What is a pet rabbit

       Many people may think that pet rabbit is the general name of rabbit, but it is not right. Pet rabbit is a kind of small pet which is bred according to human’s preference for people to enjoy. Now let’s study what the pet rabbit has and what is the pet rabbit.

       Introduction of rabbit breeds

       According to the data of American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA), as of 2006, 47 rabbit species have been officially certified by ARBA. There are three types of rabbits and rabbits. They are: Meat Rabbit (mainly for food), rabbit (mainly for wool) and pet rabbit (for people to enjoy). These rabbits and rabbits have different body types. From the body shape, it can be divided into: small rabbit, medium-sized rabbit, large rabbit and giant rabbit. Because of the different varieties, their appearance is naturally different. They have long hair, short hair and satin hair. There are vertical ears, vertical ears and airplane ears.

       Pet rabbit has become a great fun for pet lovers and is loved by many people. Many people don’t quite understand how different body types of rabbits are distinguished.

       Small rabbit, as the name implies, is a small, mini rabbit. When they reach adulthood, they will weigh between 1 and 3 kg. There are our common dodge rabbit, Dutch dwarf rabbit, cat rabbit (American species Fischer rabbit), American long hair rabbit, dwarf rabbit, Himalayan dwarf rabbit, dwarf rabbit, Dutch rabbit, pygmy Begonia rabbit, velvet rabbit (Mini Rex Rabbit), Florida white rabbit, British Mini rabbit, Poland rabbit; our domestic rare dawave rabbit, Jersey power Rabbit, polished rabbit, desert cotton rabbit, Jesse Woolley, British Silver Rabbit, Havana rabbit, tanned rabbit, poliscus rabbit, dwarf hodatt rabbit and so on.

       The size of a medium-sized rabbit is not as small as a small rabbit, but it is not big. It is almost the size of a mini poodle. It weighs 3 to 4 kg in adulthood. There are Dutch rabbit, French Angora rabbit, Rex Rabbit, British Angora rabbit, satin Angora rabbit, Vienna rabbit, Siam rabbit, Belgium rabbit, Alaskan rabbit, clown rabbit, Rhine rabbit, British spotted rabbit, French Silver Rabbit and so on.

       The large rabbit weighs about 4 to 5 kg, and its varieties include British drool rabbit, American jinjila rabbit, German Angora rabbit, New Zealand rabbit, American Rabbit, California rabbit, satin rabbit, hodat rabbit, silver fox, American sable rabbit, v-ear rabbit, Taihang Mountain rabbit and so on.

       Giant rabbits weighing more than 5 kg are fed with French drooping ear rabbit, giant striped rabbit, chinchilla Giant Rabbit, American striated Giant Rabbit, Patagonia Giant Rabbit, giant Flemish rabbit, Begonia rabbit, cream rabbit and so on.

       Breed of pet rabbit

       In fact, 47 kinds of rabbits and rabbits can be raised as pets, but what I introduce here are some familiar pet rabbits on the domestic market, such as Dutch rabbit, French long hair rabbit, American long hair rabbit, dwarf rabbit, dodge dwarf rabbit, Himalayan dwarf rabbit, Dutch dwarf rabbit, dodge rabbit and Dodge rabbit , mini crabapple rabbit, cat rabbit, French Angora rabbit, British Angora rabbit, Western rabbit, butterfly rabbit and so on. There are also two BRC certified lion rabbits and British Mini nutty eared rabbits.


       Rabbits and rabbits are not only the red eyes we often see, but also black, gray, dark blue, blue, brown. When we choose the rabbit with drooping ears, most sellers will tell you that rabbit and rabbit are standard buns face, also known as apple face. In fact, not all rabbits and rabbits are baozi face is called authentic, the appearance of rabbits and their bloodlines are related. As the saying goes, appearance is given by parents. As long as it belongs to the breed is standard, it is very beautiful, rabbit’s appearance varies from person to person. The fur color is also various, black, yellow, dodge color. For example, Himalayan rabbit is pure white in summer. When the temperature drops, or in winter, its nose, ears and limbs will turn dark gray or black.

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