What are the reasons why cats don’t like to use litter

       Cats are naturally clean animals. They not only clean their fur, but also bury their poop with soil or sand when they are convenient. This is why cats need litter. However, some owners find that their cats don’t like to use litter very much. Generally speaking, this is not the case for clean cats. There may be several reasons why cats do not want to use litter.

       1. The container for holding litter is too small: if too small a container is used to hold litter, the cat will not be able to bury the poop well after it is convenient, which will lead to the cat litter resistance.

       2. Not cleaning for a long time: some owners don’t pay attention to the cleaning of litter. Sometimes they change the litter every 4-5 days. This will not only make the sanitation in the litter basin worse and worse, but also make a lot of bad smell. Although cats don’t have as sharp noses as dogs, they don’t want to make them convenient in such an environment.

       3. The smell of litter: cats also have their own preferences, and they will reject certain flavors. Therefore, the reason why cats do not want to use litter may be that the smell of litter itself is not the type it likes.

       4. Closed cat litter basin: some cat litter basins adopt closed design, and the whole litter basin has only one small ventilation hole, which leads to the smell in the litter basin can not be well dispersed, which is one of the reasons why cats are not willing to use litter.

       Therefore, in order to improve the situation that cats do not want to use cat litter, we should do the following:

       1. Use tasteless litter to avoid the smell of litter.

       2. Clean the litter in time

       3. Try to make the litter basin bigger

       4. Don’t put too little litter

       5. Put the litter basin in a quiet corner