What causes orange cats to be especially fierce?

       Generally speaking, the orange cat is not particularly fierce, especially the small orange cat. It’s not like fighting with parents, but this is not complete. Some kittens will be more fierce. Why is this?

       As for the orange cat itself, it is gentle and clingy. If it is in a very fierce state, it is often because it does not adapt to a new environment, so it has a special fear reaction to the environment, especially when it is not familiar with the owner. In this case, if the owner is close to the orange cat, the orange cat will be particularly vigilant, and even will It’s normal for them to show such characteristics, so to prevent being hurt by their owners, parents still need to step by step. As long as the owner patiently takes care of the orange cat, and then establishes a good relationship with it, the orange cat can gradually get rid of these habits.

       If the owner wants the orange cat not to be angry at himself all the time, and show a particularly fierce look, then the owner should accompany the orange cat more and play with it more. Through the temptation of food, such as some snacks that the orange cat likes to eat, the orange cat will like to be with the owner, and then play some toys with him After getting familiar with it, you can gently touch its hair with your hand. After holding on for a period of time, the orange cat will be very familiar with its owner, and of course, it will not be cruel to people all the time. In a word, when the owners just brought back the orange cat, it is always fierce. This is the performance of the orange cat’s panic and fear. It is understandable that the owner only needs to get along with the orange cat patiently and gradually make the cat accept himself.

       At the beginning, they are more cruel to themselves. Because stray cats have been wandering outside for a long time, their trust in people has gradually decreased, and their personality is also more sensitive. Therefore, it is more necessary for parents to educate them patiently and let them have a happy environment.