What do you think about the pureness of the baby tiger spot – how do you see the purity of the blue cat?

       Appearance: the body is very thick, the chest is full and wide, the legs are stout, the length is short to medium, the claws are round, the root of tail is thick, the tip of tail is blunt and round. The nose is well proportioned, the nose is well proportioned, the chin is wide, the ears are wide, and the eyes are round. The coat is short and very dense. Male cats have more developed gills than female cats, and are larger than female cats in all aspects. It takes three to five years for this variety to fully mature. Cats should show overall symmetry and proportion, and should not overemphasize a certain feature, so as not to induce neglect or extreme tendency in breeding process.

       A total of 15 breeds of fur colors are recognized, the most famous of which is the blue British short haired cat. Shadow tiger stripes are not bad for kittens in solid, smoke, shadow, shadow gold, two colors, and three colors.

       Hair: short and dense down, full of elasticity, can wrap the whole body tightly.

       Eyes: round and large, wide and flat.

       Eye color: different according to body hair.

       Hope to help you, if convenient can also send a picture to see, everyone to discuss, I am professional breeding English short, blue cat, American short, puppet cat.

       Hello, the beautiful short face is Bai round, Du round eyes, and has a very strong four limbs, the body is also very big, there is a nose inside the collapse. Hope to adopt, thank you!

       Which is better, short brown or silver

       Usually Silver Tiger spot is the best. When you see the tiger cat in TV advertisement, it is very rare that the cat is in brown color. All of them have the highest appearance rate. For example, Weijia’s advertisement is a Silver Tiger spot. Because the brown tabby cat is very similar to the civet cat in the house, I personally like the Silver Tiger spot. In the sun, the hair tip of the Silver Tiger spot will shine.

       If you don’t know how to copy, it’s easy to be fooled. For example, a piece of white is a little wider than other kittens, and the price is hundreds more If you are raised to breed and sell its offspring, the appearance of the breeding cat is really important. You’d better find an expert to buy it with you, or send the photo to the expert for your reference. Otherwise, it’s very difficult for you to identify the good from the bad. If you are raised to be your partner, then your appearance and personality are more important. You’d better go on-the-spot investigation and interact with the cat for a while. The cat you get along with will make you have “it’s it!” The feeling. If you buy online, the risk is relatively high. It is recommended to go to the site. A purebred cat will cost at least 5000, and the air transportation will cost several hundred. It is worth spending some more travel expenses for it. If you really can’t go, you should also let the other party take a video to see the cat’s activity state intuitively. It’s not intuitive to just look at the pictures.

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