grasped boldly). Flea and dog lice eggs are white, so if you see a dog with a circle of black dots, it is their feces.

       2. Mites

       Mites are usually in the subcutaneous, dog’s abdomen, thigh root inside or on the skin has small red spots, lips around the skin red, hair. Dogs have ear mites, ears have brown secretions, sometimes because of itching, dogs will scratch the ear.

       3. Fungi

       Fungal infection, local skin depilation, broken hair, a piece of skin red.

       4. Pyoderma

       Eczema, herpes and other purulent skin diseases. Generally, there are blisters and pustules in the abdomen and medial skin.

       5. Allergy

       Skin diseases caused by allergy come suddenly, with large area and red skin.

       How to deal with it simply at home?

       1. To suppurative, inflamed skin with hydrogen peroxide disinfection, in the affected area coated with anti-inflammatory ointment, such as red enzyme ointment, sulfur ointment, but dermatitis Ping contains hormones, should be used less.

       2. If it is caused by fungi, apply clotrazole, xuanjing and dacrynin ointment.

       3. Because of mites, apply sulfur ointment. Apply these ointment three times a day for a week. )

       Pay attention to brother Wang

       It could save the dog’s life

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