What causes Garfield to appear black chin?

       When we raise a cat, we also pay special attention to the appearance of the cat. Originally, the cat is clean, beautiful and bright. If it has a black chin, isn’t it a bad idea? What are the main reasons for this black chin?

       Owners of Garfield cats will find that sometimes the cat’s chin is like human blackhead acne. Black secretions will appear on the chin of Garfield cat. If secondary infection occurs, the pores will appear folliculitis or furuncle disease. At this time, the chin will swell and become black, which is the so-called black chin.

       1. Because our cat has entered a physiological sexual maturity period, its sex hormone is exuberant, which leads to the increase of sebaceous gland oil secretion. So when the cortex blocks the pores of its follicles, it causes inflammation of its hair follicles.

       2. As Garfield’s hair follicles are directly infected with bacteria, the most important is Candida aureus, which leads to infectious folliculitis, which is caused by the low immunity of our cats. If our cat has not entered the sexual maturity stage, or has entered the old age, the folliculitis discovered at this time is likely to be caused by this reason.

       3. Due to some grease or dirt dirty things, it covers the pores of the hair follicles, which will lead to the occlusion of its hair follicles, leading to folliculitis. This usually happens when we Garfield cats eat, its chin will occupy an excessive amount of oil, or because it has not cleaned its chin for a long time, resulting in the accumulation of dirt, blocking the pores of hair follicles, causing folliculitis.

       4. Garfield’s excessive fat intake leads to excessive oil secretion, and then blocking its pores caused by folliculitis.

       The main reasons come down to the above four, in the treatment of time also according to different circumstances, use different treatment means, in order to targeted and effective treatment.

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