What is the maximum size of Muppets when they grow up?

       We all know that the size of puppet cat is relatively large in medium-sized body, and has good personality and high appearance. With the popularity of Muppets, many families have gradually become fond of this big cat.

       Muppet cat is also known as the dog of the cat. In addition to its sticky personality like a dog, the puppet cat’s body size is almost the same as a small dog. The head of the puppet cat is wedge-shaped, the eyes are big and round, the color is blue and very beautiful, and the fur of the puppet cat is thick and smooth, the cat’s bone is sufficient, the limbs are thick, the body is soft, and the color is more than three or two colors. The origin of puppet cat is the United States. Its ancestors are white fur cat and Berman cat.

       Under normal circumstances, the weight of male and female Muppets is different. Generally, male cats are heavier than female cats. In the case of male cats, the relationship between weight and age is basically one kilogram per month, and the number of months is basically equal to the number of weight. For example, the weight of a cat two months old should be about 2 kg, and that of a 5-month-old cat should be about 5 kg. Some male cats may grow to more than 10 jin at one year old. The adult female cat is about 6-7kg, which is slightly smaller than the male cat. Muppets generally mature at the age of 3-4 years, which can reach half a meter long. If properly bred, the weight of Muppets can even reach about 20 jin. The size of Muppets in childhood is larger than that of ordinary cats. Under normal feeding conditions, the size of Muppets can reach about 15 Jin after adulthood.

       Puppet cats are big, and their natural food intake is also large. Parents must consider not only the appearance of puppet cats, but also the food intake of Muppets. Compared with orange cats, the food intake of Muppets is no worse than orange cats. Those who like Muppets should cover their small purses.