What are the origins of Puppets – what are the types of puppets

       1. Polycystic kidney disease

       This is a slow onset autosomal dominant disease, with an overall incidence rate of 6%. Most of them occur in purebred cats, especially Persian cats. According to statistics, about 38% of Persian cats suffer from this disease.

       2. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

       Heart disease is the most common autosomal dominant disease in domestic cats. MYBPC3 gene mutation was found in Maine and Muppets. The affected cats are clinically normal, but left ventricular hypertrophy can be seen by ultrasound, which generally appears in adult cats, and puppet cats appear earlier than other breeds.

       3. Erythrocyte pyruvate kinase deficiency

       It is a kind of hereditary hemolytic anemia disease, which belongs to autosomal recessive genetic disease. It is caused by the deficiency of pyruvate kinase (PK), which plays a key role in the process of anaerobic glycolysis.

       Extended data

       Other feline genetic diseases

       1. Progressive retinal atrophy

       Usually sick cats begin to show symptoms when they are 1.5-2 years old, such as reduced vision at night and some strange behaviors caused by vision loss. However, according to statistics, the vast majority of cats will eventually become blind when they are 3-5 years old.

       2. Mannoside storage syndrome

       Cat is an autosomal recessive disease, which is caused by the excessive accumulation of ¦Á – mannose in the body due to the lack of hydrolase needed to degrade glycoprotein. It is an autosomal recessive disease, and the sick cat usually can’t live for 6 months

       1. Two color puppet cat: the trunk is light color, the face, ears and tail are dark, and the chest, abdomen and limbs are white.

       2. Key color puppet cat: the body color is lighter, the color dot is deeper.

       3. Open fingered glove puppet cat: like the key color puppet cat, its chest, chest circumference, jaw and front paw are white. The key colors of hair are seal, chocolate, blue and light purple.

       This kind of cat is very cute and gentle~

       At least there is the pedigree proof of the dog’s parents. Only the paternal or female’s pedigree cannot be used for puppies. The more strict certification authority will also test DNA, in addition to proving the dog’s pure blood, but also to see whether it is inbreeding. Also have a qualified examiner to conduct individual examination of the dog. The certificate includes the following contents: dog’s name, breed, gender, date of birth, coat color and other characteristics, breeder and breeder’s Kennel, detailed information of the dog’s four generations of lineal blood relatives, records of login number, tattoo number, DNA number, hip joint number and implanted chip, record of competition and * *, record of SV’s pedigree, and record of training level.

       To buy a pure bloodline puppet cat, we have to choose from some reliable cat houses before you can find out. First of all, you should observe these cats after you go, because sometimes these cats don’t really belong to the lineage. They look very big and full-bodied. The top of the head is flat, and the eyes are dark blue. Moreover, you will find that there is a depression on his short nose There are also miniature stripes on his face. The hair on his neck is very long. The thick hair on his neck forms a light colored collar. When you judge that it has most of these characteristics, he should be a purebred puppet cat.

       If you want to buy a pure bloodline puppet cat, you must first go to some regular cat houses to buy them. The price without package is very expensive. Only when you buy it in a regular place, you can buy some sterilized and authentic cats. The cat’s eyes are almond shaped and are blue, or blue. The soles of his feet are very lovely, with years of hair, and on his neck there is a large, light colored neck, which is made of his hair. His whole body is particularly soft, just like his name, like a soft puppet. It looks bigger and has a lot of muscle.

       Because the puppet cat will have a cat certificate. You need to see whether the cat in their family has an internationally reliable certificate. Moreover, for a cat like this, it is impossible that only one cat has a conflict. Instead, the three or five generations of them have the certificate of pedigree. So you must see all these clearly, because if the previous generation is not It’s a pure blood cat. It’s definitely not a pure blood cat. The cat certificate may be false.

       If you want to buy a pure bloodline puppet cat, first you can go to the regular cat house to have a look. Then he must go to have a detailed introduction. Then there is no picture of cage in the defense purification picture. Then you can buy the current CAT system or queuing system or sign a certain deposit. Then you can take the cat home after sterilization. The price of puppet cat is about 10000 to 30000. We still have to have our own problems and see some regular cat houses.

       If you want to buy a purebred cat, you can choose to go to some more serious shops, the best one is the one with identification certificate, or find a friend to ask for a relationship, to see which family has two purebred Muppets. After they give birth to a baby, you can order to take it directly. In this way, it must be purebred Yes.

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