Was the birth of pomila an accident?


       Pamela cat is the offspring of Burmese cat and jinjila long hair cat. Even in the hot summer, I believe that the lively and lovely pomila cat can definitely bring a cool breeze. It is not only very friendly by nature, but also the favorite cat species of children. The concave bridge of nose makes pomila look more innocent. However, do you know? The birth of pomila was an accident. ????

       Pamela is a small cat born by an unintentional mating between a silver chinchilla and a lavender Burmese cat. Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg has set up a breeding program to produce kittens with the shape of Burmese cat and the sharp color of silver chingira fur. Pamela first appeared on the stage at the exhibition held by the Cat Association in 1983. Charles and Tracy Clark have developed a different breed, while the polmera has beautiful markings. They combine the two breeds to produce better offspring. ??????

       Pomila combines the beauty of jinjila and the intimacy of Burmese cats. This is a beautiful cat love story. A long time ago, on the eve of being sent to see a prince of jinjila and create a beautiful family together, Princess jinjila escaped from her careless servant’s palm and accidentally entered the forbidden area she shouldn’t go into — the study. There lived a handsome Burmese cat prince, Princess jinjila and Burmese cat prince In the dark of the moon, she tasted the forbidden fruit and gave birth to the lovely burmilla. ????

       In terms of habits, pomila cat is lively and friendly, and easy-going, and lively and lovely. It is a best friend and an ideal choice for raising at home. ???

       So what are the characteristics of pomila? ???

       Body: almost white at the bottom, with pale purple hair tips. ???

       Head: wedge-shaped short head with prominent concave bridge, green eyes and reddish brown nose. ???

       Hair color: a few darker markings can be seen on the head, legs and tail. ???

       Tail: it’s not very thick. It’s getting thinner. ????

       Hair type: thin, short, soft and close to the body. ???????