What kind of cat litter is good – which one is better?


       Cat litter

       Cat litter is a necessary daily necessities for cats, which can solve the excretion problem of cats. Moreover, cat litter has the characteristics of water absorption, deodorization, convenience, non-toxic, etc. it is necessary for every cat family. So, how to choose a suitable cat litter? ??????

       When selecting cat litter, we should pay attention to the following points: firstly, select the cat litter which can coagulate and remove easily, which is convenient to clean and absorb the odor; secondly, cats prefer the litter without smell, so try not to choose those with strong fragrance, but the owners often prefer scented litter, so they don’t choose it Considering the cat’s feeling, the cat litter bought back does not like to be used by the cat. Remember that the cat litter is for the cat, and the cat litter they like is suitable. ???????

       If a cat doesn’t like the litter we choose for it, it usually behaves as follows: scratching the litter tray, standing outside the litter tray or jumping out soon after entering it, and “pooping” directly next to the litter tray. Therefore, when you find that your cat has the above conditions, please replace another cat litter. Please do not change other brands easily after confirmation. ??????

       There are many kinds of cat litter. Among them, bentonite cat litter is very suitable for family use. For example, Heyou bentonite lemon flavor cat litter can clean cat’s feces at any time, but the dust is relatively large, so it is better to put the cat litter basin in a well ventilated place. In addition, as the cat’s litter containing bentonite will damage its respiratory and digestive system, so special attention should be paid. ????????

       What’s more, if you really have a choice, what about OCD? Now many brands of cat litter have small packaging, select several famous brands of cat litter one by one for the cat to try, see what kind of cat litter it likes, and then make sure. ??????????????????

       Generally, commercial cat litter is mainly divided into bentonite, crystal cat litter, pine cat litter and tofu cat litter

       Bentonite is economical and practical, but the dust doesn’t cover the taste. Crystal cat litter is expensive but it doesn’t need to shovel urine. Pine wood is also on the high side, but the consumption is low. The relatively moderate one is bean curd cat litter, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, with moderate price. It can flush the toilet directly, so tofu cat litter is also the most commonly used nowadays!

       You can choose according to your cat~~

       As for the selection of litter, I believe many cat owners will feel a headache. There are too many litter on the market. The cat owners don’t know which one to choose. But don’t worry. The following lists the advantages and disadvantages of some common litter. Cat owners can choose the suitable litter by comparison.

       1. Crystal cat litter

       Crystal cat litter is mainly made of silica, also known as silica gel cat litter, light weight, low fragmentation, can inhibit bacterial growth. The advantage of crystal cat litter is strong absorption, beads will change color after absorbing urine, and when the whole basin changes color about 80%, it can be replaced by a new one. Strong deodorization, crystal cat litter’s advantages are super fast moisture absorption, lasting effect, strong antibacterial, easy to handle. But the beads will be bigger, and the feet of cats will hurt when stepping on them. For cats who like to eat cat litter, crystal cat litter is not suitable.

       2. Bentonite cat litter

       This is the most common cat litter currently used. It has strong hygroscopicity and can quickly absorb the water in the feces. When the cat urinates, it can coagulate the urine into a block, which can be eradicated together when cleaning. It is sanitary and convenient. However, the dust of this kind of litter is relatively large, and it will have a fishy smell. The litter particles are small and easy to get stuck in the cat’s toe seam. In this way, the cat will lick the litter, which will damage the cat’s respiratory and digestive system.

       3. Paper litter

       Some of the litter contains activated carbon, some of which are made from old newspapers or waste paper. Paper litter is a kind of soft sand. Because of its small particle size and hardness, it is not easy to have odor. However, the setting power of paper scraps cat litter is relatively poor, some can coagulate and some will become a paste.

       4. Tofu cat litter

       Tofu cat litter is made of bean curd residue. It is environmentally friendly and can be used as waste. It is free of dust and non-toxic. It can be directly flushed into the toilet when it is treated. It is more convenient. For cats who like to eat cat litter, there will be no problem. It has good agglomeration, deodorization and water absorption.

       After the above comparison, I think tofu cat litter is more suitable. Tofu cat litter is made of natural fresh bean curd residue, so there is no big problem for cats to eat.

       Bean curd cat litter, said to be bean curd cat litter, is actually not the same texture of tofu, different from bentonite sand, tofu cat litter is cylindrical. The deodorization effect is better than that of common soil sand, the agglomeration is also faster, and the urine agglomerates quickly, which is convenient to shovel excrement. Compared with bentonite, tofu cat litter is of medium size. Occasionally, the cat owner gets some tofu litter on his feet or jumps out of the litter basin. It’s not difficult to clean up, and it’s cost-effective.

       In fact, you can choose the ordinary pine litter for the cat to go to the toilet, because the pine litter will turn into powder after encountering water. If it is used with double-layer cat litter basin, it will fall to the bottom layer. When cleaning, you can directly take out the bottom layer, and then pick up the cat’s excrement and throw it away.

       Cat litter is a cat’s toilet. If the litter is not good or suitable, there will be scattered litter everywhere in the house, and there will be a smell of cat poop in the room.

       Through the analysis of the following kinds of litter, we can make a choice:

       1. Crystal cat litter

       There is a kind of cat litter that looks better, that is, crystal cat litter, also known as silica gel sand. The advantages are light weight, large particles and good water absorption, so I don’t worry that the cat will not be able to absorb when urinating. However, there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantages are that the cat will feel more painful when stepping on it, the litter will turn yellow after a long time, and the main problem is that it will not agglomerate, so it is very inconvenient to deal with feces. The most important thing is that it’s made of silica, which is dangerous for cats to eat.

       2. Bentonite cat litter

       Another cat litter is made of bentonite, close to the original sand. This cat likes it, but its weight is very heavy. It has good water absorption and caking, but its deodorizing ability is not so good. There is more dust and dust, the use of a long time, on the cat’s respiratory tract.

       3. Tofu cat litter

       There is a kind of cat litter made of bean curd, which can be thrown into the toilet and dissolved automatically. It is very convenient. The caking is fast, it can well wrap the faeces and urine of cats, and it is easy to eradicate. The deodorization is OK, and it is easy to carry.

       4. Pine litter

       Pine litter is very good in agglomerating, and it can be powdered when meeting water. However, it needs to be used with double-layer cat litter basin. Dirty cat litter will fall to the bottom cat litter basin. Good pine litter is natural, covering the smell and deodorization is not bad, so it can be convenient to replace the litter. Usually more busy office workers and save cat owners can consider pine litter.

       The ability to use litter to go to the toilet is one of the important factors for a cat to reach the top of the pet circle. After all, there are few hairy children like cats who are so easy to worry about. But if you want to keep the good nature of cats, it’s very important to choose the right litter! So what kind of cat litter is good and how to choose it?

       What kind of good reference standard for cat litter

       Now there are many kinds of cat litter on the market. In addition to the most classic bentonite, there are bean curd cat litter, pine litter, crystal cat litter and other new cat litter. PH is the best detection method. Generally speaking, pH 8-10 is a reasonable range. If it is above PH10, cat litter dust may burn the esophagus or respiratory tract of people and cats. We can test it by buying test paper. If it is really inconvenient, rub the dust in the palm of your hand and wash it after standing for 10 minutes. At this time, if there is burning pain in the hand, it means that this cat litter is not good.

       What kind of good reference standard for cat litter

       Cat litter is generally low water content, high water content of cat litter is easy to cause dust. However, the problem is that although normal manufacturers will dry the litter before leaving the factory, this is the most expensive step in the process of making litter. There are many unscrupulous manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, will use the way of sun drying. Of course, the result is very bad, cat litter will become sticky, easy to paste on the sole of the foot. The cat litter with high moisture content will be powdered after a long time, and it will disintegrate into powder when touched by hand. If there is such a problem, don’t buy this one next time.

       It’s hard to choose too much litter. The four criteria help you choose litter. People don’t matter, as long as the cat likes it

       What kind of good reference standard for cat litter

       The adsorption function of cat litter is the key to deodorization, which is much more useful than the deodorant and various spices added later. However, the adsorption capacity is related to the ammonia content in cat litter, which is difficult to test without professional tools. The best way is to take a small cup of cat litter, then put it into the refrigerator with food, refrigerate for a day and take it out. If there is a smell of food in the litter, it proves that the amount of adsorption is normal. It has good deodorization function.

       It’s hard to choose too much litter. The four criteria help you choose litter. People don’t matter, as long as the cat likes it

       What kind of good reference standard for cat litter

       Today, cat litter is a major source of scent. The source of these scents comes from natural plant spices and artificial fragrances. However, too strong incense can paralyze cats’ nose and reduce their olfactory sensitivity. How to distinguish the source of fragrance? It’s very simple. When you buy some cat litter and put it back for a while, the smell of chemical spices lasts forever, while the flavor of plant spices can’t last long. This is the obvious difference between the two. Of course, the best way is to buy scented cat litter. Then there’s no need to worry about the cat’s nose.

       Finally, let’s take a look at the most commonly used bentonite cat litter, bean curd cat litter and pine litter.

       Bentonite cat litter

       Bentonite cat litter should be the most widely used cat litter. It is cheap and has strong setting power, but it is easy to stick to the bottom. When a cat is buried in sand, its claws may crush the urine mass. The particle size of this kind of litter is in line with the cat’s natural habits. It is very popular with cats. However, if you don’t shovel excrement properly, it will raise a lot of dust. If the excrement removal officer is rich, it is recommended to buy Teddy cat litter. This cat litter can improve many disadvantages of bentonite cat litter. As for dust, bentonite cat litter is 99.6% No dust, but also can lock odor and urine, effectively inhibit the spread of odor, strong deodorization; and Teddy cat litter after the internal and external two particle screening, the diameter of each piece of cat litter meets the standard, effectively reducing the amount of carry out; and this cat litter can not shovel excrement for up to 7 days, which is very suitable for lazy cancer / small house type / Virgo excrement removal officer.

       Tofu cat litter

       Tofu cat litter has strong water absorption, fast condensation speed, not easy to stick to the bottom, dust, not easy to break when cleaning, can also be directly flushed into the toilet, very environmentally friendly, and has a pleasant smell of tofu. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive. Another problem is that the tofu cat litter is so delicious that the greedy orange cat sometimes forgets that it is used to go to the toilet

       love cat

       Pine cat litter is expensive, poor adsorption and coagulation capacity, and foot is not good, step on the hard, there is an unfriendly smell of sawdust. The cat used it once and then rejected it. Finally, the whole basin was poured out. I don’t recommend trying this kind of litter

       Pengrun cat litter has dust. In addition, it is easy to get everywhere. It is not recommended. Tofu cat litter consumes fast, and its taste level is average. It will also be taken out of the basin. It is the most expensive cat litter in all. The only thing that will not be brought into the room is pine cat litter, which can hold three to four bags of bean curd sand. The only bad thing is that the double-layer cat litter basin is more expensive!

       After two years of keeping cats, I have tried all kinds of cat litter on the market. I still think that bentonite cat litter is the best. It not only absorbs water and agglomerates much better than other categories, but also has a good deodorizing effect. I recommend you to use bentonite cat litter seriously. Recommend you to use imported bentonite cat litter Oh, low dust performance to ensure Oh! For example: Zero gray