What color is good for kittens? How many colors are there for kittens

       There are many colors

       The main solid colors are white



       Grey and so on

       Two colors

       There are black and white ones


       Yellow and white

       Yellow and black

       More colors

       Can be collectively referred to as the flower cat

       It’s a lot of colors

       But in general, it is based on the above four colors

       There are a few rare species without hair

       The color seems to be gray

       Grey Leather cat

       I’m very interested to see your topic, because I have kept a cat for more than ten years. The cat is very emotional, so I decided to tell you what I know (type a lot of words)

       There are many colors in cat’s eyes. For example, Egyptian cat has green eye, Burmese cat, snowshoe cat and Bali cat in Indonesia have blue eye. Some Dai cat have yellow eye and red eye. People who have ever owned cats know that cat’s eyes will shine in a dark environment, and the color of their eyes will deepen when they emit light. It’s not surprising that you see crimson.

       Now there are a lot of artificially selected cats, non purebred cats have many new traits.

       Cats like to climb fear, standing on trees or walls to patrol sites and monitor prey. Its strong hind leg muscles and the grip of its forepaws make it easy to climb from the ground to the tree, but it is difficult to get down.

       The balance and coordination of cats are beyond the reach of other animals, so that people believe that they can jump from a high place without injury. There are examples of cats jumping over 20 meters and not dying. But it’s 100 percent true. There is a certain height range for a cat to jump from a high place to the ground. If it is too high or too low, it will hurt. The balance organs in the eyes and ears of cats can help them estimate the height and surrounding environment. However, there are also cases of cats falling from windows and injured.

       I think the white cat is the most elegant. The brown and white kittens are cute and mysterious. I think it’s pure black without any stray hair. No matter what kind of face, it’s pretty. It depends on what style you love. As a reminder, I don’t think brown and white cats will look good after hours if they grow up. It depends on the specific situation.

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