What is the effect of cat mint on cats

       Cat mint, commonly known as “cat drug”, is a kind of plant. Cat Mint is mentioned in many books about cats. What is cat mint? What’s the effect on cats? See below for details. It is said that this plant can make cats excited, and even make large cats such as tigers become docile. Catmint is the common name of several perennial herbs in Labiatae. The flowers are white or light blue with toothed leaves. They are usually planted on the edge of hedgerows, roadsides, or home nurseries. Vigorous growth, flowering summer, often used as lavender, rose edge protection plants, can also form a blue sea of flowers. It originated in Europe and was later introduced into the United States and other countries. It is also widely distributed in North America. Annual herb, plant height 70-100 cm, with strong aroma. The stem is erect, tetragonal, purplish red at the base, and much branched in the upper part. Leaves opposite, basal leaves petiolate or nearly tubeless, pinnate, 3-5 lobes; lobes linear to linear, extremely needle shaped, entire, both surfaces pilose, lower surface concave glandular dots, veins not obvious. The flower is small, light purple, corolla 2-lipped; stamens 4, 2-strong; style basal, 2-lobed. Nutlets 4, ovate or elliptic, smooth surface, brown. The flowering period is from June to August, and the fruit period is from July to September. Cat Mint is a kind of herb, also known as cat grass. It contains a chemical substance, called nepetalctone, which is oily and easy to excite cats. This substance is similar to a kind of human sedative. It has no exciting effect on humans. Instead, it relaxes nerves and promotes sleep. In short, cat Mint has no substantial help and harm to cat’s health. After reading the above introduction, I believe you have a clear answer to the question of what cat Mint is. If you want to keep a cat before, mint is afraid to affect the cat at home, after detailed understanding, you need not worry, because it is not only harmless to your cat, but also has certain tranquilizing effect on human body.

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