What is the price of single lineage yingdou

       Race dogs are strictly selected. No matter the dog’s height, weight, or even the color of hair, the walking posture is subject to strict assessment. Therefore, the price of racing British Bulldog will be higher. Generally, it is more than 10000 yuan. There are also some excellent British Bulldogs, and even the price will exceed tens of thousands of yuan or even more than ten thousand yuan Tens of thousands of yuan.

       Generally speaking, if you want to keep a British bulldog, you should consult an experienced friend or check some relevant information on the Internet in advance to avoid being cheated by some dog dealers because of the chaotic pet market. And because the British Bulldog is a kind of dog that is afraid of obesity, so the daily exercise must be indispensable. When you have time, you must take the dog to outdoor sports to enhance the dog’s physical fitness.

       If you want to vote for your favorite pet,

       Then the cat, will be a strong competitor!

       Every year, countless people join the ranks of “excrement shoveling officials” and willingly become “cat slaves”.

       The situation of stray cats

       However, not all cats can be happy owners. There are also a large number of meow people who, after wandering for various reasons, can only live on the streets, live on garbage and ditches, and live in dirty corners.

       Adoption instead of purchase

       Since its establishment, Xixi forest has been promoting “respect for life rationality, saving scientific cat keeping” as the purpose, and “adoption instead of purchase” as the assistance. It aims to help those homeless stray cats end their vagabond life and return to their loving families, hoping that they can all enjoy happiness.

       Xixi thinks that people who really like cats like this species, but don’t care whether it’s a breed or not. In their hearts, cats are family members, friends and the life of warmth and companionship in strange cities!

       Although there is no animal protection in China, the rescue of stray animals is also difficult, and breeding grounds and backyards are flooding the market! But Xi Xi hopes that more people can join in the “adoption instead of purchase” campaign to give the homeless children a warm home.

       Self confidence comes from mentality

       I don’t know when it has become a hard thing to talk about. Some people don’t look up to raising Chinese country cats because they have breed cats and have a sense of superiority. In recent years, this phenomenon has improved a little, but in the previous years, we despised it seriously. As a result, some cat owners are ashamed to tell others that they have a garden cat in their home, so that the standard of keeping a country cat is “just live”, and even eating better cat food will be ridiculed.

       “Ah? Why does a little native cat give it such good cat food? When we were children, cats were always fed with leftovers. At most, a few fish were added. It likes to eat or not. You just don’t have money to buy a good cat, and you like to pretend to be forced! “

       This kind of inferiority has risen to the level that the country cat is not worthy of good cat food.

       Of course, there will be many netizens to stand up against this kind of speech, for the pastoral cat “hold injustice”!

       Why is it necessary to have a sense of inferiority when raising a country cat? Why is my great China country cat “low cat”?

       There is nothing wrong with keeping pets in pursuit of lineage and appearance, but cats are equal like human beings. Pastoral cats have the right to enjoy the same treatment as other breeds of cats, instead of cheap cat breeds that are sent away by leftovers. If you have a pastoral cat at this time or later, please remember that it deserves all the beauty!

       As a result of the “inferiority complex” atmosphere, many people will give priority to buying a breed of cat when considering raising a cat. And it’s “it’s a shame to keep a country cat!” This seems to be a high sounding reason, so that cat dealers have the opportunity to wantonly slander the rural cats, and take the opportunity to raise the value of the cats they sell. They will continue to inculcate the idea that “breed cats are better than rural cats” to obtain higher profits.

       The random increase in the price of breed cats gives the backyard cat house a chance to take advantage of them. They sell the kittens bred in dirty and dark places at relatively low prices. For a female cat, having more than one child a year is a disaster; for a kitten, the beginning of life is coming to an end; for people who buy kittens, the joy they get will soon be replaced by the pain of loss.

       Request for adoption of breed cats

       Because of the safety of the breed cat house, the price is expensive; the cheap backyard cat house is not safe. As a result, some people who want to breed cats turn their eyes to the relatively reliable and low investment “adoption circle”.

       Because of the promotion of “adoption instead of purchase”, we received something like this: “is there any cat that can be adopted? I want an English short And then there’s the question, “why don’t you have a cat breed for adoption?” The soul of torture

       Xi Xi did not understand this.

       Is raising a cat for a companion or a plaything?

       Is it because the stray cat who loves the sun and rain wants to give it a home, or to get a breed of cat without paying any cost to become the capital to show off?

       Most of them are native Chinese country cats. They may not even be healthy and perfect in appearance, but they should not be reduced to “second choice” because of their appearance and lineage! They’re smart and cute, too.

       (this picture is from the Internet)

       Adoption instead of purchase is to transfer stray cats from one cat lover to another! No matter what kind of master is, it is their good heart.

       “Maybe your country cat is naughty and barking; maybe your cat will give you a bite from time to time, but it is our favorite master and can’t be replaced!”

       My great China country cat

       The Chinese country cat is a native cat in China, which has a long history. From the ancient “rat catcher” to the modern “master in the palm”, there are some rural cats

       “The Chinese country cat is ugly!”

       In fact, their appearance is not inferior to other breeds of cats! Cihuamao is one of the oldest cat breeds in China. It has the reputation of “cat with tiger spot”. It is one of the oldest cat breeds in China. It has the name of “cat in two ha”. It is a majestic and full of mandarin duck eyes lion cat. The big orange with ten orange cats and nine fat is also called yellow cat. In ancient China, the black cat, which symbolizes Jixiang to ward off evil spirits, is pure black cat. It is composed of black, red (Orange) and white Three flower and hawksbill (the boundary of the three colors is not obvious);

       The Chinese country cat is superior to the breed in terms of physique, combat effectiveness, psychology, physiology and other aspects. It has no genetic disease, is vigorous and active, has a clever and sticky personality, is strong and strong, and seldom gets sick. It saves a lot of “blood and sweat money” for its owners and sons

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