What are the disadvantages of puppet cat? Would you like to have a puppet cat?

       Puppet cat in this era, is also a more popular cat species, because the appearance is very high, many parents call it fairy cat, personality is also very good, and more sticky, then what are the shortcomings of this kind of cat? Knowing these shortcomings, would you choose to raise them?

       Disadvantage one: expensive

       The price of puppet cat is about 10000 yuan. The price is really the biggest drawback. The high price makes many love cats flinch. Because puppet cats need pure artificial breeding, and the number is rare, it is particularly expensive. And breeding Muppet cats is also relatively difficult and expensive, so the price of Muppets bred by a regular cat house is not cheap. So the families that want to buy puppet cats are really local tyrants.

       Disadvantage 2: delicate stomach

       Muppet cats have delicate intestines and stomachs, which are not as adaptable as natural cats. As long as there is stress reaction, food deterioration and weather change, diarrhea is very easy.

       Disadvantage 3: the hair is difficult to take care of

       Because puppet cats are long haired cats, and the amount of hair is relatively strong, it is often easy to knot and become messy. Moreover, the amount of hair lost is also very large. It needs the excrement removal officer to comb the hair every day to help it smooth and remove the floating hair. It is also a big project to take care of it.

       Said the puppet cat so many shortcomings, then many parents have to say, since there are so many shortcomings, then why should I keep it? Naturally, there are not only so many shortcomings, but also a little obvious. Take the beauty of the puppet cat as an example, it is simply immortal beauty, and the blue eyes are particularly beautiful. Of course, Muppet cat’s character is also more gentle, especially suitable for family rearing. We have no heart?

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