What are the symptoms of the day after the cat is sterilized

       The male cat after sterilization is relatively weak, so we need to do a comprehensive nursing work for the male cat. The character of the male cat may change after the operation. At this time, the owner should take care of the feeling of the male cat, prepare nutritious food for the male cat in the diet, and let the male cat recover as soon as possible.

       1¡¢ Nursing care of male cats after sterilization

       1. Don’t force a male to live in a cat’s nest

       2. Correct treatment of vomiting in male cats

       3. Feeding cat pain medicine

       4. Don’t force the cat to eat

       In general, if there is no other disease, the cat does not eat for a few days, when its gastrointestinal function is weak, forced feeding will also cause vomiting. The cat’s own adjustment ability is very strong, and when it’s in better condition, it will eat automatically.

       2¡¢ Precautions after sterilization

       1. Dog days and thirty-nine days are the hottest and coldest seasons. It is best to avoid this season for male cats to undergo birth control surgery.

       2. The cat is in good health and has no cold, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, and has been vaccinated with the cat triple vaccine within half a year.

       3. Before operation, male cats should be fasted for 24 hours (at least 12 hours). Because anesthetics can make male cats vomit, if there is food, it is easy to block the trachea and nasal cavity.

       4. The male cat does not close his eyes after he has been drugged, so he should drop a few drops of chloramphenicol eye drops every 10 minutes before he wakes up to prevent him from drying out.

       5. After the operation, before the male cat wakes up, it should be laid flat on its back, never nest to the neck, so as to avoid suffocation. (especially on the way home with the male cat, pay more attention)

       6. Male cats do not usually sew after birth control surgery, do not bandage, so pay close attention to its excessive licking wound after operation, so as not to cause infection.

       8. Before the anaesthetic all fails, the owner had better accompany the male cat all the time. There are a lot of male cats will urinate in a state of unconsciousness, if not found and cleaned up in time, it is easy to dirty the wound.

       In recent years, we have been promoting the sterilization of cats, and there are many benefits of sterilization of cats. Indeed, there are many advantages of sterilizing cats, but there are also some disadvantages that we can not ignore. As owners, we should avoid the occurrence of these adverse factors, so as to make the cats healthier after sterilization.

       1¡¢ Why are sterilized cats prone to obesity? How to prevent it?

       After sterilization, the cat will no longer suffer from the torment of oestrus and concentrate on eating and sleeping. The amount of food eaten is greatly increased, but the exercise consumption is reduced. After the operation, the male cat’s food intake was much higher than that of the female cat, and the fat accumulation was twice as much as that of the female cat. After sterilization, the cat should be urged to exercise more, drink more water, control diet, choose low calorie and high protein food, and reduce the intake of snacks.

       2¡¢ Can kittens get fat, too?

       Three. After sterilization, cats are more prone to urinary stones and the incidence rate of cats is higher.

       Sterilization is not the direct cause of urinary calculi, but obesity can increase the incidence of urolithiasis and male cats are more vulnerable. Fat cat activity less, lazy to drink water and urinate, so that urine concentrated stay in the bladder, more likely to form urinary stones in the body. The special structure of the cat’s excrement makes it easier to decompose the stone.

       4¡¢ After sterilization, cats are prone to many problems caused by aging?

       After sterilization, the life span of cats is longer, which is twice as long as the average life span of non sterilized cats. It is because of longevity that we will encounter the problems caused by aging. Choosing cat food rich in antioxidant ingredients and taking good care of it can delay aging and improve the quality of life of cats.

       5¡¢ If the cat is not sterilized

       6¡¢ The best sterilization age for cats

       Whether a cat needs to be sterilized has always been a tangled topic among owners. Sterilization can avoid some common diseases of cats. However, many owners are worried about the sequelae and think that sterilization deprives cats of their due rights. In fact, we should treat feline sterilization with the right eye light. Sterilization is not only good, but also has inevitable disadvantages There will be some problems in order to make the cat more healthy.

       Generally, sterilization can be considered only when the animal is healthy and immune.

       Before operation:

       ¢Ù Prepare a suitable headgear for your pet.

       ¢Û Prepare a spacious cat bag to facilitate the pet to rest on the way home after surgery.

       After operation:

       After returning home:

       ¢Ù After going home, you should still observe the situation of your pet. Wear the headgear for 24 hours to prevent the pet from licking the wound and causing wound infection. About 10 days after the operation, the wound can be removed after the wound is fully recovered. Observe whether the hair child can feed and water normally during wearing the headgear.

       ¢Ú Three days and seven days after operation, the female cat went to the hospital for further consultation and observed the wound recovery after operation. A pet who needs stitching needs to go to the hospital for stitching in 10-14 days. Male cats will be simpler, just need to observe at home.

       ¢Û After the operation, we need four hours to feed water to our baby, and six hours to eat. It is suggested to give the baby some easy to digest and high nutrition food, such as prescription cans, nutrition cream and postoperative nutrition liquid.

       ¢Ü The temperature of children will drop on the day of operation, so they need to take measures to keep them warm, such as putting on clothes or covering them with quilts.

       ¢Ý After operation, the pet’s body will be weak and the body control ability is poor. It is necessary to let the pet exercise and rest at a flat and low place as far as possible, so as to avoid falling from a high place. One week after the operation, try to avoid going out, avoid strenuous exercise, causing the wound to burst open.

       ¢Þ Don’t give your pet a bath after operation. The earliest time is 15 days after operation and the wound is completely healed.

       In short, the cat will be weak after sterilization, and needs to take time to accompany and take care of it~

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