What is a man’s folded ear? What kind of cat is a folding ear cat

       What he means is that the broken ears of Scotland and British are not born disabled. They are a variety, but some of them may have joint development problems in their hind legs. This is caused by the heredity of the breed, not a big problem, and not everyone has them. After they grow up, the ears are small or the whole head is round, like an owl It’s easy to get inflamed inside the ears. The owners should pay more attention to the fact that many of the domestic hybrids with British short and American short and folded ears buy purebred kittens. One is to go to a breeding farm with good reputation. The other is to make sure that the cat’s personality is good or not, and you should look at the eye closure Only when we really like it can we tolerate its various small temperaments and accept the inconveniences and happiness that it brings

       Backyard refers to, random match. For example, if you use a broken ear that is already very impure, it may be matched with a native cat, or with another cat of the same bloodline.

       This kind of cat has many congenital diseases, physiological defects, and the appearance of kittens is very wonderful. Of course, people who can’t see it don’t think that the price is very, very insidious. In the later stage, you may spend several times as much money on curing diseases as on buying cats.

       Cat dealers are heartless, so that the cat constantly estrus pregnancy, just after birth forced to conceive again, such a cat you will buy? Even if there is no disease and the price is not high, it will encourage the unhealthy trend, let the evil ways of making money flourish forever, and let more cats suffer from abnormal treatment, and their life is in dire straits and cannot escape.

       There is no harm without it.

       Please don’t buy the cat in the backyard. If you really like the breed, please go to the regular cat house.

       In fact, the small soil cat is also lovely, but also skin solid, not delicate.

       Backyard is a kind of name for traders who don’t know breeding rules and know little about breeding rules. When they buy n pairs of cats, they give birth to cats. It’s just that they breed cats in a yard, and the environment is bad

       Nasal branch of tinea felis and otonychus dermatitis

       Those who don’t understand the rules of breeding will be crossed by inbreeding

       The difference between home ownership and backyard is in these places

       Some families don’t understand the rules, but those who have 1-2 nests a year or more are definitely peddlers

       Whether it is a backyard depends on the cat’s diet, environment and breeding knowledge

       What? What? Is Jackie the archetype of Garfield? I’m telling you right now that Garfield’s prototype is Garfield. Garfield, also known as exotic short haired cat, was made by Persian cat and American Shorthair cat. In 1966, an American writer put it into the animation! He looks very similar to Persian cat, but Persian cat is long hair, and Garfield is short hair cat! This picture you sent is Garfield. You can search for “exotic short hair cat”. You must have this picture you sent! The face of a cat with folded ears is not flat, it is protruding, so it can not be folded ears! The ear of the cat you sent is not folded. If you look carefully, it is very small, but it does not fold. This shows that it is a pure Garfield cat! Moreover, if it’s a Persian cat, the cat will be very long and will not be so short, so it is 100% Garfield. I have a Garfield, a Persian!

       Here are the pictures I found on the Internet

       Garfield kitten

       Persian kitten

       Picture of Scotch fold eared kitten

       It’s clear now!!!