Video screen of female cat sterilization

       In male cats, the scrotum was incised longitudinally and the vas deferens were removed. The operation is very simple and fast, and the postoperative maintenance is also very simple. Unless it is cryptorchidism, it is necessary to find cryptorchidism, pull open the stomach to take out, postoperative care to prevent infection.

       After sterilization, open the abdominal cavity and remove the ovary, fallopian tube and part of the female cat. After the operation, good care must be taken to ensure that there is no infection or damage to the knife edge before the suture is removed. Do not remove the original bandage of the cat without authorization. You can put the self-made surgical suit on the outside to protect it.

       No matter male or female, they must keep warm after operation and stay in the pet hospital to know that the cat wakes up from anesthesia, so as to prevent anesthesia allergy after returning home. After returning home, pay attention to observe the cat, and after urinating, you can rest assured.

       Vaccinate before surgery or during vaccination period, weight should be up to standard, not in estrus, and take a bath before operation (because there is no bath after one month)


       Cats like to move alone and freely. In addition to estrus, rarely live together in groups. [1]

       The nature of a cat is not to recognize a particular owner. But when cats are fed in a family

       For a period of time, with the care, training and support of the owner, the lonely habit can also be changed, and eventually establish feelings with the owner. In this process, it will establish a concept of its own territory for the host’s family and its surrounding environment, and will not allow other cats to enter its own territory. Once there is an intruder, it will immediately launch an attack.

       The cat’s jealousy is strong, which shows that it will not only envy the same kind of pet, but also cause the cat’s indignation if the owner shows too much affection to the child. For example, if you hold one of the two cats, the other cat will immediately make a “whine” threat, and the cat in your arms will not be willing to show weakness and prevent the other cat from approaching its owner.

       Cats have a “cleanliness addiction” and are one of the most hygienic animals. Every time, the cat washes his face several times with his claws; he urinates at a fixed place every time, and covers the feces with soil after defecation. Cats do not have the habit of defecating and urinating anywhere. Therefore, the owner can place a bedpan with bedding (such as sand, sawdust, broken absorbent paper and coal ash residue) at the corner of indoor or feeding cage (larger space), so as to collect all urine and urine, so as to keep the environment clean.

       Love sleeping

       Sleep is an important behavior that animals can not lack. Sleep can relieve the fatigue of the body and brain, and prepare strength and energy for the next activity.

       Cute cat sleeping

       Cat’s sleep time is about twice that of human. But cats don’t sleep as intensively as people do. They sleep several times, so cats can get up at any time of the night. The big headed lion of the cat family sleeps about 20 hours a day.

       Studies have shown that three-quarters of cats’ sleep is fake sleep, or napping. So, it seems that the cat sleeps 16 hours a day, but it only sleeps for 4 hours.

       People have various postures when they sleep, and cats, like humans, also have various postures when they sleep. Cats sleep on their stomach, sit and sometimes sleep on their backs. Cats can also talk in their sleep, which is singing. Cats wake up and open their eyes when they have nightmares.

       Cats are very careful about the choice of sleeping places. In summer, cats can accurately find a ventilated and cool place. In winter, the cat can find a warm place accurately. In addition, the cat also follows the movement of the sun many times to move to sleep. Like a sunflower, it’s always facing the sun.

       Cats always strive for the most comfortable place to sleep. For example, sleeping close to the heater often makes the cat’s tail scorched; sometimes, the mother cat and the kitten will choose a comfortable place to sleep together, but it is easy for the kitten to suffocate and die; sometimes the cat will trample over the furniture and supplies to find a good place to sleep. These cat owners have to pay attention.

       Catching mice is a habit of cats. The mouse was terrified at the sound of the cat. How many mice can a cat catch in a year? According to a report, a cat can catch 150-200 rats a year. What an amazing number! No wonder cats become family pets.

       enjoy being neat and tidy

       Cats love to be clean and hygienic, which increases people’s love. Cats generally don’t defecate everywhere. After defecation, they cover them with sand and smell them with their noses to see if they are covered. Therefore, people can collect cat’s excrement cleanly by setting up bedpan in the house, which is filled with sand or coal ash.

       Cats attach importance to their own health, with the habit of self purification of fur, often use the tongue to lick the body, limbs and other parts of the fur to remove the dirt on the fur, and keep the fur clean and bright. The female cat also licks the cat’s fur and catches the lice, showing the precious “maternal love”.

       Cats love bright, dry environments. Unlike mice and rabbits, cats do not want to hide in dark corners during the day. The cats in the house are usually on the sunny balcony or windowsill.

       Cats are afraid of water, but cats can take a bath, and also love to take a bath, and even can swim. If you have a cat at home, whether it’s a Chinese cat or a foreign cat, you can give it a bath. When the cat takes a bath, it starts to cringe a little, but soon it quiets down and lets you wash it. Over time, and develop the habit of bathing. If you do not give it a bath, loss of appetite, skin itching, showing uncomfortable appearance. After the cat bathes, must use the towel to wipe the wool dry, then basks in the sun, otherwise must blow its wool to dry, lest colds.

       Cats don’t swim in the water automatically. But if you throw it into the water, will you drown it? In fact, the self-help made it “plop” and “plop” to the shore in the water. Its swimming style is also very interesting, the swimming style is “paparazzi style”. Adult cats have been tested several times, and all cats can swim safely ashore with a distance of about 0.5-1 M.

       Cats like people to scratch their mandible [neck] gently with their hands. No matter how strange or unruly cats are, once they scratch their mandibles, they will bow down and tame. However, the cat is afraid to scratch its tail. If it does, there is no one who does not run away immediately, or will attack you with its claws. Please pay attention to this.

       reference material

       Thumb doctor:

       In male cats, the scrotum was incised longitudinally and the vas deferens were removed. The operation is very simple and fast, and the postoperative maintenance is also very simple. Unless it is cryptorchidism, it is necessary to find cryptorchidism, pull open the stomach to take out, postoperative care to prevent infection.

       After sterilization, open the abdominal cavity and remove the ovary, fallopian tube and part of the female cat. After the operation, good care must be taken to ensure that there is no infection or damage to the knife edge before the suture is removed. Do not remove the original bandage of the cat without authorization. You can put the self-made surgical suit on the outside to protect it.

       Both male and female should keep warm after surgery. Stay in the pet hospital until the cat wakes up from anesthesia to prevent anesthesia allergy after returning home. After returning home, pay attention to the cat and urinate.

       Vaccination should be given before operation or during the vaccination period. The weight should be up to standard. If not in the estrus period, take a bath before operation (because you can’t take a bath one month after the operation)

       To the pet hospital. Our local male cat’s quotation is basically 200-500, depending on the specific anesthetic. Basically, it is to remove and suture after anesthesia, and some doctors with special skills are basically minimally invasive. If the male cat is invisible, it will be a major operation. Sterilization of female cats is also a major operation, because a cut is needed to remove the penis and ovaries (it seems to be the case). Therefore, the price is relatively high. Hundreds or thousands of them are possible. It’s more expensive to breed cats.

       I’ve just operated on my mother cat, and I’ve been looking for this information online

       You need to prepare three things before the operation: blanket eyedrops (ordinary 50 cents for each lumycin eye drops) urine pad (to prevent urine on the blanket, but my cat didn’t use it, so I’ll solve it in the litter basin when I come back)

       What’s more, you should consult a good doctor before operation. 1? (all should be removed, only the ovaries should not be removed) 2. Tangent side cutting 3. Sewing several stitches. Generally, the skill of three stitches is less than 4. Whether there is a surgical suit, some hospitals charge extra fees. If you make it yourself, you can prepare a headgear without a surgical suit. There must be one of the two.

       Weight will be weighed by the hospital. If there is an electronic scale at home, it is best to weigh it. Cats are easy to be frightened when they come to a new environment, which will also affect their weight. The weight determines the amount of anesthetic

       The female cat usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. When she wakes up, don’t worry about carrying it home. When she wakes up, she will go home. If the cat bag is too small, you can prepare a cardboard box to put the cat flat. My cat is small after putting on the Headcover. The assistant tried to plug my meow. I also said that the headgear was removed, and he said that he could not. What should I do if the cat added a wound You just need to choose one suit or suit. it ticks me off.

       After the operation, we should pay attention to keeping warm and nourishing. We should pay attention to her not to add wound, to keep the wound from touching water, and not to jump high. After the operation, my cat hung a bottle of water and then gave two injections.

       Generally seven days can be taken off, nursing these days I did not give her to take anti-inflammatory drugs and coated with iodine. My cat was not vaccinated, so I removed the line at home. I was afraid that there would be germs in the hospital.

       Now it’s been four days since I took the stitches off. I’ve taken off the headgear. I’m ready to take it off in three days. Now I can eat and sleep.

       But I won’t have a female cat again. The operation and nursing are really too painful.

       I watch sterilization care on the * and Lucky cat. I recommend you to have a look.

       You just need to find a reliable hospital and a reliable doctor, and then ask about the operation process of the cat in detail. The female cat’s sterilization operation needs to open its intestines and break its belly. Unlike the male cat’s operation, it belongs to a major operation. When taking care of it, it will take more effort than the male cat. You should have a set of protective clothing, because his wound is on the stomach, and when the wound grows close, it will itch. They may think If you want to lick it, I don’t know whether I bought the clothes or provided by the hospital. I also need to buy chloramphenicol eye drops. When they are anesthetized, their eyes can’t be closed, and they are used to moisten their eyes. However, some hospitals provide them. In addition, they should prepare a bigger box that will make them feel comfortable lying down. It is best to let their doctors finish the operation Let them help you carry it to this box. If you can’t hold it for fear of breaking the wound, it’s better to hold the box home and stay in the hospital until the cat is sober. Because anesthesia is a dangerous thing for cats, some cats will have some problems after anesthesia. It is better to have a doctor beside them. When he is sober and feels normal, he can go home Also, the female cat needs to change the dressing and remove the stitches, so you may have to take him to the hospital. In addition, he will take some medicine for raw materials during his healing period. He has to ask the pet doctor first. He prescribes a prescription for you to buy. If you want to buy it, you’d better buy it in advance, because you have to take care of the cat these days, and it may not be able to walk away. There is also the problem of weighing cats. Pet hospitals will have scales. If your cat is afraid, you’d better hold it and weigh it alone, so that you won’t be afraid of him. I wrapped it up and tied it tightly. Because our cats are small and safe, they don’t go out of the house. So we weigh them by the method I mentioned just now It must be weighed accurately. If the anesthesia is too much, it is really bad for the cat. In addition, it is better to fast the night before the operation, so that they will not choke back into the trachea due to food vomit during anesthesia, causing danger. Moreover, if the healing is good, she can’t take a bath for nearly a month. It’s better to stay here Give her a bath before, but the premise is that you must not let him catch a cold. If you have a cold, you’d better not do the operation first, and then do the operation after the cold is good for him. In a word, remember to find a reliable doctor to do the operation, and also to find a hospital with good health quality to operate on him. You can’t find a hospital or a doctor casually. There are many cats Because the operation was not done well, it was better not to do it. Anyway, I also felt that we should not deprive the cat of its rights. However, the cat in our family made too much trouble at that time. Moreover, I heard that if the male cat could not satisfy him, he might get sick and decide to sterilize him. But after that, he stopped making trouble, but he was not as obedient as before It should be said that he has become naughty. I hope everything goes well for your cat. Our cat has a small wound, so I watched him do the operation. The female cat may be stricter because it will open its abdominal cavity. It should be done in a single room. You just have to wait outside. If it’s cold and your home is far away, you’d better take a warm treasure or warm water hose to protect it To prove his temperature,

       If the operation is successful, you usually have to go twice. In fact, you just need to take the cat with you, because the cat that you are inviting must be completely removed. One operation and one suture removal. Water and food were cut off for 4 hours and 8 hours before operation. Prepare a box or cage for cats to use after waking up. Give him a place with a sense of security or a place where she can’t move. Otherwise, it’s easy to pull the line if you run up and down. Maybe when he wakes up completely, he can let go and find a place to keep it. A two-year-old cat has five Jin. It doesn’t matter if he has been vaccinated. The eye drops doctor is responsible for giving some. If you don’t give it, you can ask him for it.

       1. Cats are also like people. There are old age cats. As far as I know, there are 8-year-old cats who are still in estrus.

       2. There is no skin test for anesthetics. The key is to give the drugs strictly according to their weight. Moreover, most hospitals use imported anesthetics, with higher safety factor and less side effects. But we can’t avoid the fact that some cats have special constitution. So before the operation, the doctor will ask you to sign a life and death certificate. However, this probability is very small. I know a doctor who often sterilizes cats and says that none of 100 cats can meet one.

       3. Generally, we don’t need to use the imported anesthetic to wake up. Our female cat didn’t do it and didn’t feel stupid.

       4. The anti-inflammatory needle does not have to be given for n days, as long as your cat is healthy enough and the operation process is kept clean, one injection is OK. My cat was given an injection after the operation, and it recovered well.

       1. Just like people, when they don’t have sex, they will stop growing. You still have many years to stop

       2. With imported anesthetics, regular hospitals, doctors who operate all the year round, and weigh their weight correctly, the allergy probability will be minimized. (imported anesthetics are 20 to 80 yuan more expensive than domestic anesthetics, depending on the situation of the hospital, but domestic drugs are sold to pet hospitals at unqualified reserve prices.)

       3. Wake up must not be used. Wake up is forced to excite the cat under anesthesia. Intracranial pressure will suddenly increase, and the risk of death is higher than that of anesthetics.

       4. One injection will be given during anesthesia, and one injection will be given when changing bandages. This is two injections. Other times, it will be OK to take an imported anti-inflammatory drug (about 10 yuan).

       Three cats in my family have been sterilized. It is found that there are individual differences. Obviously, the recovery time of imported anesthetic is much earlier than that of domestic one. In addition, the most important thing is that the cat’s own constitution is better. The cat must have played the three couplets. Ah, I have done it three times, but I’m still very worried when I do it, especially when the female cat is brought home for nursing care.

       In addition to anesthesia, there are two problems. One is that the wound is too painful. Another is whether the bandage of the surgical suit is too tight. The doctor said that he could not eat or drink water for two days. If a cat can eat, it is best. You can’t eat it. You can pour some water or liquid food into him. The operation my cat did was for 2 or 3 days The doctor asked me to give him water or liquid food. He said that cats are not like other animals. They eat more and eat less. If they are hungry, fatty liver will be more difficult to treat. So you should give him some water and glucose dilution every 2 or 3 hours to make him nutritious. Don’t feel hungry. You should not think that he eats too much. He is not feeling well now It’s human nature to urinate and defecate. It will be OK in 3 or 4 days. My cat always lies back after surgery. The wound hurts. On the second day and the third day, I basically sleep and hide in the quilt for fear of seeing light. On the fourth day, the wound doesn’t hurt much. It’s almost OK.

       By the way, at that time, my cat’s doctor also specially instructed me to observe its excretion and defecation within seven days. If your cat is a female cat, it needs to be opened for sterilization. Their doctors may accidentally misplace the internal organs during the operation, which will affect the excretion function of the cat. Therefore, if the cat is not excreted within 10 days after the operation, it is necessary to open the abdomen, If you don’t defecate, you should take it to the hospital immediately.

       I hope it can help you

       Wish our baby recover soon~

       My baby was sterilized five days ago. It’s also the mother’s parents. Don’t be nervous. In one day, the effect of anesthetic can’t be completely. In the past three days, my steamed bread didn’t eat anything and only drank water. You should pay attention to keep her warm. Now her wound is very painful, and it must be very uncomfortable. My baby is the same. It’s normal that she doesn’t move much within three days During this period, I went to take her for anti-inflammatory and hemostatic injections every day for five days. If she still didn’t eat or drink after three days, she had to take her temperature. If she had a fever or something, she had to be treated by a doctor. Pay attention to keep warm. My family turned on the electric heater for the baby 24 hours a day

       No problem. It’s because it hurts. It can’t eat for 8 hours. It may vomit because of anesthetic problems. It’s better not to feed it on the first day when you go back. If it has an appetite, let it eat the next day. My cat is also the third day to start eating, do not be nervous, it will eat more when its appetite comes.

       It’s not cruel to be sterilized!

       It is a good thing for the benefit of cats and cats

       In addition, whether the anti-inflammatory needle is hit depends on the cat’s wound

       If the wound is dry and well healed, there is no need for an injection~

       The operation fee is reasonable

       After cats are sent to the hospital, they should sprinkle some disinfectant at home and clean them well. Now, cats’ wounds are not so easy to be infected in this season, and they will be healed under normal conditions:)

       If you don’t want to give it anti-inflammatory injections, you can also feed him anti-inflammatory drugs, according to its weight.

       And do not let her lick the wound after the operation, it is easy to infection.

       Female cat surgery is more troublesome, but for you and her good, or take good care of her!

       I wish the cat health soon ~!

       Female cat: if the operation is accurate, it will remove the hormone overflowing organs of the female cat. The estrogen retained in the female cat can make her have short-term estrus performance. It can be determined according to the age of female sterilization. For example, if the female cat is older than 1 year old and has a period of estrus experience, it may have such a situation. If the kitten fan is between 4 months and 1 year old, the number of oestrus will be empty The rate is even lower.

       Most of the male cats do not think of spring after surgery.

       As for the operation fee, I’m not from Shanghai, so I don’t know.

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