What color dog do you keep at home to ward off evil spirits?

       Do more good deeds, do people still use to ward off evil spirits? Only when people’s hearts are not right, they need these things

       Coat color is not a measure of dog use and value (as long as it meets the requirements of the relevant dog industry

       Whether a dog is good or not depends on whether the expectations, attitudes and uses of the dog are met

       For purebred dog evaluation, the first thing to choose is the parents of the puppies (breeding materials, breeding background, etc.) (use the proportion of purebred dog data to measure whether the parents meet the standard) (watch more dog shows – and show the skeleton map, have the opportunity to contact the dog race from zero distance! Constantly looking at the sea of the brain produces a relative image concept! When you see a dog, it will automatically project it on the dog you see – these are the knowledge that can’t be expressed

       Then choose the puppies. Don’t pick too small or too big! Generally choose a bigger one… Others are personal preferences

       The dog really can’t see much! The assessment of purebred puppies and the future growth trend of puppies depend entirely on their parents and pedigrees! (this is the concept of purebred dog breeding! How many people are cheated just because they only look at the dog and don’t know its parents

       For visual assessment, the evaluator has to learn and recognize to evaluate the content of the photo! (no one can say it, all can say it! Pure or what – it’s just an assessment of personal cognition, and there’s no scientific basis – so it doesn’t make sense to have mixed answers to this question.)

       So if you care about these, you can use scientific methods to authenticate (find your local ngkc to certify DNA and issue blood certificate! There’s nothing like this. Hundreds of them prove the purebred meaning of this dog, or he’s been wandering in the rumors of right and wrong all his life

       The seller’s breeding environment, after-sale and evaluation within the circle are also reference content!

       The dog’s health – it’s best to take it for a systematic examination – is limited in appearance!

       You can search for the popular science paste of dog disease in ten looks

       Don’t be superstitious about keeping black dogs to ward off evil spirits. All dogs are more alert than people. Generally, dogs will be the first to detect abnormal things in the house. Animals’ sensory system is more developed than humans. If the environment is abnormal, animals will find that even if some cats and fish are kept at home, they will jump around restlessly, just for the dogs to cry out. Therefore, many people think that dogs can ward off evil spirits, but if luck is good, they will find that they can ward off evil spirits Bad luck, bad luck. I met a big guy again. It’s useless to keep any dog

       1. Black dog means that the whole body is black without a trace of miscellaneous hair! It belongs to pure Yin! So it can drive away ghosts and avoid evil spirits! Dogs in the sun can see ghosts! Most old people know it! Ghosts are afraid of dogs barking! If a dog barks wildly all night, it is possible that his family will

       Someone died! Black dog and black cat are envoys of yin and Yang! Don’t offend!

       2. There is a folk legend that because black dog is a strong body of yin and Yang, ghosts are afraid of black dog, blood of black dog and tooth of black dog.

       Dogs are called pioneers in the Chinese zodiac. They are just. They have yin-yang eyes and can see ghosts

       But the ghost has the soul but not the soul, the soul produces the water, is the black, therefore cannot see the black thing! Black dog is two shining eyes in front of ghosts

       Dog blood is the most fishy, and the smell belongs to lung, lung belongs to gold, and ghost’s soul belongs to wood, gold conquers wood, so ghosts are afraid of black dog blood.

       Ordinary ghosts will greatly reduce their power when they encounter black dog blood.

       There are also said: black dog blood not only can break ghosts, but also break all kinds of magic. Witchcraft!

       If you want to ward off evil spirits, you can directly use black dog blood to spot a mole in the center of the eyebrow. This is very helpful for friends who have been in the ghost bed for a long time.

       If the situation is serious, you can dip a brush into the blood and draw a circle under the edge of your bed. It has the function of dispelling evil spirits and the legendary effect is good.

       It is said that dogs do not bark at night for no reason. When dogs bark, they must see things that people can’t see, while dogs can protect themselves when they see them. The key lies in the power of dog teeth to deter evil spirits. Because dog teeth can also ward off evil spirits, and black dog teeth are the best. Those unclean things will be afraid of dogs, because dog teeth have aura, and dog teeth cause Yang.

       If you have nightmares at night, you can put a pair of scissors under the pillow. The best thing to hang on your body is the black dog’s teeth. The more fierce the black dog’s teeth are, the better the effect is. Moreover, the dog’s teeth on the neck look full of personality.


       Black male dog, no matter Tibetan mastiff or other dogs, as long as the whole body black, including a white hair can not Oh. They all work the same.

       3. Here, I can tell you exactly, black dog ward off evil spirits. As early as I was a child, I didn’t know how to deal with black dog exorcism, so I heard adults say that it is very beneficial to keep a black dog at home, which can be used to guard the house and ward off evil spirits.

       On the Internet, there are many opinions about whether the black dog can ward off evil spirits. Some say that the blood of the black dog can kill ghosts, and some say that the black dog is the God of heaven. Because the dog of the two wolf gods in the sky, the howling dog is the black dog, which has the saying that ghosts dare not approach. Said that the black dog has the power of God, all dirty things see are afraid to stay away. In fact, what they said is well founded, right. There are some statements, but some others. It is said that the black dog in the world is a black dog of the two wolf gods (originally, the two wolf gods had two black dogs, but now there is a howling dog around, because there is another one sent to the world by the master Er Lang God, which is our present black dog to protect us, exorcise demons and kill ghosts). Dogs are nocturnal animals. Their eyes can see things that people can’t see at night. Similarly, black dogs are the essence of Tiangou. Black dogs can see dirty things that human beings can’t see. They can feel the surrounding environment. If their powerful eyes see unclean things, they will chase after them. Therefore, dirty things are afraid of black dogs, and dirty things will be scared away from them, I don’t dare to get closer. The dog is a human animal, is a good friend of mankind, black dog is the God of heaven, black dog can protect human beings, so black dog is a good friend of human. So it should be possible

       One can ward off evil spirits, since ancient times, there is a black dog said

       There are many ways to ward off evil spirits, such as

       1. Saliva. Human Yang Qi is the most feared by ghosts, and the most important one is saliva. Ancient exorcists often use this method to attack ghosts. 2. Garlic. It’s strong and fragrant. It doesn’t attract any insects. And it has the magic effect of avoiding ghosts. Westerners juxtapose it with the cross to avoid ghosts. 3. Dog teeth. When dogs bark at night, they must see things that people can’t see, but dogs can protect themselves and retreat. The key is that their teeth have the power to frighten evil spirits. 4. Peach wood sword. Peach wood is a necessary tool for exorcists in ancient times. It has the spirit of dispelling evil spirits and good luck. The large peach wood sword and the small sword shaped peach wood ornaments are all used to ward off evil spirits. 5. The image of Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui is a saint who catches ghosts. When a hundred ghosts see him, he is like a thief who sees a policeman and dare not approach him. You have to ask someone to draw it! Printed matter is useless, a piece of waste paper. 6. Gifts from parents. Must be parents (only parents)!!! It is useless or ineffective if there is disagreement between parents. The stronger the kinship is, the more upright he is) the things he used to wear and give you to wear them. Personal clothing and accessories can be used (mother’s necklace, father’s belt, windbreaker worn when young, etc.). The rich Yang Qi of family affection can be held together and turned into fire, which makes ghosts feel cold.

       Dog is a kind of creature, belonging to chordate, vertebrate, Mammalia, Mammalia, Carnivora, schizopoda and Canidae. Chinese also known as “dog”, dog belongs to Carnivora, distributed all over the world. Dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens are called “six livestock”.

       First of all, in our country, the six animals are the zodiac, which has been given many meanings. From ancient times to the present, people have carried many different legends through word of mouth. However, there is no evidence that such creatures can ward off evil spirits.

       Secondly, in thousands of years of culture, dogs can be said to be one of the most closely related creatures with the flow of people, because dogs are loyal enough to be used in the initial domestication to guard and hunt. It’s a symbol of protection.

       At the same time, no matter the black dog or the yellow dog or the white dog, because it is different from the stream of people’s hearing and audio range, it has a very sensitive sense, which makes people feel relieved to hand over the responsibility of guarding the house to it.

       Because the hair of black dog is the same as that of night. In the era of no electricity, people still revere the night. Therefore, they think too much about pure black in spirit. They think that black cat and black dog are the emissaries of yin and Yang. They have pure Yang blood, overcome evil spirits and like to keep black dogs to ease their mind.

       Finally, in fact, evil in the world is only in people’s hearts. If people’s hearts are right, then heaven and earth can work. If the heart is irregular, evil spirits have nothing to do with dogs.

       Black dog!

       Black dog to ward off evil spirits, the best tail also mixed with some white hair. If it’s long hair and curly hair, it’s even more powerful. In ancient Chinese and Greek legends, the black curly dog is mostly the form of the divine beast in the world.

       There is a folk legend that because black dog is a strong body of yin and Yang, ghosts are afraid of black dog, blood of black dog and tooth of black dog.

       Dogs are called pioneers in the Chinese zodiac. They are just. They have yin-yang eyes and can see ghosts

       The ghost is a soul without soul, soul generates water, for black, so you can’t see the black east! Black dog is two shining eyes in front of ghosts

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