What kind of cat is it? – is there a cat that isn’t big?

       Scotch fold ear, milk color, progressive layer, according to the length of its neck hair, there should be highland gene.

       The price of the fold ear is generally seen as: 1. The pattern is generally applicable to the standard spot of Scottish Fold ear, which is of little significance to this one. 2. The folding degree of the ear. The folding degree of this one can be said to be the best. It is almost invisible. This is where it should be very expensive. As we all know, what kind of people buy more, what is more expensive, the discount is good, like to buy more people, so the good discount is expensive. 3. Gene stability, that is to say, whether the coat color, pattern, and ear fold degree were obtained by breeding by chance or by the excellent genes of both parents, which mainly affected the trend of its offspring.

       This is a good fold ear that is popular on the Internet. We all know that stars are beautiful, but it’s hard to find the same people in life. If we have to buy them, we can only find them on the Internet. Because there are enough goods on the Internet, we can find a good cat, and the price will become very expensive. If there is any one that really has a small one like this one If the cat is sold, instead of keeping it as a kind of cat, the price will be around 6000-8000. However, the price of Scottish Fold ear in pet store is about 3000, and the price of the better one is about 2500.

       Hope to help you. (in addition, highland genes are very common here. They are not non-human reproduction. Only when they fold in half during mating, that is, when both ears are dominant, will there be genetic pain. This kind of breeding is also not allowed to be done by people with common sense, and it is also not allowed. Generally, folding ears are folded ears and standing ears, so as to give birth to healthy folded ears cats.)

       Illinois veterinarian Donna sassmann has found a cute kitten named Pittsburgh. The two-year-old kitten weighs only three pounds, equivalent to a bag of candy. It is the smallest cat in the world and is now in the Guinness world record.

       Sasman found the cute kitten while vaccinating the dog at the veterinary clinic. “Peters is a very cute kitten and I asked its owner if he could hold him,” he said. Its owner said, if you can catch it

       Then you can hold it

       Peters has reached the normal development age of a cat, but it is rare that he is still small. Experts pointed out that the small size of Peters may be due to genetic defects.

       “It has a very regular diet, four meals a day,” said Robin spenderson, a former owner of Pittsburgh. When it feels cold, it curls up on my arm or sleeps on my neck. It also has a habit of licking my jaw and kissing me every night. It’s really a cute cat

       Oriental short hair cat, English name Oriental Shorthair, originated in Singapore, this is a small cat in China, it weighs about 3 kg. It is said to be a hybrid of Siamese and Abyssinian cats, similar in size to Siamese cats. In addition, the smaller cats are European short hair cat, American short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, British fold ear cat

       The smaller one is the teacup cat

       Teacup cat, also known as mini cat, is a cat the size of a teacup and can even be put into a teacup. Teacup cat is a miniature cat. Its body size is usually only 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 of the size of an ordinary cat. Its life span is relatively short. It has not been recognized internationally. It is just a pocket cat. It is not a rare variety and has not been recognized by professional organizations. There is no wild distribution, mainly distributed in the world, the life habits and common domestic cats are the same. The teacup cat is small,

       Generally, the weight of male cats is 1.98-2.8 kg, and that of female cats is 0.9-1.9 kg.

       1. Before purchasing a tea cup cat, please refer to the information about the body shape and characteristics of this cat. If you have a spectrum of this cat, you can avoid blind selection;

       2. The appearance is neat, lively and lively, the action is flexible, and the weight ratio is felt when holding it by hand

       3. Looking at the mouth, the mouth, gums and tongue are light red, the teeth bite normally, and there is no special odor;

       4. Cat ears should be clean and free of secretions. If the cat often scratches its ears or shakes its head, it may have been infected with the ear scabies;

       5. The nose is reddish, moist and glossy. It should be cool and moist with the back of the hand on the tip of the nose. There is no nasal water or secretion around the nostril;

       6. The eyes should be clear and bright. There should be no secretions in the corners of the eyes. The third eyelid should not be exposed at the corners of the eyes;

       7. It has moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, and strong reaction by pulling legs and feet with hands;

       8. The abdomen should be slightly round, and the ribs can’t be touched in the hands. If the cat’s abdomen is enlarged, it may be a symptom of Ascaris infection or peritonitis. A slight protruding belly is normal;

       9. The hair around * * is clean and there is no stain on the mouth of * *;

       10. The most obvious health indicators of young cats are reflected in the hair. The hair of healthy kittens should be glossy, fluffy and erect. If the hair of a kitten is disordered and lusterless, it means that the cat has been infected with the disease or has just been cured. It is better not to choose such a cat;

       11. After being teased, he has a desire to play and has a strong appetite for meat.

       The picture is lovely, isn’t it

       Brother first, it can be said that almost all kinds of cats will not grow out of shape. A cat is not a dog. No matter how big a cat is, it will be so big. Second, it depends on your budget? Generally, purebred cats should be priced at a certain price. When I raised a Siamese cat, I bought it in * * and it was also a postnatal. When I brought it back, it was only three months old, and it was better to buy it back in three months, because the big cat had certain survival resistance and was not easy to get sick. You can learn about this kind of cat by Baidu Siamese cat, in addition to Siamese cat There are Garfield cat, Russian Blue Cat, British blue cat, Himalayan cat, Scottish Fold ear cat, Persian cat and so on. It depends on what kind of cat you like, and each kind of cat has different characteristics and temperament

       1. Singapore cat

       Singaporean cats are smaller in size and weigh less than 3-7kg in adulthood, and their personality has always been as lively and playful as kittens. Naturally curious and active, like to explore and play, any small thing can play a lot of fun, climb up the curtain, can also stand on the host’s shoulder tour. The most lovely thing is that the adult calls of Singaporean cats are soft and soft. They can really sprout people’s hearts.

       2. Mankikang short legged cat

       Because of the gene mutation, mankikang’s leg bones are extremely short, which leads to this short stature. As an adult, mankikang weighs no more than 4-8 Jin, while the world’s shortest man is only 13.3 cm in shoulder height. Mankikang is not only Petite in appearance, but also very lively in character. Although I can’t jump very high because of my short legs, I run like a wheel of wind and fire.

       3. KONIS curly cat

       The ancestor of Siamese cat, KONIS curly cat, has very special curly hair. Born in Cornwall, KONIS curly cat is royal and appears to be celibate, but likes to attract the attention of its owners like a clown. KONIS curly cat has a pair of charming long legs, adult weight is only 5-9 Jin. Like to kiss the host, energetic, can not stop the kind of naughty ghost.

       4. American Curly eared cat

       Peter Pan, a cat, always has a childlike innocence. He is curious and likes to play. His adult weight is 4-9 Jin. He is gentle and sticky, and is loved by people. Curly eared cats are special because they have two different ears. But curly eared cats are born with their ears upright. They don’t begin to bend until 2-10 days after birth. They don’t grow to a certain angle until they are 4 years old.

       5. Devon curly cat

       The Devon curly cat’s fur has only a short layer of fine hair, and it feels great. The German curly cat is famous for its good character. It will stand on the owner’s shoulder, eat with the owner, and is very friendly to everyone he meets.

       Singapore cat, English name Singapore, native to Singapore. Small and delicate, muscular, it belongs to dwarf category in cats. After growing up, the female cat is less than 2kg, and the heaviest male cat is rarely more than 2.5kg. It is the youngest cat species among all the recognized cat breeds. The cat’s elegant appearance, big ears and large eyes with a picture like eyeliner can impress people deeply.

       Singapore cats are quiet and loyal to their owners. Curiosity and quick action, often running around lively. Because of its small size and quiet voice, it will not bring much trouble to the host. The disadvantage is that Singaporean cats are more active, playful and curious. They like to drill around and even get into the sewers, so many people don’t like it. However, the Singapore cat’s personality is very tame, not aggressive, even if the family has sex, can still rest assured to raise.

       First of all, it’s foolish for you to ask this question. Do you want to have animals that grow up or not to exist for your liking? It’s impossible for a child to grow up! Certainly not at the moment? Unless the cat is genetically mutated. Even if the animal is actually bred, the breeding process is very cruel. It’s like breeding famous cats and dogs. If you think you can keep a cat, don’t raise it if you have no conditions. I’m from the animal protection society. I hope you don’t try to keep pets with your own quick and fun psychology, which will cause trouble to yourself and the society. If you want to adopt a cat and treat it well, you can also contact me. Besides, no matter whether you raise a cat as a child or grow up, since it has been raised for a long time, cats will have feelings. If you don’t cultivate feelings for animals, you will feel that they will not be fun when they grow up. Then we suggest that you don’t have pets, which shows that you lack a sense of responsibility.

       Don’t buy home willfully just because it looks cute!

       Keeping pets is a responsibility! Be responsible for them!

       Any breed, cats and dogs will grow up, when they grow up, they will no longer have the lovely cotton ball as delicate as childhood. But the process of growing up is also the process of our growing up! There is joy, there is a smile. There are tears…. In addition, pets also have trouble, making people angry, disorderly urination, biting things, and so on some bad things happen! Are you prepared?

       You only want to seriously consider the purpose of the pet! If it’s simple, because they look cute! I don’t think any small animal will be happy!

       Chinchilla, but it’s not a cat. It’s a mouse. It’s big. Here’s the picture http://image.baidu.com/i?kw=&sc=img&cl=2&tn=baiduimage&ct=201326592&rn=&lm=-1&ie=&rs2=&myselectvalue=&f=&pv=&z=0&from=&word=+%C1%FA%C3%A8+++