Various brands of hair cream – which brand is better?

       Huamao cream is to discharge the hair ball and stool together through oil lubrication. The choice of Huamao cream depends on the ingredients. Traditionally, it contains mineral oil to lubricate the intestines, but the oil quality is not good for the health of cats. Wowo Huamao ointment is a natural vegetable oil and will not irritate the cat’s intestines and stomach. At the same time, unsaturated fatty acids and B vitamins are added to protect the digestive system and stomach

       What kind of hair removal cream to choose? Which brand of hair removing plaster is better? What standard does need to choose row hair plaster when buying? In fact, it is very simple, the product can not contain laxatives, mineral oil and hormones and other substances.

       In addition to the above features, a high-quality hair removal cream must be effective, safe and not harmful.

       Please bear in mind the above requirements

       The whole effect nourishment cream is better. The full effect nutritious cream is rich in the plant fibrosis essence, alleviating the obstruction of the digestive tract, vomiting and constipation, relieves the stomach discomfort, and alleviates the irritation pain after the sterilization of the cat.

       Why do you give your cat hair cream?

       A cat’s vomiting and constipation most of the time is due to the inability of the hairball in the stomach to drain out. A cat with a tongue full of spines can not only help the cat drink water and lick food, but also can be used to clean and comb the fur. As a result, when the cat cleans itself, it will lick a lot of lost hair into the intestines and stomach. Therefore, if the cat owner suddenly vomits a cylindrical surface covered with mucus, or the cat has a dry stool This is a common symptom of mild hirsutism.

       For cats in these situations, the owner needs to feed the cat full nutrition hair cream to help the cat smooth discharge of hair ball. In order to promote the cat’s vomit balls, most of the traditional hair removing plasters add mineral oil to the products. However, the mineral oil can’t be digested by the cat, so it doesn’t matter if it is fed once or twice. If it is fed for a long time, it will damage the cat’s health. Therefore, in the selection of hair cream must pay attention to the formula, try to choose products without mineral oil.

       How old can a cat eat Huamao cream?

       Cats can generally eat hair cream about six months to promote the smooth discharge of hair balls, regulate the cat’s intestines and stomach, and long-term use can also inhibit the growth of hair balls.

       Generally, at the age of six months, cats will start to vomit their own hair balls, but not every cat will vomit. Cats who can not vomit hair balls will have vomiting, constipation, stool with hair, vomiting with hair and other symptoms. With the development of the disease, the cat will appear frequent vomiting symptoms, especially after eating food, will eat grass, plastic, tissue, etc. to alleviate the symptoms of vomiting. At this time, if not treated in time, the cat will vomit when eating or drinking water, resulting in gastrointestinal obstruction, dehydration and * * failure of the cat. At this time, give the cat to eat the full effect of nutritional hair cream can promote the smooth discharge of the cat’s hair ball, conditioning the cat’s intestines and stomach. At the same time, the owner can also plant a plate of cat grass at home to promote the cat to vomit hair and relieve the symptoms of cat retching.

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