What kind of cat is coquettish – what kind of cat is the cutest?

       Keeping a cat needs patience. No matter what kind of cat it is, you need to get along with it bit by bit, adapt to each other, and learn from it. Only in this way can we live happily with cats. Now many new shovel excrement officials want to keep cats, but they don’t know what breed to raise. Today, I’d like to introduce to you what kind of cats are better to raise.

       1. Our country cat of great China. Rural cats have strong adaptability to the environment and are not picky about what they eat. They only need to prepare water and rations for them. Moreover, they have many varieties and different colors. They are simply one of the ideal breeds. The country cat’s self-healing ability is very good, for some small problems, it only needs to eat the grass that is good for itself to recover health and feed well.

       2. Siamese cat. He is very like a dog. He likes to play with his master very much. He also depends on his master very much. He is willing to go out and play with his master. He feels that he is not afraid of anything as long as he is with his master. If you don’t want the character of the first cat to be different from that of a cat, it’s better to avoid Siamese cat. But if you want to have a cat like a dog, it’s better to choose a Siamese cat!

       3. Puppet cat. Puppet cat, as its name implies, looks as cute as a puppet. Because of the long haired cat, the fur feels very comfortable. This kind of cat has a gentle character and can tolerate children’s fighting. They are sociable and have little jealousy. They can also feed other small animals while raising puppet cats. They will not mind. Puppet cat is also very clingy, just imagine, after a day’s work, when you come home tired, you can hold a very obedient and beautiful cat to rest. Isn’t it beautiful?

       4. Ginger. This breed of cat has short limbs. Although it is a descendant of Persian cat, after countless times of evolution, jinjila is more compact and lovely than Persian cat. They are docile, understanding and full of aristocratic atmosphere. This kind of cat will be very playful when it is young, and gradually become more stable when it grows up. Love clean, love coquettish, eat more fixed.

       5. Garfield. This kind of cat personality likes quieter, lovable, is one kind of short hair. When you raise this kind of cat, you must take it home to familiarize it with its new home and the place where it poops. They are very smart and will remember it quickly. This kind of cat does not like to stick to people, independent, very suitable for office workers to raise.

       6. British short haired cat. This breed of cat has a thick body, powerful limbs, bold and curious. Very quiet and gentle, very strong adaptability, no shouting, no running. It likes to climb to a high place and stare at you with two big eyes! Very fun, suitable for family!

       There are many kinds of cats, the above several are very good to raise. But Xiaobian thinks that after you make up your mind to have a cat, as long as you can love your cat enough, take good care of it, and have long-term confidence, then every breed of cat is suitable for you.

       Muppets are the most clingy, followed by Persian, American, British, Norwegian and so on. Even for the same breed, each cat has a different sticky process. British short hair cat is a very popular breed among pet cats. Its round head and cute claws make many people fall in love with British kitten at the first sight.

       What kinds of cats are there in general

       At present, most of the domestic cats are hybrids, and it is difficult to distinguish which species they are. However, according to their living environment, they can be divided into domestic cats and wild cats; according to their functions, they can be divided into mousetrap cats and companion cats; according to the length of their fur, they can be divided into long haired cats and short haired cats. Here are just a few cats that people often keep.

       (1) Persian cat. Alias China, Indian cat, etc. It is most famous for its hair quality, body shape and color. Its graceful body, gentle personality, clever and like quiet, loyal to the master, is the variety of love.

       (2) Himalayan cat. Himalayan cat is a new breed produced by the cross between Persian cat and Thai cat. Its emotion is rich, gentle and stable, and its voice is pleasant. It is not easy to fight with other animals or cats, and has excellent means to catch mice. It is a popular breed at present.

       (3) Burmese cat. Originally from Myanmar, it is brave and humorous, interesting, and can jump and play for hours without feeling tired. It is a rare ornamental and entertainment cat. The cat is precocious and can give birth in 7 months, with an average of 5 cubs per litter. The service life is longer, generally 16

       They were aged from 18 to 18 years old.

       (4) Bali cat. Balinese cat has a slender body and graceful movements, and is known as a cat “dancer”. This kind of cat is very smart, can complete some highly skilled movements, likes to jump, good climbing, rich feelings, easy to establish feelings with the owner, like to play coquetry to the owner, the owner’s voice resolution is very strong.

       (5) Shandong lion cat. It is named because of its long neck hair and lion like shape. Shandong lion cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold tolerance, good at catching mice. The reproduction rate is low, with one litter per year and two to three offspring. It is mainly distributed in Shandong Province.

       (6) Abyssinian cat. The cat is an ideal companion for people. Its call is pleasant, pleasant, like to live alone, good at climbing trees. The cat is timid to strangers and does not like to be held and played.

       (7) American short haired cat. The cat is a clever and affectionate cat. It is fond of playing with children. It can adapt to the size of the owner’s family. It is healthy and strong. It can endure the cold and hot weather. It likes to jump and climb. It is skilled. Even if there is enough food, it still likes to catch mice.

       (8) Clart cat. This cat is native to Thailand and is one of the precious breeds. Thai people believe that keeping this kind of cat can bring happiness and auspiciousness, and it is also a symbol of respect. This kind of cat is lively and likes to fight, but it is emotional and intelligent. It doesn’t like noise and noisy family life. This kind of cat is ideal for people who like quiet.

       (9) Singapore cat. The adult female cat weighs less than 2 kg, with a well proportioned body, slightly arched back and medium long tail. Small by capillary, soft as silk, gentle and quiet, is a wonderful companion animal.

       Puppet cat, also known as “brador cat”, is a kind of big and heavy cat. The head is V-shaped, the eyes are large and round, the coat is thick, the limbs are long, the body is soft, and most of them are key color, glove color or double color. Puppet cat is gentle and quiet, very friendly to people, very patient, can tolerate children’s play, so it is more suitable for families with children. It is a large cat, weighing 4.5-9 kg. With sweet appearance and elegant temperament, she can be called the goddess in the cat. ?

       Text / tease the cat for a while

       Many people know that dogs are sticky, while cats are cold. As a matter of fact, only senior excrement removal officials know that soft cute cats look like queens and look down upon the common people. In fact, their hearts are very simple. The so-called “high cold” is only shown to strangers by his majesty meow. He treats familiar people or their beloved excrement shoveling officers. They are also very sticky. Although cats are very sticky, but these cats are definitely “fighting cats” in the sticky spirit.

       Number one: gentle puppet cat

       Puppet cat is not only the beauty of the responsibility, and the character is the most gentle of all cats, is a moment can not do without a person’s cute. They like to quietly accompany the host, friendly looking at you, blue clear eyes, innocent and silly. It is said that puppets are bred according to people’s own will, so they are born with kinship attributes, just like gentle partners. If you prefer clingy cats, you can have a small puppet, which is your best “cotton padded jacket”.

       Second place: miner Siamese cat

       Siamese cats are very distinctive in appearance and are often ridiculed as coal diggers. However, in fact, they have a long history and are legendary. It is said that the emissary who can communicate with the gods has been the famous product Mao since ancient times. In Thailand, they are usually kept in temples and palaces. They belong to the worshipped national cats. They are naturally gentle and friendly to people. However, this “God emissary” is a chatterbox. He likes to communicate with people very much. He is a “gossip expert” among cats. If you don’t hate that cats often talk in your ears in cat language, choose Siamese cats.

       Third place: quiet exotic short haired cat (Garfield)

       Garfield cat with big face is quiet, not as lively as Siamese cat. It is a quiet guardian and will sit quietly beside you and look at you quietly. If you prefer a quiet cat, Garfield is the best choice. Garfield’s stickiness are quiet and clingy. They don’t compete too much, but they always like to stay in people’s bodies. Do not disturb, is Garfield cat to shovel excrement officer’s gentleness.

       No. 4: British short haired cat

       English short variety, different appearance, usually big head round face, looks silly, very pleasing. It belongs to the type of looking very proud and charming, but actually very “sultry”. Obviously, she likes to be touched, but she always pretends not to care. If you want this kind of stupid and cute “fool”, you should choose English short. Although British short does not seem to be the kind of cat that will have relatives, but in fact, they are very eager to play with people, not to be blinded by their seemingly cold appearance. Of course, no matter what kind of cat wants them to stick, you have to get the approval of the cat and let it accept yours.

       I feel that cats and cats are all fluffy and cute… But I can recommend some of my favorite breeds to the landlord. Ha ha, the English short haired cat has a fat face and a cute, blue gray short hair. Jinji cat, from its young age, is very furry, very adorable, and has a very God’s eye, known as a cat with eye liner. Himalayan cat, the combination of fat Persia and thin Siam, hairy super cute, is my very cute cat. Scottish Fold ear cat, round head, small ears, fat also super cute. In fact, when it comes to the most lovely, everyone’s feelings are different

       Cat is a lot of varieties of Oh, in Baidu search: cat varieties Daquan, you can.

       Solid color: such as white (easy to dirty), black (not easy to dirty, but I don’t feel like white cute), yellow, etc

       ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­ The face is flat and lovely. To be very docile, very good, very lazy kind, Persian cat is the most suitable

       Too much, I go to Baidu search, can search a lot of Oh!

       Puppet cat:

       He is gentle and quiet, and has great tolerance for pain. Therefore, injuries may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and you can’t spend too much time with them, you’d better not raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy. Muppets are very close to people. They will run to the door to welcome you back, follow you from room to room, lie down on you, sleep with you, and love you with all your heart. They are very tame, often careful not to scratch people, and get along well with children, old people and dogs. Puppet cats generally like to play on the flat ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down. They think that people prefer a light meow to a loud howl, so they sound soft and sweet.

       Persian cat:

       Most of them have sweet and gentle personality, and will not easily make a big noise in family life, and will not lose temper for no reason. Their voice is beautiful, a pair of talking eyes seem to be able to read all your heart. They will be very used to your praise and favor, but do not overindulge, because their character is like aristocratic independence, they need a certain amount of time to be alone. If you know how to listen and be willing to share everything with you, this is a qualified partner.

       Cats, belonging to the family Felidae, are widely distributed pets in families all over the world.

       The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       General cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch. Nocturnal sex.

       Hunting other animals by ambush, most of them can climb trees.

       There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting.