What do you mean by “Blue Mountain double” and “blue double”? What’s the difference?

       Blue pair is actually light gray and white. Blue Mountain pair is gray deeper, but lighter than dark gray.

       Puppet cat is a high price cat. The simplest way to get purebred is to ask the seller to provide CFA certificate, which can’t be given afterwards. It must be provided after the deposit and before the transaction is completed. Good cat house will not add money, the general cat house may charge 200-500 certificate fee. The CFA certificate can not be provided in the informal cat house. This certificate is a very authoritative proof of pedigree, which is not easy to obtain. Moreover, the process is slow, and the fastest time is more than half a month. If you want to see from the picture, it is really not clear here, nor can we learn it in a short time and a half. Simple point is blue eyes, triangular face, mouth pure white, eyes to the top of the head with spots.

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