Velvet chinchilla foot line – is this a velvet Black Drake

       Pure white chinchillas are more expensive than pink ones. There is a big difference between pink and pure white chinchilla’s ears, which are pink and tender,

       And the pure white chinchilla’s ears are black, because the whole body of pure white chinchilla is white, so it is called pure white chinchilla.

       Body features: the whole body is white, eyes are red, ears are pink or yellow, there may be ear spots. The formation of this body feature is caused by its genetic genes. Pink chinchilla is an individual carrying a beige gene and a white gene, and these two genes are dominant genes. Ears and eyes are mainly affected by beige gene, so long ear spots are normal, but some pink and white chinchillas do not have ear spots.

       The difference between white dragon cat and pure white dragon cat:

       The eyes and ears of pure white chinchilla are affected by the gray gene, so they are all black; the eyes and ears of pink and white chinchillas are affected by beige gene are pink or yellow, and those with one beige gene usually have ear spots. It can be seen that although the fur color of the two kinds of chinchillas is white and has no miscellaneous hair, it is still easy to see from the eyes and ears Differentiated.

       Because of its white fluff, pink chinchilla is very beautiful, so many fans like it. The market price is about 2000. It is not too difficult to breed. We can breed with two kinds of chinchilla, such as beige + silver spotted, beige + mixed pink. Of course, it is also possible to replace beige with golden.

       Answer the landlord, it’s not the same.

       Pink and pure white chinchillas are very different in their ears,

       The ears of pink and white chinchilla are pink and tender,

       The pure white chinchilla has black ears,

       Because the whole body of pure white chinchilla is white, it is called pure white chinchilla. If there are small spots on the body, it is silver spot. Of course, pure white is more expensive.

       Velvet black and pure black dragon cat, the price of pure black expensive.

       Velvet black is belly white, with foot line and black hair,

       And the pure black dragon cat is black all over.

       I hope my answer will help you.

       Velvet black dragon cat

       Velvet black dragonfly is small and fat. As the name suggests, its hair is black. It looks like a rabbit from the head and a squirrel from the tail. What’s more, many people mistakenly think that chinchilla is a cat.

       Velvet black dragon cat has a pair of big and bright eyes, nose side has many long and short whiskers, tactile sensitivity. The ears are large and thin and obtuse. The forelegs are short, five toed, and the hind legs are strong and four toed. They are good at jumping. Silk has a black appearance, black eyes and ears, black lines on the outside of the front feet and white hair on the abdomen. Because the velvet black gene can not exist in the form of homozygous, the genotype of velvet black is a velvet black gene plus a standard gray gene. Chinchilla has the thickest fur in the world, with 40-60 hairs per pore, and 80 in the United States with the best provenance (cats and dogs only have 1-3 hairs per pore). However, such soft and thick fur also brings a nightmare of extinction.

       Your picture is not very clear, black velvet chinchilla as shown in the picture

       The velvet Black Drake has a black appearance, black eyes and ears, black lines on the outside of the front feet and white fur on the abdomen.

       Velvet black chinchilla accounts for 5% of all chinchilla populations. Because the velvet black genetic gene cannot exist in the form of homozygous type, the velvet black genotype is a velvet black genetic gene plus a standard gray genetic gene.

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