What is missing in a cat’s body – why is a cat thinner

       The main reason is the lack of vitamin, you can choose: Anbei meikangbao b-dimensional tablets

       Meikangbao B vitamin tablet is a vitamin B chewable tablet specially designed for pets. It contains a variety of B vitamins needed by pets. It can promote the animal’s fur health, make the fur smooth and smooth, prevent dermatitis and assist the treatment of dermatitis.

       Macabre is specially designed to be the pet’s favorite taste. The size of the tablet is moderate. Even the smallest pet can eat it freely. Pets often eat meikangbao, beautiful and healthy.

       [main ingredients]

       Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin C.

       [guaranteed value of component analysis] (content of each tablet)

       Vitamin B1 1.0mg niacin 3.0mg

       Vitamin B2 3.0mg pantothenic acid 2.5mg

       Vitamin B6 2.0mg folic acid 0.5mg

       Vitamin B12 10 UG vitamin C 1.5mg

       [function and use]

       1. Daily supplement B vitamins, promote the health of fur.

       2. Auxiliary dermatitis, hair loss, anemia, leg dysplasia treatment.

       [instructions for use]

       1. Daily consumption: it can be fed alone or mixed into food. The specific dosage is as follows:

       Small dogs: 1-2 tablets / day;

       Medium sized dogs: 3-4 tablets / day;

       Large dogs, 5-6 tablets / day;

       Giant dogs, 7-8 tablets / day.

       2. Disease treatment: according to the daily dose of 3 times or according to the doctor’s advice.

       Long term consumption has no side effects.

       [package specification] 400 tablets / bottle, 150 tablets / bottle, net content 0.5g/tablet

       Dog, cat and other pets.

       [storage] store in a dry and cool place. Tighten the bottle mouth after use. It is recommended to store at 4 to 25 ¡æ.

       Estrus, parasites in the body will thin

       Healthy cats don’t suddenly or get thinner and thinner. When you find that cats are losing weight day by day, be careful. When necessary, take the cat to check the body, because this abnormal weight loss is mostly due to physical reasons. So do you know what causes cats to get thinner?

       First of all, the cat in the estrus period, because of the “cat” mood, during this period of time will not think about food and tea, and increasingly thin. What’s more, estrous cats will pee everywhere and scream in the middle of the night to attract the opposite sex.

       Secondly, cats infected with parasites will become thinner and thinner. At this time, the cat looks in good mental state and can eat, but it is getting thinner and thinner.

       When you find that the cat is getting thinner and thinner, you should first see if it is in estrus. If not, consider that the cat may be infected with parasites. The best way to solve this problem is to help the cat expel insects.

       To expel parasites in the cat, you should give it an anthelmintic. At the same time, in order to better protect the health of the cat and its family, when the cat is young, it should be regularly deworming. For example, it is best to expel insects once a season before a cat is 1 year old, and once every half a year after a cat is 1 year old. And those anthelmintic drugs should go to the professional pet hospital or other regular channels to buy Oh.

       It’s normal for cats to have estrus. Unless the cat is sterilized, adult cats are in estrus every year. To prevent the cat getting thinner and thinner, you can prepare some nutritious and balanced food for your cat at this time. Of course, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the symptoms of oestrus will gradually disappear and the cat’s diet will gradually return to normal.

       Parents want their pet cats to be fat and healthy. But some cats are extremely thin and look very weak. What’s going on? This paper analyzes the reasons why cats are thin.

       Scotch cat with folded ears

       Some parents don’t know how to raise a cat scientifically. They give the cat cheap cat food or eat people’s food. If the cat does not eat properly, it will not only make the cat fat, but also cause the cat’s health problems. Cats are carnivores. They get nutrients from fat and protein, and they can’t get calories from carbohydrates, or grains.

       The cheap low-end cat food is made of cereal. The reason why cats love to eat is because there are a lot of additives in it. Cats can hardly get nutrition from low-end cat food; The meat soup with steamed bread, fish with rice and other food is mainly grain, with a small amount of meat added. Cats always eat a lot of such food, but it is difficult to really eat enough. Some parents told me that their cats eat a large pot of rice at a time, and pull a lot of stool every day, but they are not fat. When I ask what to eat, most of them eat soup bibimbap, but cats can’t mix from soup Of course, how much fat cats eat.

       If the parents want to make the cat chubby, they must meet the nutritional needs of the cat. The cat’s food should be mainly high-quality cat food or meat. When the cat’s nutrition comes up, it will not only become chubby, but also be healthier.