What is the price of sterilization in nagia

       By June 2020, the cost of sterilizing dogs will range from hundreds to thousands, of which the main cost is anesthesia. The cost of anesthesia is related to the choice of anesthesia mode, the weight of pet and the dosage of anesthesia. In comparison, the cost of respiratory anesthesia is slightly higher than that of general anesthesia.

       There is also to see the size of the dog, a larger dog used narcotic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs and suture are measured a little more, so it will be relatively more expensive, small dogs need a doctor skilled, this is the cost calculation method.

       Extended data:

       Precautions for dogs after sterilization

       After the operation, the dog will need a good rest. It may be aggressive or sensitive, which should be caused by anesthesia. Therefore, we need to give the dog a quiet rest environment.

       Prepare a comfortable and stable bed for the dog. For the dog who has just finished sterilization operation, if he falls from a higher bed or sofa, it may cause wound tear or internal bleeding, which is very dangerous to the dog.

       The toilet is a good choice. Dogs who have just finished the operation may have vomiting symptoms, which is a normal phenomenon. It will be easier to clean and clean in the bathroom.

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – sterilization surgery

       The sterilization cost of female dogs is much more expensive than that of male dogs. Now, the pet hospital that can do this needs 350-500 at least. It is still the second and third tier cities. The better hospitals in the first tier cities really need thousands. Besides, it depends on the size of the dogs. The anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs and sutures used by larger dogs are measured more, so the cost is relatively small Dogs need doctors to be highly skilled, which is the way to calculate costs.

       The cost of sterilization varies from hundreds to thousands, mainly based on the weight of the dog to calculate the price. In addition, the operation costs of male and female dogs are not the same. According to the dog’s preoperative examination items and intraoperative anesthesia selection, the price will also be affected. Postoperative anti-inflammatory or hospitalization expenses will have an impact, so it depends on the specific situation of the dog, and it is recommended to do full probiotics before sterilization Communication, understand the necessity of each project, and all consumption, to avoid unpleasant things Oh!

       It’s usually between 160 and 300 yuan. The main thing is to find a good reputation of the local hospital, the specific price can be told to the doctor, what hospitalization ah, three days of anti-inflammatory needle ah, wake-up needle is not a must. Building owners to check some of this information, ready to do it.

       Because you have to wait until the end of oestrus before surgery, if the noise is too fierce, you can take a clean plastic tube cotton swab before you are ready to go to bed at night. One hand slightly presses the cat’s neck, and the other hand reaches into the cat’s place with a cotton swab to help it relax, and you can have a good sleep.

       1. The money in a place is different from that in a place, ranging from 60 to 400. There are also expensive ones

       If vaccination is necessary, it should be done at least one week before surgery, not on the day of surgery.

       3. Weigh your cat at home in advance to determine the amount of anesthetic used during surgery.

       4. Preoperative fasting should be more than 8 hours. No water for more than 4 hours.

       5. If you want to appoint a doctor, you must inquire about his visiting time in advance, so as not to run away.

       6. When you go to the hospital, you can’t hold the cat with your bare hands. It’s better to put it in a flat bottom basket. In this way, the cat who is still in anesthesia after the operation can lie down comfortably, take full quilt and pay attention to keep warm.

       7. Try not to leave each other within 5 hours after the operation, in order to prevent him from jumping randomly after the anesthetic is too strong, so as to prevent accidents.

       8. The cat is especially afraid of cold after operation, and should pay attention to keep warm. It’s better to sleep in the bed. As long as he doesn’t refuse, he will continue to sleep in the quilt for about 20 hours.

       9. There are only two possibilities for a cat to get out of bed during the rest period: one is to go to the toilet; the other is to be hungry. Don’t stop him and follow him.

       10. Usually three days after surgery, diet and defecation have returned to normal, without care can take care of themselves.

       11. 7 days after surgery, we can find the nearest hospital, we don’t have to go to the hospital for surgery. After removing the stitches, he may like to lick his hair and wound, because he has not combed his hair properly for 7 days due to the operation clothes. He does not need to correct him. He will adjust himself.

       For female dogs, sterilization surgery is to remove the penis and ovaries together. The stitches can be removed 7-10 days after the operation, and they can be taken home to take good care of them. If the sterilization operation, there are the following advantages and disadvantages: advantages can reduce the performance of estrus;

       It can prevent the birth of unexpected baby cats;

       Effective prevention of some sexual organs diseases, such as * * * pus, ovarian abscess, * * cervical cancer, etc., especially * * * disease, for adult bitches, especially for elderly dogs, the incidence rate is high, and easy to repeat.

       2. Disadvantages: it may become immobile and easy to get fat after operation;

       Surgery has certain risks, the main risk is that cats are allergic to narcotic drugs.

       Cost of sterilization

       Sterilization surgery needs anesthesia, and the cost of anesthesia accounts for the vast majority of the operation cost. Different weight, different anesthesia methods, anesthesia dosage and cost are different, the price range may be hundreds to thousands.

       My cat has been done. The doctor is very good. The cost of a female cat is 160-220, including anesthesia and surgery. Hospitalization expenses are calculated separately. Generally speaking, they don’t accept hospitalized cats. They have to ask about the situation.

       Is the cat in heat? How old is it. The best sterilization time is from April to August.

       You can call Dr. Wang. He listens to you very carefully.

       The price of female cat sterilization varies in different areas and hospitals, and the price of female cat sterilization in general pet hospital is about

       The cost ranges from 600 to 1200 yuan, including the operation cost, anesthesia cost, pain relief needle, anti-inflammatory needle, etc. because the female cat needs to open the abdominal cavity for sterilization, it is generally recommended that infusion treatment be carried out on the same day of operation. The general cost is about 120 yuan. If it is necessary to check the female cat before operation, the price is generally calculated separately.

       Before carrying out sterilization with pets, it is recommended to know about the relevant sterilization items:

       1. Ensure the health and immunity of pets. Surgery has a certain risk. This risk comes from the anesthesia itself and the other pet itself. For pets who have not been vaccinated, the immune function is incomplete. Once the resistance decreases, it is easy to have some infectious diseases.

       2. Know the suitable time for pet sterilization. Generally, pets can be sterilized after more than 6 months. For pets, the age of 8-10 months is more suitable for sterilization. Of course, sterilization can be carried out beyond this time. It is worth noting that the female dog in estrus can not be sterilized!

       3. Choose the anesthesia method carefully. At present, there are two kinds of anesthesia, respiratory anesthesia and general injection anesthesia. Respiratory anesthesia is a kind of anesthesia controlled by a ventilator. The anesthesia does not enter the blood circulation, and the metabolism is fast. The reaction of animals to pain is not so strong, and the animals wake up relatively fast. Intravenous anesthesia is anesthesia by intravenous injection. The metabolism of the anesthesia method will be slow, and the slow recovery is also imported anesthetics. For cats, the safety factor of respiratory anesthesia is higher, and respiratory anesthesia is recommended.

       4. Selection of preoperative examination items. Pets need fasting for 6-8 hours before surgery. Pay attention to fasting and water deprivation! Blood routine examination and blood biochemical examination are generally recommended for preoperative examination. The former is used to observe the indexes of various cells in the blood, while the latter mainly evaluates the function of organs at present, which is helpful for doctors to evaluate the operation risk.

       5. Postoperative care. Male dogs recover faster than female dogs after surgery, and it is more convenient to take care of them. Feeding is not recommended until the anesthesia is fully recovered. This process usually takes 4-6 hours. Generally just finished sterilization, pet appetite will be relatively poor, you can feed some cans, stimulate the appetite of pets.

       6. Keep in touch with the hospital or doctor. Surgery on the pet’s body is a certain amount of consumption, so if the pet is observed to have abnormal conditions after surgery, contact the doctor in time, do not always Baidu to seek solutions, so as to delay the disease.

       For female dogs, sterilization is to remove the penis and ovaries together, and the stitches can be removed 7-10 days after the operation. After the operation, the dogs can be hospitalized until the stitches are removed, or they can be taken home to take good care of them.

       The advantages and disadvantages of female dog sterilization are as follows: prevent the disease and reduce the incidence of other sexual organs;

       Reduce the performance of estrus;

       Avoid accidental birth of kittens;

       2. Disadvantages: the amount of exercise is reduced after operation, and it is easy to get fat;

       Surgery has certain risks, the main risk is that cats are allergic to narcotic drugs.

       For a female dog, if it is not considered for production and reproduction, it can be considered to take her for sterilization. Sterilization has both advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

       Benefits of sterilization:

       1. It can reduce the performance of oestrus. At present, the sterilization of a female dog is to remove both the penis and the ovary. Most of the sex hormones in female dogs are produced by the above two sexual organs, which can greatly reduce the number of estrus in cats after sterilization.

       2. It can prevent the birth of accidental puppies. In estrus, the female dog will try to run away from home, looking for sexual partners. Sterilization and ovaries have been removed, which can prevent the birth of accidental puppies and reduce the number of stray dogs on the social level.

       3. effectively prevent some sexual organs diseases, such as * * * pus, ovarian abscess, * * cervical cancer, etc., especially * * * diseases, for adult dogs, especially for aged cats, the incidence rate is high and easy to relapse.

       Disadvantages of sterilization: surgery has certain risks, the main risk is that cats are allergic to narcotic drugs.

       After the operation, the amount of exercise decreased, and it was easy to get fat.

       Price of sterilization:

       The cost of sterilization surgery is mainly the cost of surgery and anesthesia. Different weight, different anesthesia methods, dosage of drugs are different, and the price varies from hundreds to thousands.

       If you want a specific price, you can find out through the bottom.

       My dog is a female husky. She spent more than 800 yuan on birth control when she was eight years old and more than one year old. Relatively speaking, female dogs are more complicated than male dogs in birth control. You can go to your local larger pet hospital for consultation. In addition, domestic anesthetics are much cheaper than imported anesthetics, and large dogs are hundreds of cheaper However, I have no confidence in domestic anesthetics. I still choose the normal price of imported drugs. Generally, cats and cats can do it for two or three hundred yuan. The price will fluctuate a little bit. There will be no sequelae after normal operation. Dogs are not easy to get gynecological diseases. I don’t think it’s easy for the owner to have a litter. I suggest that if the female dog doesn’t intend to give birth, try to help her birth control

       My home Teddy 15 Jin, after the whole anesthesia operation, hanging salt water, a total of 930, anesthesia is. Imported upstairs that husky is so heavy, or imported anesthesia, so it may only be the operation cost. Male as long as the outside to cut off the eggs, the mother is to cut the stomach, so expensive, I am here in Hangzhou and Changsha, the price is about the same

       There is no experience upstairs, and cats are cheap. Under normal circumstances, cats are half more expensive than dogs. Sterilized male dogs are about 500. The total number of female dogs is about 1200 to 1500. In addition, after operation, they should be between 1800 and 2000. The specific point depends on the size of the breed. At present, the reaction of respiratory anesthesia is small

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