What kind of cat is the cross between the tabby cat and the fold eared cat?

       Pure fold ear is made with other kinds of cat. Two fold ear can’t match

       Fold ears are rare because they are the result of gene mutations. Not all parents with fold ears are folding ears, so there are not many fold ears in the same nest

       Your two cats and cats can match. The babies born have fold ears, and some are not. Ha ha. The ones that fold ears are pure species. Maybe they are tiger spot ones ~ ~ wow, how lovely, ha ha

       If the baby is not broken ears, it is not the purebred cat we think, but it must be very beautiful and lovely

       Kittens almost 6 months old make trouble with cats, but it is recommended to let them breed after one year old, so that the quality of kittens will be better and healthier

       It will never happen. The broken ear gene is a recessive gene. Even if two pure bred cats with broken ears are born, their offspring will still have a 50% chance of not folding their ears. This is one of the reasons why the price of folding ears is high. Moreover, folding ears will not be reflected immediately after birth, and it will take a few months for them to fold themselves

       However, it should not be a problem if there are tiger spots in the kitten that I think of, ha ha

       What’s more, there’s no economic benefit in crossing two purebred cats of different breeds. You should understand that

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