What are the morphological characteristics of chinchilla

       Many people may not be able to tell exactly what shape features jinjila cat has, so it is easy to be led by the seller when buying a cat. As a matter of fact, jinjila has many unique features, such as their face is flat from the side, and they have noses (only their noses are relatively short). Besides these two most obvious features, are there any other features?

       Detailed morphological characteristics of jinjila

       Head: round and thick, with a broad skull; round face and round chin; the whole head grows well on a short thick neck. The skull feels smooth from the forehead to the back of the head, like the curve of the head between the ears. From the side, the front of the eye is in a vertical line with the front part, nose and jaw.

       Nose: short, flat and wide, with a “break” (i.e. a sharp cut-off notch) between the eyes.

       Cheeks: full. The snout does not protrude obviously (i.e. the whole face is round and not sharp mouth), smooth and perfectly fused in the two cheeks.

       Upper Hubei: wide and powerful.

       Chin: full, well developed and round and strong with normal occlusion.

       Ears: small, with rounded tips, facing forward, with proper base width. The distance between the ears is wide and the position is low, and the whole round head melts into (rather than changing the outline of the head circle) a perfect whole.

       Eyes: large, round and full. The position is horizontal and far away, which makes the facial expression sweet. Eyes must be green or turquoise.

       Body: the body shape of a pony, with short limbs and thick chest. The body is of the same thickness from shoulder to hip. It looks like a thick and straight tube, round and strong, and has a very flat back. The muscle is well developed and there is no obvious excess fat. For a medium or large size, the overall quality is more important than the size.

       Legs: short and stout. The front legs are straight and the hind legs are straight when viewed from the back.

       Claws: large, round and strong. The distance between the toes is close, five in the front and four in the back.

       Tail: short but proportional to body length. Not curly, slightly lower than body and at an angle to the flat back.

       Coat: long and thick, standing upright like a blast. The texture is good, full of vitality and luster. Long and over the body, including the shoulders. The collar is very large, thick, and beautifully placed between the front legs. The hair on the ears and toes is very long and the tail is very thick.

       Color: there are mainly four kinds – silver jinjila cat, Silver Shadow jinjila cat, golden jinjila cat, Golden Shadow jinjila cat.

       If you want to buy a pure jinjila cat, you must pay attention to the appearance of the cat. It is better for the seller to have the variety certification certificate and birth certificate. In addition, you can also find a “insiders” to accompany you to buy, so as to avoid being cheated by bad businesses. Of course, although some chinchilla cats can’t reach the level of competition, they are also gentle and suitable for companion pets