What does “fold ear” mean? What does “fold ear” mean?

       Backyard refers to, random match. For example, if you use a broken ear that is already very impure, it may be matched with a native cat, or with another cat of the same bloodline.

       This kind of cat has many congenital diseases, physiological defects, and the appearance of kittens is very wonderful. Of course, people who can’t see it don’t think that the price is very, very insidious. In the later stage, you may spend several times as much money on curing diseases as on buying cats.

       Cat dealers are heartless, so that the cat constantly estrus pregnancy, just after birth forced to conceive again, such a cat you will buy? Even if there is no disease and the price is not high, it will encourage the unhealthy trend, let the evil ways of making money flourish forever, and let more cats suffer from abnormal treatment, and their life is in dire straits and cannot escape.

       There is no harm without it.

       Please don’t buy the cat in the backyard. If you really like the breed, please go to the regular cat house.

       In fact, the small soil cat is also lovely, but also skin solid, not delicate.

       British short haired cat is a kind of cat species near England. The ear fold is a sporadic mutation in appearance that was first found in Scotland. Cats with the mutant gene show drooping ears. In common English short cats, it is possible to spontaneously produce the appearance of folded ears due to mutation, but it is easier to obtain cats with this feature through targeted reproduction. Due to the potential risk of chondropathy associated with the mutation, and the fact that it was not discovered for a long time (it was first recorded after 1961), the relevant research and approval are still in dispute.

       The ears of the Scotch cat with folded ears are buttoned neatly on its head, so it is natural for people to draw them to the side of the “elves” in their minds. It is said that in 1961, a female cat in a hunter’s house in Scotland gave birth to a litter of kittens, including a lovely kitten. It has white fur, tight ears and a face like a fairy. Since its origin is close to the Scottish coo Angus, it has been named “Scotch fold eared cat” according to the place of birth and the phenomenon of ears folding down. The first cat, Susie, was the ancestor of the Scotch cat, Susie gave birth to another white one. At this point, a shepherd’s neighbor, William Ross, noticed that Susie had unique ears. So he decided to work with his wife, Mary, to experiment with this kitten and breed a new breed with folded ears. However, the cat with broken ears has a natural “genetic defect”, and the kittens bred with folded ears have genetic diseases. Once they have lifelong pain, they will be inconvenient to move. In addition, even if the cat does not have the disease, it will have problems such as joints, palms and soles deformation, weak physique and so on.

       What he means is that the broken ears of Scotland and British are not born disabled. They are a variety, but some of them may have joint development problems in their hind legs. This is caused by the heredity of the breed, not a big problem, and not everyone has them. After they grow up, the ears are small or the whole head is round, like an owl It’s easy to get inflamed inside the ears. The owners should pay more attention to the fact that there are many cross bred kittens in China, such as short, short and folded ears. If you want to buy purebred kittens, you should go to a breeding farm with good reputation. The other is to make sure that the cat’s personality is not fierce, and you have to watch your eyes close Only when we really like it can we tolerate its various small temperaments and accept the inconveniences and happiness that it brings

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