What are blue eyed cats? What are blue eyed cats

       In fact, cat’s eyes will change color at a certain time. I’m not very good at it. I don’t know which cats’ eyes will change. However, some Siamese cats’ eyes are not blue, some cats’ eyes are green, some are blue, and yellow, amber, purple steel, light brown or yin-yang eyes!

       Cat’s eyes have all kinds of colors. For example, Persian cats also have blue eyes, which should be emerald’s eyes. I think it’s fate for cats to meet blue eyes. And some cats also change the color of their eyes with age. Siamese cats only have blue eyes. As long as they are not blue eyes, they are not Siamese cats, A good Siamese cat, of course, is very beautiful/

       Many cats have blue eyes

       There’s no breed. There’s a breed of Persian (not all blue, yellow, green, orange red) British cats. The main color is blue eyes

       Himalayas must have blue eyes, Siam is the most beautiful blue eyes

       The one who blows water at will is called Linqing Persia, which is not of Persian system at all

       There is a genetic problem with blue eyes and white hairs, called white genes, especially those with blue eyes

       In the later stage of breeding in China, the successful pairing of blue and yellow eyes solved this problem

       American short (American short hair cat) pet type, super cute, more delicate than ordinary cat

       Body type: American short haired cat is a kind of working cat. It has a very strong body shape, and its bones and muscles are also very developed. It has strong chest muscles and thick coat. It can withstand cold. Its body shape is symmetrical and there is no excess flesh. The male cat is larger than the female cat. From the side view, the body can be divided into three parts: sternum to elbow; The length of the tail should be the same as that of the shoulder blade to the tail connecting the body.

       The cultivation criteria of American short:

       Ear: medium in size, with a slightly rounded tip. The base of the ear does not open too wide. The distance between the ears (measured from the lower inner angle) is twice the distance between the eyes

       Forehead: Viewed from the side, the forehead is smooth, with a slightly raised curve from head to neck; viewed from the front. There is no obvious dome between the ears

       Eye: large and wide, the upper eyelid is like a longitudinally cut almond (half ellipse), and the lower eyelid is full of circular curve; the distance between the two eyes should be at least equal to the width of one eye; the outer angle of the eye is slightly higher than the inner angle of the eye, bright, clear and alert.

       Nose: medium length, width and length, viewed from the side, the bridge of the nose to the forehead presents a slightly concave curve.

       The coat is short and thick, hard and dense to resist moisture, cold and skin damage. There are more than 100 kinds of coat colors. The CFA recognizes a total of 62 colors, including white, black, blue, red, brown, silver, red, blue, tiger patch, two-color, hawksbill, etc.

       The price can only be determined by the appearance. The prices of pet grade, breeding grade and competition level are different, and even if the parents of the same level have different blood lineage, the price is also different. It’s about 1000-5000. The best cats, the price is 8000-15000

       It should be blue cat. As for whether it’s American blue cat or British blue cat, it’s hard to say whether it’s American blue cat or British blue cat. It can be bought in the pet market. The price varies from city to city, about over 2000. If someone has a blue cat and gives birth to a kitten to sell, which one will be cheaper, at least talk about the appearance of 1800! You can visit the pet market in your city!