What kind of cat is suitable for home keeping – what kind of cat is good for keeping?

       Siamese cats are more beautiful, but more fierce. I don’t like short hair or broken ears. I think the face of the cat is not smart ~ of course, although not smart, but also very cute. I don’t recommend you to keep a famous purebred cat. I think Sanhua and cihuahua are lovely and clever. To be exact, if I think cats are really good no matter what they are, it depends on fate. I have adopted a wild cat downstairs. It is very beautiful and sensible. Because I have a dog at home, I can’t carry it home. So I keep it downstairs and let it live in the basement and feed it every day. In fact, cats are very spiritual. The landlord can suggest friends to have a look and see which one is right with him or her. By contrast, cats are much easier to keep than dogs~

       Suitable for domestic cats are: Chinese country cat, British short hair cat, Muppet cat, Persian cat, American short hair cat.

       1. Chinese garden cat

       It is also known as “native cat”. Many cat shoveling officials always want to pursue breeds, but Chinese native cats are also very cute. Chinese country cats are very dependent on their owners and loyal, and have no strong sense of territory. Chinese garden cats also eat cat food. We must feed them scientifically so that they can live a long and healthy life.

       2. British short haired cat

       The British short haired cat has a round and broad head, a thick short developed body, a short and dense coat, a big head and a round face. Its big and round eyes show various colors according to their fur.

       They are bold and curious, but they are very gentle and adaptable. They will not change due to the change of the environment, and they will not lose their temper or make any noise. They are very suitable for family support.

       3. Puppet cat

       Puppet cat, also known as the brador cat, is a kind of cat with larger body size and weight. Its eyes are big and round, its coat is thick, its limbs are long and its tail is long. Its body is soft. It is mostly in key color, glove color or double color.

       Puppet cat is gentle and quiet, very friendly to people, very patient, can tolerate children’s play, so it is very suitable for families with children.

       4. Persian cat

       Persian cat has a good character and belongs to the long haired cat. Big face, round eyes, nose collapse, very close relatives, like to accompany the host quietly.

       5. American short haired cat

       American short haired cat, also known as American short hair Tiger Print cat, is a traditional breed of domestic cats. It has been selected as one of the best cat species in the United States. This kind of cat is famous for its big body, strong bones, muscular development, intelligent nature and gentle character. Among them, Silver Stripe varieties are particularly valuable. Meishort is very patient and adaptable. It is suitable for families with children.


       Stray cats can be seen in almost every neighborhood. Some stray cats are very close relatives. When you tease them, they will lean against your legs and let you touch them freely. Some stray cats will run into the grass as soon as they hear people passing by. Many cat lovers can’t bear to see cats wandering around, so they want to take them home, but do you know that some cats may no longer be suitable for home keeping.

       In fact, it is very simple to distinguish between a cat suitable for home keeping and a cat that is not suitable for domestic use. Cats suitable for domestic use tend to trust people. They may have just been lost or abandoned, but they still want human care, so they can be easily touched by you. Cats that are not suitable for domestic use are more suspicious and vigilant. They will not get close to you easily. Even if you give them food, they will enjoy it carefully when you go away. Because they have been out for a long time, or have been wandering outside from birth, they do not have more expectations and expectations for the domestic environment.

       In addition, cats without relatives usually form small circles in an area. As long as they don’t have to fight for the most basic living conditions, they can survive peacefully. Some cats even live together. Therefore, if you force cats into human families, they will not be able to adapt to the new environment and give you a lot of trouble.

       But even if it’s not suitable for domestic cats, you can help them through other channels. We all know that cats can be in estrus at least twice a year. Once the cats enter the estrus period, the number of cats in the community will increase rapidly in the next three months, and the situation of cats will become more difficult. Some foreign cat lovers and cat lovers usually trap cats and sterilize them before releasing them. Although it is very difficult to implement this work in China, you can still contact some rescue organizations to adopt cats. Only by controlling the excessive growth of stray cats can their quality of life be improved.

       Cats like to be lazy. There are almost no wild cats. Only when they play, they will be more lively. If you make up your mind to raise them, you must be good at the beginning and the end, be good to the cat and take good care of his life. I recommend you some very cute cats. You can’t help but love them as soon as you raise them

       The first one is the American short tabby cat. This kind of cat is super docile, very clingy, hardly angry, very lively and lovely. Its character is really super good. If you want to raise it, you can choose tiger spot plus white

       The second is short blue cat and white cat. This kind of cat is more independent than others. It is not clingy to others. It is mild and will be angry with its owner. Of course, there are good times. When you are good, you can be cute and don’t want it

       The third is the Muppet cat. This kind of cat is the aristocrat in the cat. It belongs to the special clever type. It is super beautiful and warm

       In fact, among eight sauce’s friends, people often come to ask whether there are children in the family who can keep cats? Eight sauce wants to say that families with children can not only have cats, but also highly recommend that we have cats. In fact, cats are not as “terrible” as the legend says. Cats not only do not harm children, but also have a lot of beneficial effects on the growth of children.

       Children in the process of getting along with small animals can cultivate their patience and compassion. Children who are friendly with small animals will be kind-hearted when they grow up. They will certainly be gentle children in the future. In addition, getting along with small animals can also cultivate children’s sense of responsibility. Parents can let children try to take care of small animals. Under this “responsibility”, children will grow up rapidly and become small adults with a sense of responsibility.

       Therefore, from the perspective of children’s growth, a family with children is really suitable for keeping a small pet at the same time. So what kind of pet is more suitable for families with children? According to BAGUAN, it is better to choose a family pet with children, which is gentle and quiet, and is naturally close to people, and will not suddenly initiate unfriendly behavior towards people. Today, we will recommend some cats that are especially suitable for families with children.

       First: puppet cat

       The breeding history of puppet cat is relatively short, so for the artificial breeding of Muppet cat, human intervention in its character is very large. Therefore, puppet cats born in regular cat houses will inherit the docile temperament of their ancestors. Puppet cat nature is gentle, very friendly to people, is a kind of cat that can be liked. Puppet cat has a large body, soft fur, and is as soft as a doll. It is very comfortable to hold it up. If such a beautiful and gentle cat accompanies children, it is definitely the best choice.

       Second: Siamese cat

       Siamese cat also has a nickname, called Siamese dog. Why is it a cat, but it is called a dog? The reason is that Siamese cats are very friendly to people and highly interactive. They can even be trained like dogs. Siamese cats are lively and always like to interact with their owners. If their owners ignore them for a long time, they may feel uncomfortable. If you keep a Siamese cat to accompany the children at home, you don’t have to worry about the boredom of the children at home.

       Third: kittens

       The biggest difference between short legged cats and other kinds of cats is that their legs are short, so they are also known as the coquetry of cats. Although the short legs of the kittens, but the character is very lively and pleasant, although short legs, but does not affect their lively nature. If you keep a kitten to accompany the children at home, the children will be happy every day.

       Of course, keeping a cat also depends on the eye edge. If this cat is predestined with your family, then no matter what breed it is, it can bring happiness and good luck to the family. Finally, what BAGUAN wants to say is that cats and children can really coexist. Don’t demonize cats.

       There are hundreds of kinds of cats in the world, and dozens of them are suitable for home keeping. Today, I’d like to introduce some cats that are very suitable for domestic breeding, regardless of their temperament, appearance and physique.

       1. Chinese garden cat

       The Chinese country cat is the general name of the local domestic cat, which also includes many kinds, such as the common orange cat, cat cat cat, black and white flower, three flower cat and so on. A number of data have proved that China Rural cat is the largest number of domestic cats, which has a lot to do with its lively personality, physical fitness, good adaptability to the environment and good feeding. Although the varieties of Chinese country cats are not so valuable, but now they have several varieties which are also attracting the attention and favor of netizens. For example, orange cat has been properly made into a net red variety because of its fat prone constitution. It occupies a seat or even several seats in the cat circle. It is often joked by netizens as “big orange is heavy”, “ten oranges are nine fat”, etc. Another example is the black and white flower, which we often call cow cat. It is known as “two cats” with its androgynous character. It is also one of the most popular online cats. It can be seen that the popularity and feeding quantity of Chinese country cats can definitely rank the top.

       2. American short haired cat

       American short haired cat, as the name suggests, is a kind of cat originated from the United States. It is also our common domestic cat. Because of its good body shape, vigorous and flexible, beautiful fur color pattern, gentle and pleasing personality, it is fed by many families, and it is relatively healthy and not easy to get sick. The most beautiful species in America is silver tiger spot, especially when it is young. The tiger pattern and color combined with fat, short and thick four claws make the appearance of tiger head and tiger brain almost sprout. American short price from hundreds to thousands, depending on the appearance and blood, the price is moderate. American short with its popularity and number of feeding in the top few should also be justifiable.

       3. British short haired cat

       British short haired cat, needless to say by name, is native to England. The biggest characteristic is, the face is round, the body is fat, the limbs are short and thick, the hair is short and thick, the disposition is gentle, likes to be quiet, makes them look like to be lazy and lazy, so they are looked after and fed by many quiet pet people. Because of its strong adaptability to the environment, good health and gentle family members, it is very suitable for domestic breeding. Because of its short hair and less hair loss, it is very easy to take care of it. However, due to its “fat house” character of being quiet and motionless, it is easy to lead to obesity, which is also an impact on health. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to training it regularly, buy more cat toys to play with it, increase the amount of exercise, and pay attention to keep in shape. As we all know, British short is also one of our most common domestic pet cats, so no matter in the top few must have its place.

       4. Siamese cat

       Siamese cat is also one of the famous short haired cats. It is native to Thailand. It was fed in imperial palaces and temples a hundred years ago. Judging from its slim figure and muscular limbs, it must be smart, flexible and even aggressive. It is said that the curiosity is very strong. Although cats are curious babies, this guy is more likely. The biggest feature of its appearance is that its face is a sharp V-shaped face, and it has deep key colors, including ears, limbs and tail. Therefore, it is often nicknamed “media digger” by netizens. This coat color can change with the temperature, and its eyes are the mysterious and beautiful blue like star sky. Therefore, some people prefer this unique look. Siamese cats are very loyal to their owners, even as loyal as dogs. Although Siamese cats have personality, many cat lovers are willing to be slaves because of their easygoing, loyal and clingy personality.

       5. Puppet cat

       Muppet cat is a larger and heavier breed of domestic cat. Its fur is long and dense. It is named because it is soft and soft like a doll. It is quiet and friendly. Muppet cat is characterized by graceful body, sweet appearance, noble spirit and gentle personality. It is often called “fairy cat” by netizens and “beauty responsibility of cat world”, which shows its beauty. Because of its high appearance and expensive varieties, the price is also the best among cats. Its value of tens of thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan is often referred to as “walking”. Although the price is high, but its appearance is also high, which is the most irresistible, so it can never stop cat lovers chasing. Puppet cat still has its high position in the domestic cat ranking.

       In addition to the above, there are also common Persian cats, Garfield cats, can cats, Maine cats, and so on. For people who love cats, they are all their own little angels, regardless of the breed.

       Suitable for domestic cats are British short hair cat, American short hair cat, Chinese civet cat, Persian cat, Garfield cat.

       1. Garfield

       Garfield cat not only has thick fur, but also retains the Persian cat’s unique lovely expression and round body shape. It is also as quiet and friendly as a Persian cat. It can comfort the owner’s heart. It is of medium to large short feet. Its head is wide and round, its nose has obvious depression, and its fur has soft luster. It is independent and does not like to make noise.

       2. British short haired cat

       British short haired cat, plump body, thick short developed limbs, short and dense hair, big head, round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, easy to raise. Large, round eyes vary in color depending on the coat.

       3. American short haired cat

       The ancestor of American short haired cat is a kind of cat which was brought to North America by early European immigrants, and is similar to British and European short haired cats. American short haired cats are well proportioned, powerful, and lively and docile. The young short haired cat has a round head and round head. Its soft touch and flexible limbs are very popular.

       4. Flower cat

       The civet cat has a beautiful striped coat. Although he is not very emotional, he can still be a loyal and friendly pet. Cihuamao has an active personality and is famous for its intelligent hunting skills. It needs more space for sports, so it is not suitable for the captive life of small apartments.

       5. Persian cat

       Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous back hair, elegant behavior, so it is known as “Prince of cats” and “Princess”. It is one of the purebred cats loved by cat lovers in the world and occupies an extremely important position.

       The most suitable domestic cats were Chinese country cat, American short hair cat, British short hair cat, American Curly eared cat, Siamese cat, Singapore cat, Scotch fold ear cat, Persian cat, puppet cat, Garfield cat, etc.

       The Scotch cat, like an elf, has its ears buttoned neatly on its head. Fold ear cat is a cat that many people like. Its ears are very special, which is different from other cats’ ears. Moreover, Scottish Fold eared cat is very hard-working, gentle and has a very light voice, which is very popular with everyone.

       Persian cat is one of the most popular purebred cats among cat lovers. Persian cats are very temperamental, gentle and intelligent. Persian cat has long hair, although it has a round face, but the personality is very proud, will let the owner feel that he did not own it, and the Persian cat has a master.

       When it comes to puppet cats, we will certainly say that it is big in size and heavy in weight. Puppet cat has a baby face, and when you hold the doll cat, you will feel like holding a doll. Muppet cat is very suitable for domestic pet cat, because it has a good temper, can tolerate the master’s scratching, and can also please the owner.

       American short haired cats come in many colors. Brown is the standard tabby cat. American short hair cat’s eyes are very special, especially orange or bronze, the short hair cat’s personality is very independent, but also very lively, witty.

       Most suitable for domestic cat ranking 1: Persian cat

       Don’t think Persian cats are the nobles of cats. Their ability to adapt to the new environment is very poor. On the contrary, they are very adaptable. Even when they just go home, they will not hide in the corner immediately. Persian cats are sweet and gentle. It is not easy to make a big noise, and will not easily lose his temper for no reason.

       The second most suitable cat for domestic use: Muppets

       Although Muppet cat is one of the biggest cats in existence, it is very gentle and quiet, and very friendly to people. Unlike other cats, it is more like a dog, beautiful and elegant.

       Top three cats for domestic use: Maine

       Maine cat is stubborn, brave and smart, like to be alone, but can get along well with people, is a good pet. Sleep habits are very special, like to sleep in the most eccentric place.

       Linqing lion cat: the most suitable for domestic cat

       Linqing lion cat is also called Shandong lion cat, commonly known as lion cat. Linqing cat, mainly produced in Linqing City, Shandong Province, is a high-quality cat species with great ornamental value.

       Top five kitty cats

       Home has a jinjila cat, will let you exude aristocratic temperament, pull up your grade, because it has a shiny silver appearance, gentle and noble, just like the princess of the Royal aristocracy.

       British short haired cat

       Raising cats has become a fashion now. Cats talk about hygiene. They don’t have to walk cats like dogs every day. It’s a good pet companion for office workers. However, in the face of what kind of cats to raise, everyone seems to have no idea. The following is a brief introduction of several kinds of cats for your choice and reference.

       First of all, what kind of cat is easy to keep. In everyone’s consciousness, short haired cats are easy to raise because they are not affectable, cheerful, stable, independent, willing to contact with people. This kind of cat is strong, stable personality, strong ability to adapt to the environment, most of the requirements of the breeder is also low, for parents, this type of cat is relatively easy to raise.

       Close to humans, obedient: in this regard, purebred cats have incomparable advantages, because their personality is taken into account in breeding, and only the individuals of their relatives are selected to breed. In this way, the temperament of each generation of kittens born is basically similar, and the guarantee is very clever, all of them are very good children of big families. However, the breeding of native cats is random, so they have different personalities. In short, they are relatively wild.

       Scotch cat with folded ears

       Long cute: the so-called “cute” everyone has their own love, some like big head, some like long hair, some like fat butt, some like thin arms and thin legs. If you have a purebred cat, you can go to CFA’s official website to see the looks of all kinds of purebred cats and choose the one that can most sprout you.

       Strong survival ability, easy to feed: it is generally believed that purebred cats are not as good as native cats. This is because the breeding of purebred cats is a very complicated issue. The closer the pedigree of big cats is, the more likely the kittens born will be weak and sickly. However, if the pedigrees of big cats are far apart, it is difficult to guarantee the pedigree and purity of kittens. Therefore, if you want to raise a healthy and high-quality purebred cat, you must first find a responsible, knowledgeable and capable breeder. This Good luck in China.

       If we simply recommend the pure breed cat, we recommend:

       Short hair: American, British, exotic, Scotch, Siamese.

       Long hair: jinjila cat, puppet cat.

       For example, the native cat is a common hybrid cat. This kind of cat doesn’t have any precious lineage, but it has strong body, strong body resistance, no affectation, and cheerful and active personality. Compared with other valuable cats, this kind of cat is more simple and convenient to raise. The most important thing is that the native cat can better adapt to the rough management of parents and better adapt to the changes of environment and life.

       Many people tend to breed cats. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages in raising cats. Whether it’s pure cats or rural cats, cats bring us the same joy, so we don’t have to worry about it.

       According to your own situation. Native cats are easy to raise. Compared with some kinds of cats, they are not easy to get sick. They can also find treasure in them, but rare goods are rare. Breed cats are relatively stable in character, but expensive, and may have genetic diseases. Some cats need regular examination.

       Here are some common tips for beginners

       Remember that white or Mandarin Duck eyed cats, sellers say Persia, in fact, most of them are white earth cats.

       Shandong lion cat is only certified, the vast majority of the market is the native cat.

       Norwegian forest cats generally have thousands or tens of thousands, but the one hundred yuan is usually fake.

       Black doesn’t have to be a Bombay cat.

       Turkey van cat and Angolan cat are not found in China.

       It is reasonable for the white clay cat to be within 200 yuan.

       Try not to raise cats in cities. If they are taken away by others, they will be raised by themselves, or taken as stray cats, and may be eaten.

       At the same time, British and American short haired cats are easier to raise than Persian and Norwegian forest cats. Because it’s more convenient and easier to take care of a short haired cat. For example, in order to keep cats clean, long haired cats need to comb their hair at least 1-2 times a day, while short haired cats may comb once a day or twice a day. This is relatively easy for the owner to raise.

       In addition, Xiaobian also believes that, in addition to the characteristics of the cat itself, the attitude of parents is also crucial.