What does a furry cat look like – what does a big American cat look like

       Full name: ragged cat

       Ragged cat (2)

       English Name: ragamuffin

       Origin: USA

       Weight: 4-7kg

       Nickname: ragged

       Type: cat

       Breed: it is a new breed bred by Muppet cat. It is more inclined to Norwegian Forest Cat in appearance.

       When you first see a ragged cat from a distance, you will find yourself in awe. But when you approach it, you will find a pair of big and beautiful eyes begging for your caress. The ragged cat has beautiful colors, soft fur and perfect body. ¡¡[1]

       Ragged cats are allowed any coat color and style, but CFA standard does not allow pure white. These striking colors come in combinations of blue, white, tortoise, brown or sable. The ragged cat belongs to the long haired cat, but it is not difficult to take care of it. Although the coat is thick and long, it is not easy to knot and it is convenient to comb.

       The native cat is the most common domestic cat. It is generally believed that native cats were domesticated by Egyptians in 2000 BC. Civet cat, flower cat, civet cat and small native cat are all native cats. There are many kinds of domestic cats, but American Shorthair, British Shorthair, Persian cat, leopard cat, jinjila, Berman cat, Turkish Van Cat, Maine cat, Siam cat, puppet cat, OSI cat, KONIS curly cat, Devon curly cat, Scotch fold ear cat, exotic short hair cat, American Curly cat, Egyptian cat, Oriental short hair cat, Somali cat, Russian Blue Cat, Norwegian Forest cat , mandao tailless cat, Shandong lion cat, Canadian hairless cat, etc. are not native cats. However, as long as the above listed species of cats, as long as a string of varieties, they become native cats again.

       Native cats are the most popular cat species in the world, with 600 million in the world and 80 million in the United States alone. Moreover, the native cat grows up very docile, also not difficult to raise, very lovable.

       Morphological characteristics because of its mixed breed, the woolly soil cat has a variety of fur colors, such as tiger spot, milky white, pure white, pure black, gray, lilac, red, etc. (some of them are relatively rare). Hair quality such as: hirsute, soft hair, bristle, etc. Hair length, e.g. long, short, medium length, etc.


       Native cats are born with stronger physique than common breeds of cats. They are strong and strong. Because they are hybrid cats, they have a large gene pool, and generally have no genetic diseases or genetic defects. Compared with the strains of cats, they have a certain ability to survive in the wild, which can be said to be the cat with the strongest adaptability and physique.


       The size of native cats is also varied. Generally, male cats are larger, which is also due to the relationship between mixed cats. The size of cats depends on the size of cats in the parents of the previous generation, so as to get the body shape of kittens after they grow up.


       It usually weighs between 6 and 16 pounds


       A cat with a short round head, round feet and a moderate tail is a typical general appearance. There are also exceptions (depending on the genes in the parents of the previous generation). Note: new cat owners or those who don’t know it are easy to judge the breed directly according to certain characteristics of the cat, so they often make some mistakes. For example: a pure black cat may not be a Bombay cat. A white long haired cat may not be a Persian cat, a Linqing lion cat or an Angora cat. It may be a native cat. The genes of native cats are diverse. Some cats have special or rare characteristics, but they can’t simply judge what breed they are.

       Cat soil. All those without traditional pedigree certification are collectively referred to as native cats. But the native cat also has its own name according to the color, such as black cat Sheriff (as the name suggests), Sanhua (yellow black and gray on white background), Huali (yellow, black, brown, etc.), dairy cow (as the name suggests), xuelituo (white body and black tail), black hair (white body and head with a pinch of black), etc.. They are not breeds, but folk love Cat people are classified as pet names. This should be considered as wearing a hat (it may be more obvious after wearing a long hat, which is the same color as wearing a hat. It is ugly and lovely. I’ve always wanted to find the variety ~ ~ it’s hard to find ~ ~)

       It’s a normal blue cat. When you were a child, you were fed ordinary cat food. When you were a child, you should feed only one brand of cat food. You can save the cat from being picky. You can give him goat’s milk regularly and add some gastrointestinal treasure to improve his resistance. Don’t give him raw meat or too salty food. Sometimes you can give some cooked meat or fish. You can’t spoil him. You can mainly feed cat food and occasionally improve the food. In fact, cat food is still good It’s very nutritious. You can make a cat’s nest by using a cardboard box and a thick pile pad to make the nest arc-shaped. You must exercise the cat with cat litter and smell the cat’s ears regularly to see if it is right If there is a bad smell, it is necessary to use ear drops to prepare a claw grinding board for the cat. Give the cat a table tennis ball and play with him often, so that the cat will not be lonely

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