What common bad habits do cats have

       In fact, some bad habits of cats are normal. After all, we can’t spend a lot of time training cats like dogs. Because this is a very thankless thing, not to say that the cat is not smart, just because of the personality problem, the cat training is not very easy.

       1. Too sensitive to strangers and strange things

       Most cats are very afraid of strangers. When they feel something strange or do not know someone, they are very anxious to escape or grab things. They don’t like changes in life, but prefer a stable life. However, when they find out that these things are not malicious, the situation will be improved a lot.

       2. Cats drink freely

       In fact, cats don’t drink a lot of water. Even if we feed them water, they don’t have to take the initiative to drink. However, some cats will drink toilet water or lick the water on the bathroom mainland. Such behavior is neither good nor sanitary. Germs can easily enter the cat’s body through the unclean water, so we should try to prevent such behavior.

       3. Do not excrete in litter basin

       I believe that the owners have a deep understanding of the smell of cat excreta. The smell of cat urine or cat excrement is more serious than that of dog excreta. If the cat is not excreted in the litter basin, then the smell is bound to permeate the whole room. Therefore, we should first find out the causes of this problem in cats. Generally, the possible reasons why cats are unwilling to excrete in the litter basin are that the litter basin has not been cleaned for a long time, the litter used is not good, and the surrounding environment is noisy.

       4. Like to destroy furniture

       Common sofas and bookcases are hard to escape from the hands of cats, which is also the main reason why many people dare not get into cats. Because of their nature, they always have the behavior of grinding their claws, so pay attention to the trimming of nails.

       5. The call is big when estrus

       When it comes to the estrus of the cat, the female cat will start to make a cry similar to the cry of a baby in the middle of the night, which may cause conflicts between neighbors, while the male cat will start to urinate at will, which is very disturbing.

       6. Kittens are more curious

       The newly weaned kittens are very active and curious. No matter what they see, they want to touch them, or they run around all the time. They are very sensitive and run around the house all day.

       7. Hair loss

       No matter long haired cats or short haired cats, hair loss is the biggest disadvantage of cats. They often change their hair at ordinary times, and they lose more seriously in the changing seasons. Therefore, in order to improve this problem, comb the cat’s hair every day.

       8. Cats are prone to picky eating

       Cats are more likely to be picky, because when they eat more delicious food than before, their interest in raw food will be greatly reduced. So keep a cat to pay attention to, feeding snacks or other food frequency must not be too high.

       9. Easy to break

       Cats can easily jump to a higher position when they are not involved with dogs. Therefore, cats are likely to get food unless they hide it or even lock it. And they are easy to put on the table or vase.

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