What kind of cat does husky mean? What kind of cat is this

       The Chinese country cat, that is, the native cat of China, is a black-and-white cat species in China. It is also called cow cat because of its black and white flower.

       There are eight kinds of Chinese country cats: 1

       Linqing lion cat, also known as Shandong lion cat, is the offspring of Persian cat and Luxi civet cat. Eyes have many colors, blue eyes as deep as the sea, yellow eyes elegant. The best thing to see is a blue eye and a yellow eye. People call it “mandarin duck eye lion cat”. Shandong lion cat is a long haired cat with soft hair, big head, round eyes, sharp ears and long legs, round waist and thick tail. It likes to be clean, good at jumping and agile in action. They are gentle in temperament and large in size, generally up to 5-8KG. In terms of beauty, no one can compare with Shandong lion cat. Can be soft and cute, can be domineering, can be coquettish, especially Mandarin Duck eyes, is really a fish lost geese, closed moon shy flowers, at present most want to raise the cat.

       2. Civet cat

       Cihuahua cat is the purest Chinese country cat. The head is round, rather tiger headed, the face is relatively large, the distance between ears is slightly wide, there is a very wide ear root, very deep auricle, the part at the tip is relatively smooth. The eyes are large, round, almond shaped, ranging from yellow, golden to green, and green is the top quality. Eyes usually have eye liner in normal circumstances. The nose is brick red, dark brown and black, with a long nose line. Cihuamao has a very moderate body, not only has a very wide chest, but also very deep, thick. The limbs, like the tail, are of moderate length and strong, with hairy muscles. We should be most familiar with the story of “civet cat for crown prince”, which shows that cihuamao is common. 2003cfa China Great Wall Cat Club applied to the world to show the cat as a unique cat species in China.

       3. Sichuan Jianzhou cat

       From the name, the cat comes from Jianzhou (now Jianyang City, Sichuan Province). Jianzhou cat is tall, strong and agile. It is an excellent hunter. It is known as “the cat avoiding mice”. It has a large amount of breeding in rural areas. It’s different colors, most of the coat color mixed, pure hair color rare. This one has a great beginning. He is known as a martial arts expert in the cat world. He is very skillful. He was a tribute to the cat in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. There is also an interesting legend about Jianzhou cat. It is said that before liberation, young women often disappeared in the South Gate of Jianyang. One day, an old man with a cloth pocket passed by and stopped to drink tea. There happened to be a white faced scholar passing by, so there was a very loud whine in that pocket, and immediately a huge cat jumped out of it, pressing its paws on the scholar. Strange to say, the scholar became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a rat. The cat came to the Taoist priest with the mouse in his hand, and was slapped in the face by the old Taoist priest, cursing, brute, who will allow you to run around. With this slap on the face, one ear stood up and the other was held up. Since then, no woman has been lost. It can be seen that Jianzhou is very good at catching mice. The cat listens to the sky with one ear and the ground with the other. When I heard about the war, Jianzhou cat was regarded as a plaything of the bourgeoisie. Everyone knows what happened. So now fame is small, and there are fewer cats.

       4. Sanhuamao

       Sanhuamao, as the name suggests, is Sanhua. It has three colors: black, red (Orange) and white. Conan Li also said that due to genetic problems, three spotted cats are basically female cats.

       5. Black cat

       Dou’e, a cat with black fur, can no longer be wronged. It is clear that in our traditional culture, black cat means good luck, but it has always been regarded as an evil thing. In the ancient literature, there is a record that “Xuan cat is a thing to ward off evil spirits. Easy to put in the south. It is suitable for all generations “Xuan cat” is a black cat, which is used to ward off evil spirits. From the superficial point of view, the latter thinks that when a black cat appears, there will be bad luck, so he will put all the blame on the black cat. “Yi Fang Nan” means that it is best to keep the gate at the gate. The ancients opened the gate to the south. “Suitable for future generations” probably means that it will always work to protect the owner of the house and even future generations. Or the offspring of this black cat. It’s so cute and smart. The worst thing about keeping a black cat is that you can’t shine your beauty with soft light. Unless you have a lot of photography skills, it’s hard for you to show the beauty of your cat in the circle of friends. In addition, it is easy to step on the lamp at night.

       6. Black and white cat

       Also known as cow cat, cat world. Black and white, belonging to the cross blood. Many breeds of cats are likely to produce black and white flowers after crossbreeding due to the color of their fur. Therefore, many dairy cats now have some noble blood.

       7. Orange cat (yellow cat)

       Big orange is the most important. I think we all know it. Orange cat is a common coat color of domestic cats. It usually has two colors: full orange and orange white. Orange cat is lively and active when it is young. It is said that it will be calm when it grows up. I don’t know if it is. Orange cat is a relative among the rural cats. Since childhood, she has been coquettish. I have no doubt about this. After all, orange cat can’t do anything to eat, and it’s not difficult to please the next shovel officer.

       8. White cat is different from Shandong lion cat in that it is short haired. The overall coat color is mainly white, and some of the head is variegated, which is called cloud top. Blue eyes, yellow eyes and Mandarin Duck eyes are more common.

       Quote from headline

       Chubby, I think, is a Persian cat. It is based on the long hair of the native breed of Afghanistan and the Angolan long hair cat of Turkey. It was born in Britain after more than 100 years of selection and breeding. It is the most common long haired cat, with a lovely face, long and gorgeous back hair, elegant behavior, is one of the world’s favorite purebred cats.

       Orange cat was very cute when she was young. When she grew fat, she couldn’t stop the car. She was more than 20 kg, and she was coquettish. She really wanted to break your hand. Tabby cat, a lovely product, and cihuamao, who bared her teeth and played wink, was quite charming. They were very cute. They just looked at you with watery eyes. The second ha of cat world can sprout you.

       It is a Siamese cat. The Siamese cat is very sticky. This Thai aristocrat Siamese cat has reached a certain level. It is said that if it is forced to separate it from its owner, it may suffer from depression, and in serious cases, it may lead to its death. It will take the initiative to appease the owner when he is angry or sad. Like to act coquettish, his appearance is also particularly funny, like rubbing the bottom of the pot ash. But the eyes are beautiful.

       Siamese cat is strong and active, witty and flexible, curious and understanding. Siamese cats like to walk with people and can walk with their belts. It needs the master’s constant caress and care, loyal to the master, deep feelings, if forced to stay away from the master, it may die of depression. Siamese cats are very smart, and can quickly learn somersault and toss back. The call of Siamese cat is unique. It seems to be talking with people or crying with children, and the sound is very loud. Combined with the above characteristics, Siamese cat is known as “cat like a dog”. Siamese cats are outgoing, expressive, intelligent, active and curious. He likes to be company with others, loyal to his master and understanding. He gives people feelings and trust like a dog. He can even go to the street with his master like a dog. Therefore, he has won the title of “dog of cats”.

       If your Husky is still very small, maybe a big cat can. I used to keep it like this, but not a husky. At that time, my dog, more than my cat, played very well, and the cat took care of her. But when the cat died, another cat was replaced. The dog bit him and bullied him. I don’t know how big your little husky is, but it looks like a cat and a cat Dogs are born enemies and like to fight;